Weird Things Peope Do


The human body is a strange and phenomenal machine equipped with a plethora of complex systems serving so many different purposes. Despite the fact that scientists have gained a lot of knowledge towards understanding the functions of the body, we still don’t fully understand the complex human mind. Yes, scientists understand the functions of various parts of the brain, but it is still currently a mystery of exactly how these parts work together.

It is certainly incredible how the combining of a variety of human  brains have lead us to important discoveries, brought us to the moon and gave us technology we rely on every day. One can imagine what new technology inventions will come about in the next 50 years.  After all, humans are not even expected to be the top species by the time we reach the year 2045.

Interestingly, some people use their brains to do really weird things. They may have a disorder or just like to satisfy (or fulfill) their cravings by engaging in their odd habits.  Society may look at them like they are insane, but it doesn’t stop them from continuing their strange acts.  A health threat from a doctor or a trip to the jail house may not even encourage them stop. Below are examples of weird things people do.  Although some are common, others are very rare and considered taboo.  If you have a weak stomach, you may want to clearly read each subtitle before proceeding forward.

Police Impersonator

Police Officer In Riot Gear

Police Officer In Riot Gear

A police impersonator is someone who commits a false act by portraying themselves as a member of the police. The purpose of this weird act is complete deception. Impersonating for the purpose of theft, home invasions and even rape are amongst the most popular reasons for people do it. The majority of countries around the globe see this act as illegal carrying serious consequences when caught. According to the New York City Police Department, approximately 100 people a year make a trip to court for impersonating a cop.

Police equipment such as a duplicate badge, uniform or even a warrant card are easily accessible to the public.  They can be purchased online or even offline in various stores. This makes putting an end to police impersonation much more challenging. Police consider police impersonators a serious threat to the public.  The criminals are looking to not only outsmart the public, but also the law.  They strive to stay at least one step ahead of law enforcement.

This illegal act is on the rise in the United States. Criminals are constantly finding more and more creative ways to make themselves look like they are police officers. Luckily, if you are pulled over or stopped by an officer that makes you suspicious, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from possibly ending up as a victim of a serious crime.

Evaluating Your Own Poop


A humorous and strange thing people do is evaluate their poop after completing a bowel movement.  Some people will be amazed with the shape, color and size so much that they will actually decide to share it with their friends. They may even take a picture and post it on a social media site. This is absolutely repulsive to most people and likely not the first thing someone wants to see when they log into their accounts.

Although this may seem like a funny and very disgusting habit, it can actually be a good thing. It can help you determine whether your bowels are healthy, not normal or showing signs of a possible life-threatening disease. You may evaluate your stools and find out you need to see a doctor that will simply require you to make crucial changes to your diet. Or, If cancerous, this step of seeking a doctor can potentially save your life by quickly catching the disease before it gets the chance to metastasize.

The form of human feces has been classified into seven different categories. There is a great medical aid called a Bristol stool scale (or Bristol stool chart). The scale has been in existence since 1997 and is used as a research tool for evaluating the effectiveness of treatments for a variety of bowel diseases as well as a clinical communication aid. Dr. Oz has a great page with useful information on what the smell, shape, shade and size of your poop is telling you.  After reading the article, you may be grossed out, but simultaneously more knowledgeable about what your poop should look like.

Seeing Faces In Lifeless Objects

Raben Herrfurth

Raben Herrfurth

Have you ever looked up to the sky and suddenly seen an image of an animal, person or even a God?  There is actually a name for this phenomenon.  The name Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that involves one seeing or hearing an obscure and random image or sound that seems significant, but is actually just meaningless data.  So in a nutshell, Pareidolia is one who sees patterns in random data.

This may seem very real, but it is actually just the mind playing tricks on you. Pareidolia can explain why many people have sightings of UFOs and religious figures.  An interesting study in Finland determined that people who were more religious or had a strong belief in the supernatural were more likely to see faces in objects and landscapes than non believers. Virtually everyone has experienced Pareidolia at some point in their lives.  BBC News has a fascinating article on why humans see faces in lifeless objects providing great detailed and scientific explanations for this amazing phenomenon.

Faking Phone Calls


Have you ever pretended you were on the phone when you really were not? The majority of us may be guilty of this weird, but rather common act. You may have spotted an old friend you were trying to avoid so you grabbed your cell phone and faked a phone call. If they see you on the phone, there is less of a chance they will bother you and want to talk. However, once they spot you, it may make them glad that they don’t have to speak with you. This is because they may also be trying to avoid you just like you are trying to avoid them.

If you get caught acting like you are chatting on the phone when you are not, it can be embarrassing.  All of those words you used to create a phony conversation were just you pretending.  Of course, some of us are so experienced they can act out a call that looks entirely legit. Whether you are pretending to be on the phone to dodge someone, or for some other reason, make sure you don’t have your phone ringer on.  The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a fake phone call when suddenly your loud ringer comes on. This could be a dead giveaway that your phone was on, but you were not in the middle of a conversation.  You were just holding the phone while you were acting out a chat session.

Popping Eyes Out Of Socket

After watching this YouTube video, you may think it is just a modern camera trick. However, it is definitely not. There are people that are capable of literally popping their eyes out of socket for a period of time. Some can keep their eyes out for many seconds. It looks like the perfect addition to a creepy horror movie. The lady in the video claims she is able to pop her eyes out by controlling her eye muscles.

John Doyle

A man by the name of John Doyle from Rainhill, Liverpool, flies across the world to show off his talent of popping his eyes out of their sockets.  Although the world record is 12mm set by Kim Goodman in 2007, Doyle is said to reach a record of 14mm. The only reason this cannot be confirmed, is because the optometrists didn’t bring equipment that was long enough to measure. They claimed they popped out too far and could not award him the record title.

Although he was denied the title, he will continue to train for it. He has trained for two years and claims he is not stopping until he succeeds as the world’s biggest eye popper. He is just waiting for the right machine that is capable of measuring his popped out eyes in greater distances.

Addicted To Drinking Blood

A woman by the name of Michelle has an addiction to drinking blood.  She claims animal blood is as important to her as water. To satisfy her bizarre cravings, she requires seven liters a week. Since her strange addition began over ten years ago, she has consumed approximately 1000 gallons of blood. That massive amount of blood is enough to fill up an entire bathtub 23 times.

Michelle cooks with blood by making it in soup and prefers pig blood to beef blood because she claims it is slightly more salty. She also includes it in her Bloody Mary drink by mixing vodka, hot sauce and animal blood. Michelle gives a new literal meaning to “Bloody Mary”.

Believe it or not, Michelle not only enjoys drinking animal blood, but also consumes human blood.  She prefers human blood over the taste of animal blood.  A close friend is her regular blood provider.

Vampires are becoming a more and more popular topic. Of course, they are all over the movies, internet and even video games. You may of asked yourself if there really are genuine vampires that drink blood to survive. There are definitely people that claim to be vampires. The interesting question is, how safe is it to drink human blood?  The answer is, drinking human blood in small amounts is generally safe, but large amounts can kill you.  Small amounts are only safe if the blood is free of pathogens.  So the more human blood one chooses to drink, the greater the health risk.

Eating Glass

The term “Hyalophagia” is the eating of glass.  It is considered a  pathological disorder as well as a form of pica (unusual desire to eat substances that are not normally eaten).  It is an extremely dangerous  act that can potentially cause serious injuries.  This includes the vulnerability of the stomach, intestines and throat due to potential wounds as the glass passes through your system.

Other issues such as vitamin or mineral deficiency can also be caused by eating glass.  Many eaters are not aware that glass is indigestible and can’t be passed through bowel movements. Therefore, if the abnormal practice is left untreated, the build up of waste as well as infection can increase the chances of death occurring.

Glass-eating is for some, an addiction.  Some people do it to satisfy their cravings, while others do it strictly for the attention of others. Regardless of the reason people decide to do it, it is extremely life-threatening and should never be done.

The below video shows a man eating a glass cup as if it was a bag of chips.

Glass Eating Man

Having Relationships With Inflatable Animals

A man by the name of Mark gives a new meaning to the word “lonely”. He is currently in a relationship with 15 of his inflatables animals. Not only does he talk and eat with them, he also gives them baths and brings them along wherever he goes.

Mark prefers his inflatables over people. He first turned to his inflatables at the age of 14 to for love and affection.  Since his mother never showed him love and compassion as a child, he claims his inflatables help make up for it.  After hugging his inflatable whale for the first time, he felt the love and compassion he was missing from his mother.

It is even more bizarre that Mark will actually start to miss his inflatables if he is away from them for more than a day. He is very dependent on them and when he comes home from school, he gives them hugs and kisses. The thing you would do with your own real friends and family members, or your dog.

People That Believe They Are Another Species

One very shocking belief system very few people in the world have is called “Human Animals” or “Otherkin”.  These people are part of a growing sub-culture. They believe they are half human and half animal. Some believe they are all animal trapped in a human body.  Think this is odd enough?  Not only do they believe they are a certain animal, they act it out.  They identify themselves psychologically and spiritually as an animal.

They believe they are more mentally connected to their animal side than their human side. Therefore, they noticeably act out their animal. For example, a man believes he is a wolf and chooses to wear a tail at home and in public. He even prefers temperatures a wolf would be comfortable with. Although many people may see a half human and half animal as a rare and crazy schizophrenic, they are actually just being their so-called animal selves.

Below are links to videos part 2 and 3.

What?! I think I’m an animal (Part 2)

What?! I think I’m an animal (Part 3)

Of course, these are just some of the many strange things humans act out.  There are many other common and shocking acts that will definitely get your jaws to drop.  They will often keep you wondering how and why in the world people choose to do these bizarre things.

Have more examples of weird things people do?  Feel free to share it!