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7 Of The Weirdest & Nastiest eBay Listings Of 2017


The Internet is an incredibly massive place with thousands of online retailers. While there are plenty that sell unusual items, there is one store that offers some of the most bizarre products the world has ever seen. If you pay a visit to, you will find web pages you won’t believe are actual listings. This is a post with 7 of the weirdest and nastiest listings of 2017.

The following are real eBay listings. Each has a screenshot and also a description of the product offered. Although you can click on the links and visit each listing, most of them are no longer active. 

Note: If you visit a page and see the words (the top left corner of the screen) “This listing has ended,” or “Bidding has ended on this item,” simply scroll down to see the original description and image.

2017 Products You Have To See To Believe

#1 A Fresh And Smelly Fart In A Jar

fart in a jar

The title of this eBay listing is “Amazing Fart In A Jar.” For a total of 70 dollars, the buyer will get this woman’s stinky fart in a jar. They will also receive this photograph (shown above).

#2 11.6 Pounds Of Massive Dinosaur Poop

dinosaur coprolite

A coprolite is fossilized feces, which belong to the category called trace fossils. The reason they are called trace fossils and not body fossils is because this particular type involves the behavior of the organism, rather than the organism itself. This is 11.6 pounds of large dinosaur coprolite.

The specimen has a red spotted pattern. Talk about an interesting decoration for your home or office. The dinosaur poop would also make quite an unusual gift for a friend or loved one.

#3 5 Grams Of Whale Vomit

Whale Vomit

Five grams of this disgusting raw ambergris (sometimes referred to as “whale vomit”) cost $80.00, plus an additional $20.00 to ship it out. The seller also offers the option of wholesale.

#4 Real Bull Scrotumbull balls

A huge bull scrotum that measures approximately 13 inches long and 17 1/2 inches around. The description states that this bull scrotum is one of the biggest the seller has ever had in stock.

#5 2 Big Boobie Squeeze Balls

big boobie squeeze balls

For all of you men who use stress balls, why not purchase a pair of Big Boobie Squeeze Balls? For $15.99, you can have two liquid-filled stress balls. If you use them to throw around, when they are tossed against a hard surface, they will reform back to the original shape.

#6 Museum Quality Custom Shrunken Head

museum quality custom shrunken head eBay listing

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a real shrunken head, why not just purchase a realistic head of your own? That is, a head with your face on it. Luckily, there is artist and eBay seller Terry O. Barr. For $300 bucks, he can shrink your head. All you need is pictures of your head with your eyes closed, and some information regarding the look of your shrunken head.

#7 A Date With This Guy For $5,000

a five thousand dollar date

So you thought you couldn’t list yourself on eBay? Well, think again! For $5,000, one can have a date with this man. According to the description, the date can include dinner, the movies, some cuddling, or whatever. To list himself for that kind of money, he must be one heck of a prize.

As ridiculous as it all sounds, someone actually paid this man $5,000 for one date. He was shipped for free.

As you know from reading this post, there are people who will do just about anything to make a few bucks. Whether it is an extremely unusual product listed on eBay or other stores around the Web, it’s quite amazing how weird and gross it can get. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes another product that is even more bizarre. Perhaps what’s even more strange than the listing itself, is the fact that there are people who will actually purchase this stuff.