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Crazy People Doing Crazy Things


Here we will discuss crazy people doing the craziest things imaginable. From disguising yourself for fun to slicing off your tattoo and mailing it to your boyfriend, you will find these acts of insanity and extreme enthusiasm to be entertaining. They are also very humorous. Although some are harmless, others are very dangerous and should never be attempted.

We are also going to talk about the most insane world records that will probably look like nothing but a made up hoax. However, they are definitely real records performed by real people. They are extremely brave and have record goals most of us would never try to beat. Some will even risk their lives just to be the best. Here are crazy people doing crazy things.

Black Friday: The Desperation And Enthusiasm Of Shoppers

Target Black Friday

Target Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving with the name originating in Philadelphia. The term was first used in 1961. In the past, most retailers would open their doors at 6:00 a.m. However, in 2011, more stores began to open their doors much sooner. Some would open around 4:00 a.m. or even sooner. In 2012, some states would open Walmart up for shopping at 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving day. Stores seem to be opening their doors sooner each year.

Although Black Friday originally began in American, it has eventually made its way to other countries around the globe. Other nations such as Canada, United Kingdom and Australia have also chosen to participate. In 2011, it also became a big shopping day in Romania. Mexico has also created an annual weekend offering items at discounted prices.

The Injuries And Deaths Caused On Black Friday

On Black Friday, people are usually full of extreme enthusiasm. They know that if they can get at an item fast enough, they can score a huge bargain. However, sometimes their enthusiasm will turn into violence. If they go after an item and don’t get to it fast enough, their frustration may kick in. Also, one may purchase a product and get it stolen from a thief.

On Black Friday 2013 in Las Vegas, a Target shopper was shot in the leg. After purchasing a big-screen TV, the man headed home and started to carry it to his apartment.  Suddenly he ran into a man who fired shots at him. The man demanded him to give up his TV. The victim refused and was shot in the leg. It is still unclear whether he was able to recover his television. However, he was taken to the hospital with non-threatening injuries.

A Website That Offers Black Friday Statistics

There is a website called Black Friday Death Count. It keeps a tally of all injuries and deaths related to Black Friday. The site provides direct links to each story with dates from 2006 to 2013. So far, the number of injuries is all the way up to 90, with the number of deaths at 7.

Walmart Black Friday Fights 2013

Crazy People Of Walmart

If you have seen the site People Of Walmart, you’re probably familiar with the variety of crazy visitors that enter their doors. Many do crazy things that should only be done at home. From people bringing in their monkeys and vicious snakes to shopping butt naked, the website and above video shows it all. Yes, these people are without a doubt, a breed of their own.

Disguising Yourself To Gain Attention

Of course, there are many reasons people choose to disguise themselves. While some do it for participating in costume parties, surprises and getting away from the world, others do it for pranks. They will deliberately disguise themselves to trick people into believing they are someone they are not. They take the time to go through a process to change their features.   Although this can be a funny act, it can also cause annoyance and even harm to others.

For instance, in the hilarious 2013 movie Bad Grandpa, Johnny Knoxville disguises himself to look like an old man. He walks through the streets and even into a club as an old man when he is really a younger man full of energy. With his amazing transformation, it is very difficult to see that he is not really an old man. He did a very good job making people mad and annoyed. If you have seen the movie, it is obvious that many men wanted to punch him, but did not likely because they thought he was an old man incapable of defending himself.

Below is a very funny video from Bad Grandpa where actor Johnny Knoxville visits a restaurant and sharts all over the wall. The video is extremely funny and we recommend you not eat while watching it. This crazy act will make you laugh so hard, you may shed tears.

Bad Grandpa: The Sharted Scene

Woman Slices Off Tattoo And Mails It To Boyfriend

A 26-year-old tattoo artist by the name of Torz Reynolds did a very insane and dangerous act. She had a tattoo that had her boyfriend’s name on it. After finding out that he had cheated on her, she immediately chose to create a extremely bizarre plan to seek revenge.

Torz literally sliced off her tattoo, put it in a letter and then mailed it to him. Amazingly, she said it took just one hour to remove it. Oddly, as an anesthetic, she decided to use Vaseline.

Self-Inflicted Injuries For Attention-Seeking

Glass MoulageWe are now going to discuss self-harm. People will often harm themselves for a variety of reasons. They are usually done without the intent of suicide. Whether they are suffering with a condition or just want to gain more attention, this is another act that can be extremely dangerous. Although many will actually shoot themselves in the arm or leg, cause burns and hit their body parts, the most common form of self-inflicted injuries is from skin-cutting.

Although most people that participate in self-harm are listed as having a borderline personality disorder (or other possible conditions), others will do it strictly for attention. Humans certainly have a strong desire for significance. It is a human need for one to live a life with meaning and purpose. People want to feel significant and for some, they feel the only way to make it happen is to harm themselves. They believe that if they harm themselves with a serious injury, they will get the attention and love they desire. Unfortunately, this is an approach that may certainly bring attention and significance, but it is only temporary. The person is likely to repeat the act over again and again until they get the attention they seek.

Below is an image of a real self-inflicted injury. The person inflicted a wound on their left leg.



Self-Inflicted wound on left leg.

Self-Harm For Religious Purposes

Some people will participate in self-harm for religious purposes. The video below will show deliberate blood shed. The footage is very bloody and may not be suitable for some viewers.

Crazy Mr Morgue

Meet the deranged Mr. Morgue. He gives himself his name because he claims that if you dare to try his stunts, you will die. He hosts a freak show and does crazy acts with objects such as knives, needles and swords. He says he swallows a minimum of 10 swords a day.

One of his most popular performances is the hook and drill act. He gets a power drill and puts it into his nasal cavity. It goes so far that it actually gets approximately just one eight of an inch away from the base of the brain. Next, he takes out the meat hook as it goes into the nasal cavity. It then goes down and eventually Mr. Morgue will twist it out of his mouth.

With many years of participating in this insane act, he has stretched out the inside of his skull which allows the larger objects to pass through it easier. What makes Mr. Morgue even more unique, is unlike other performers that try to ignore the pain, he actually enjoys it.

Below is a video with Mr. Morgue performing his crazy stunts in Huntington Beach, California.

Woman Drinks Around 40 Cans Of Bear A Day

So you think drinking a case of beer a day is bad? Wait till you hear about this lady. A woman in her mid-30s looks like she is in her mid-80s. She was drinking approximately 40 beer cans a day with a bottle of cider to finish the day off. Currently, she is very ill and is facing death. She is now suffering with epileptic seizures, rotted teeth and a swollen stomach. Fortunately, her partner gives her plenty of support. She is waiting to go home so she can die in peace.

Putting Large And Alive Scorpions In Your Mouth

683 Guellala Museum

683-Guellala-Museum” by Stegop is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

So can you actually eat a scorpion? People from various parts of the world do eat them. A city in Thailand called Chang Mai is commonly known for people who eat scorpions. As long as you cook them first, they are safe to eat. Once they are cooked, their poison is gone. However, it is when you put them in your mouth while they are alive when it actually becomes unsafe.

A brave man by the name of Dan Sheldon set a world record by placing a large 7″ scorpion in his mouth. It was alive and although not all scorpions are poisonous, this attempt still poses a major threat. One big danger of placing a scorpion in your mouth while it is still alive is its powerful claws. It is possible that the scorpion could cut Dean’s tongue in half or even remove his tonsils. With an involuntary¬†tonsillectomy or sting in his mouth, he can suffocate. Fortunately, he successfully placed the entire scorpion in his mouth without facing death. Dean currently holds the world record for holding the largest scorpion in his mouth.

What Is The Record For The Most Alive Scorpions Eaten?

Dean Sheldon held the world record of eating 21 live scorpions. However, in 2009, a man from Saudi Arabia beat him. He ate 22 live scorpions. The video below actually shows him eat one by one. This is another video we recommend you not watch while you are eating.

Eating Alive Scorpions

Images Of Crazy People And Crazy Things In Our World

The video below shows many different images of people doing insane acts. It also shows astonishing pictures of the weird things in the world. Some of them are not of real events.

Thank you for reading about some of the most crazy people on Earth doing extremely crazy things. As you can see after reading this post, these people are surely a breed of their own.

What is the craziest thing you have done, or someone you know has done? Let us know. We love to hear about unbelievable stories and acts people engage in. We hope you enjoyed learning some fun and entertaining stories you will pass on to your friends and family.

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