Weird Dating Sites List

This is a list of weird dating sites. Although in the past we created a list of 10 online dating websites that were unusual, we decided to do it again. However, this post does not have a specific number of sites. Why? The reason is because webmasters will never stop building those bizarre web pages. Therefore, if we stumble upon a place that is odd and worth sharing, we will add it to this page.

The Most Unusual Places To Find Your Next Date

Fart PartnersNow you can connect with singles in your area who not only enjoy passing gas, but are also not afraid to let it out in front of their partner. If you find someone on this website, you will not only have a date, but also one who likely enjoys having farting contests on a regular basis.

The next time you are out on a date and have to fart, forget about holding it in. Now you can freely let it out without being embarrassed. Hey, your date may actually encourage it. Also, if you join Fart Partners, your profile will also be displayed on related fetish dating websites.

Fat Bastard DatingIf you are from the United Kingdom, fat, a bastard, and can’t find a date, there is a site for people like you. This place helps singles who are both lazy and overweight to find that special someone. Fat Bastard Dating says they will take care of your life. That is, if you decide to register with them.

Big Muscle SinglesAre you a bodybuilder looking to find singles who share your personal interests? Great. Look no further. You can now find plenty of muscular singles in your area at Big Muscle Singles.


Yes. There is even an online dating site that is dedicated to men who have a beard. If you are a guy with a beard and are looking to find a date, pay a visit to

The website was designed to help you find women who are attracted to men who prefer to have a beard. If you appreciate beards, then this is definitely the dating site for you.

Mouse MingleAre you a Disney fan and would like to meet someone who also loves Disney? Perfect. You can find your Mickey or Minnie at Mouse Mingle. This is a new dating site that was launched on December 1, 2015. You may have seen it all over the news. It is certainly off to an great start. The site was created exclusively for single Disney fans who want to find that same magic in their relationship.

Although this place is new to the World Wide Web, there are already many members who have joined and have also shared some pictures of themselves at Disney parks. If you browse some of the images, you will notice that there are even Disney employees that are joining the fun.

where white people meetYou have probably heard of dating sites such as,, and But is there a dating site dedicated to white people? There sure is. The website is called This place has gotten a lot of media attention lately. Although many sources say it is a new site, based on our research, it has been around for over 3 years.

Owner Sam Russell claims that anyone can join. However, the purpose of the site has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. People think Russell is a racist. However, he believes that it is hypocrisy to say that other groups can create this type of site, but another cannot. People argue that the need for a site dedicated to white people is unnecessary. That is, because although the percentage of whites in the United States has declined over the last several years, it is still at 63%.

This dating site currently has over 3 thousand members. If you visit this place, you will quickly see that regardless of it being dedicated to white people, there appears to be quite a few non-whites.

You Must Love Dogs DatingYou may have heard of dating sites that were created exclusively for cat lovers. Now there is a site for dog lovers! This is one of the popular dating websites on our list. So far, it has over 2 million members who are looking to find someone who will love them, and of course, their dog too.

With You Must Love Dogs, you can also check out their various membership levels. For instance, if you want to find someone who loves Chihuahuas and Great Danes, you can find plenty here.

Dating For AlcoholicsJust when you thought online dating websites couldn’t get more specific. If you are single and are also an alcoholic, you can now meet other alcoholic singles with Dating For Alcoholics. If you choose to become a member, your profile will also be shown on related addict dating websites.

Ghost SinglesWe don’t know what to make of this website. It is extremely strange, to say the very least. Ghost Singles claims to be the only dating website (which it probably is) that is exclusively for people who have died, but have not gone away. They do not accept undead or living dead applicants. So if you are a genuine vampire or a zombie, unfortunately you will have to find another online dating site.

If you are deceased and looking for love, then this may be the best dating site for you. However, does any of this make one bit of sense to you? When we first came across this place, we thought it was just a silly joke, but apparently it is real and people actually join it. If you click on the link to this place, look to the top of your screen and you will see that it has over 63,000 Facebook likes.

So if you are dead and want to become a member, you are not only required to enter your date of birth, but also the date of your death. Don’t forget to read their crazy Terms-of-Service Agreement.

 Are you one who is fascinated with the paranormal? If so, now you can actually meet singles who share similar interests. If you are a member of Paranormal Passions, you also have the option to join specific groups to help you find someone with your exact interests. Groups include alien abduction, crop circles, cryptozoology, ghost hunting, psychic phenomena, telepathy, and more.

Final Words

Thank you for reading our list on some of the most bizarre places to find a date online. Although most people may find these sites to be complete rubbish, others may find them helpful. There may even be people who have actually found their spouse on one of these places. You just never know.

Did you get a chance to check out any of these web pages? Like we mentioned in the beginning of this post, as long as more weird dating sites are created, we will continue to add them to our list.