Crazy World Records

10 Crazy World Records


Ready to see 10 crazy world records? Well, we are going to share some of the craziest and weirdest world records held by some of the most determined people on the planet. As humans, we all have the desire to push our limits. However, there are some that take it a few steps further. We must warn you not to attempt any of these acts at home. Some are extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause injury and even death. Let’s leave it up to the experts to break world records.

Some people are daredevils willing to try some of the craziest things you can imagine. They have goals of breaking records that may seem impossible to the average person. However, not all of the world records are owned by humans. Back in 1556, nature brought humanity a massive disaster that no one would ever want to experience. Let’s get right to our list of 10 insane world records.

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#1 Elaine Davidson: The Most Piercings In A Lifetime (Female)

Elaine Davidson holds the current world record for the “Most Pierced Woman”. She received her first piercing in January of 1997 and was first examined by Guinness World Records in May of 2000. At the time, she had a total of 462 piercings (192 in her face alone). Just about a year later, she was re-examined and had a total of 720 piercings. Davidson had no plans to stop piercing. In 2005, she was said to have 3,950 body piercings. What is even more crazy is that Davidson is said to have 500 piercings in her external and internal genitalia. Her internal piercings have been estimated to weigh approximately 3 kilograms. Believe it or not, Davidson has more of her piercings in her genitalia than anywhere else on her body. So you think she stopped piercing herself at this point? Davidson had 5,920 in 2008, 6,005 in 2009, 6,275 in 2010 and over 9,000 piercings in 2012.

Who Is The Man With The Most Peircings?

Rolf Buchholz is the world’s most pierced man. Oddly, he says he was not even allowed into Dubai simply because the airport staff was afraid that he may practice “black magic. Buchholz has a total of 453 piercings. Of course, the number of piercings is not even close to Davidson’s huge figure.

#2 Largest Arms In The World

An Egyptian man by the name of Moustafa Ismail is currently the world record holder for the biggest arms. Ismail has earned the nickname “The Egyptian Popeye“. His extremely massive arms measure a whopping 31 inches around. He is able to lift up to 600 pounds with his huge arms.

Although skeptics insist Ismail is taking steroids or using implants to achieve his record, he claims his arms are 100% natural. He said his arms are the result of his punishing workout regimen. He also eats around 6 meals a day with a diet of mostly poultry, seafood and protein shakes. The only supplements he claims to take is just vitamins and minerals. To help prove he is all natural, Ismail had went to Tokyo where independent doctors had collected some of his blood samples. They also took x-rays of his muscles. Interestingly, they didn’t find anything that was even remotely unusual.

Meet The Man Who Risks His Life To Have Massive Arms

Unlike Moustafa Ismail, Arlindo de Souza has 29″ biceps that were not achieved naturally. In fact, he even admits it. He says it is the result of him pumping a vast amount of oil and alcohol into his body. This is not only an extreme measure taken, but a very dangerous one. His injections have the potential to cause an infection that may eventually result in an amputation, or even death. Souza had lost a close friend that had practiced the same type of dangerous injections. Although he now claims he is no longer injecting, he says he still has the desire to start back up all over again.

Souza looks like he has the strength of a wild animal. Interestingly, regardless of him looking like a powerhouse, he is no stronger than he was when he first started his dangerous enhancements.   He has the nickname “Mountain“, and has the biggest biceps in Brazil. However, some people in his hometown think he is from another planet. Maybe he should be called “The Mountain Alien”?

#3 The Longest Nose In The World

Mehmet Ozyurek of Turkey currently holds the world record for the “Longest Nose” on a living person. His nose measures 8.8 cm or 3.46 inches long. It is measured from the bridge to the tip.

#4 Space Cowboy: The Most Weight Dragged With The Eye Sockets

A brave sideshow performer by the name of Chayne Hultgren (also known as The Space Cowboy) currently holds the Guinness World Record for pulling 907 pounds with his eye sockets! The above video shows him performing his crazy stunt that some people in the audience can’t even look at.

This is not his only world record Hultgren has achieved. His bizarre skills have earned him nearly 30 Guinness World Records. Hultgren is a sideshow freak that was mentioned in our previous post called Sideshow Freaks World. Just imagine how his eyelids feel after pulling nearly 1,000 pounds.

#5 The Youngest Person To Ever Climb Mount Everest

Jordan Romero is the world record holder for the “Youngest Person To Climb Mount Everest”. He accomplished his extreme challenge at the young age of just 13 and 10 months. He beat the previous world record that was held by Ming Kipa from Nepal. She was just 15 years old. Romero was inspired to climb the tallest mountains on Earth from a painting he viewed in the hallway of his school. The painting had the seven continents’ highest mountains. Romero is obviously a young man with a ton of ambition to achieve extreme challenges that most of us would never attempt.

#6 The Biggest Family In The World: Ziona Chan Is The Father Of 94 Children

A man by the name of Ziona Chana is the head honcho of the the world’s largest family. Chana (born 1944/1945), has a total of 94 children, 33 grandchildren, 14 daughter-in-laws, making a total of 181 (and still counting) people all living in just one house. All 181 people live in a four-story house in a hill village. So how is having this many wives legal? Chana is part of a religious sect that gives their members permission to take as many wives as they desire. He gets the privilege of sleeping on his own double bed while his wives sleep in a huge dormitory shared by many others.

Chana has set up a sleeping arrangement where the youngest women are situated closest to his bedroom. He gave his oldest wife (Zathiangi) the job of organizing all of his other wives to handle the many daily household chores. This type of organized structure allows the compound to run successfully. Although one might think this huge family lives a daily life that is filled with plenty of chaos, for Chana, it works with military precision. The compound is even equipped with a school and vegetable garden that is big enough to feed all 181 people. Just imagine living in this home with nearly 200 people. A constant challenge to even remotely live a life of peace and harmony.

#7 Lloyds Bank Coprolite: Largest Complete Preserved Human Feces Ever Found

Sorry, but this record will probably disgust you. If you are eating, you may want to take a put your plate down and take a quick break. The Lloyds Bank Coprolite is the largest specimen of ancient human feces. It was recovered by archaeologists in England back in 1972. They were excavating the Viking settlement of Jórvík (now known as York). The feces is said to be the largest fossilized human feces ever found. It dates all the way back to the 9th century and is seven inches long.

According the analysis on the feces, he or she likely had a diet that consisted of a large amount of meat and bread. There was a presence of hundreds of parasitic eggs suggesting that they had intestinal worms. By looking at the image of the feces, their large meat diet makes perfect sense.

In 2003, the disgusting specimen was displayed at an Archaeological Resource Centre. However, the specimen was dropped during an exhibition that had a party of visitors. It broke into three pieces and had to be reconstructed. In 2008, it was then displayed at a museum called JORVIK Viking Centre located in York, England. As of 2013, the feces was still displayed for viewers.

What Is The Oldest Human Poop Ever Discovered?

While the Lloyds Bank Coprolite is very old (dating all the way back to the 9th century), the oldest poop is said to be roughly 50,000 years old. The discovered feces had came from a Neanderthal.

#8 Boulevard du Temple by Daguerre: The First Person To Ever Be Photographed

The First Person To Ever Be Photographed

The First Person To Ever Be Photographed

The above image is said to be the first photograph ever taken of a person. In 1838, it was taken by Louis Daguerre (known as one of the fathers of photography) in the streets of Paris. There was plenty of moving traffic at the time. However, due to the over ten-minute exposure time, the moving traffic does not appear in the image. If you look to the lower left, you can see a man that is standing and getting his boots polished. Thanks to his lack of movement, he became the earliest known person to be photographed. Of course, this is a world record that can never be broken.

#9 The Skinniest House In The World

The Skinniest House In The World

Keret’s House Eastward” by Panek is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The world’s narrowest home is called The Keret House. It is located in Warsaw, Poland. A brilliant Polish architect by the name of Jakub Szczesny had an idea that was once thought as impossible to accomplish. However, the big challenge didn’t stop him from developing a home that has a widest point of just 5 feet and narrowest at just 3 feet. The home was built in an alley between two other buildings. It is currently a temporary home for traveling writers. Although there are no windows, there are small holes in the bedroom that bring in some natural light. If you happen to spend a night in this tiny home, just to get into the bed, you will need to use a ladder that is bolted on the wall. If you are claustrophobic, The Keret House is probably not the best place to spend your night.

#10 The 1556 Shaanxi Earthquake: The Deadliest Earthquake On Record

The deadliest earthquake on record took place on January 23, 1556. Unfortunately, the 1556 Shaanxi earthquake took the lives of approximately 830,000 people. It was certainly a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0.  Of course, this is a world record we hope will never beaten.

What Is The Highest Magnitude Earthquake?

The May 22, 1960 earthquake in Valdivia Chile had the highest known magnitude (on record) of 9.5. Fortunately, regardless of how powerful it was, there were only 2,230-6,000 casualties.

As you can obviously see from reading our post, we live in a weird world with people willing to risk their lives for an insane world record. They are obviously dedicated to reach first place. One can only image how great it must feel to actually acquire a record that has never been achieved before.

Out of our 10 crazy world records, is there one that surprised you the most? Maybe the woman with the most piercings, or the man who is the father of a whopping total of 94 children? One thing is for certain, all of the people in this post hold incredible records that most of us can’t even wrap our minds around. Most would never attempt such extreme measures. However, for each record that is broken, there is likely going to be an even more amazing one waiting to take its place.