cool websites for when you're bored

15 Cool Websites For When You’re Bored To Death


So you want to see some cool websites without having to spend a lot of time searching for them? Well, look no further. We found 15 of the coolest and most sophisticated sites online! With over 1 billion on the Internet, you are bound to find some that are not only extremely impressive, but also useful. According to, the very first domain was registered on March 15, 1985 ( So, for about 30 years, people have been creating websites.

We divided our list of 15 into 3 separate sections so you can see a variety of what is on the World Wide Web. Let’s first start with a site that can create a doll or action figure of yourself.

Fun Sites That Will Help You Create, Predict Stuff & Kill Some Time


a doll of yourself

Growing up, you may have wanted a doll or action figure of yourself. Well, thanks to the wonderful Internet, it is now a reality. All you have to do is go to and purchase your own 11″ doll or action figure of yourself (or family and friends). The face is hand sculpted by a doll artist.

In order to get your personalized doll or action figure, you just have to provide them with a photo and also let them know what kind of clothing you want it to wear. The website also has a category called “Celebrity Dolls“, just in case you want to purchase a Michael Jackson or Paul McCartney doll.


If you always wanted to see what you would look like if you were a superhero like Superman, or maybe one of The Three Stooges, then is the perfect site for you. It is easy to create one of their funny scenarios (or even a scenario of your own) with your face. Just upload and crop the image of your face into the scenario of your choice. Then you can save it, print it, or share it on a social media. Categories include Costumes, Sports, Art, People & Celebrities, Music, Kids and more.

face in hole


create cartoon of yourself

Cartoonize is a free service where you can easily turn yourself into a cartoon. After you upload a photo, you will be taken to an editor page to customize your cartoon. Then you can choose from a variety of effects. It takes just seconds to alter your image. If you’re not satisfied, you can simply choose another.

Note: I decided to give this site a try. I used this image to turn myself into a cartoon.


Do you want to create a comic strip or cartoon without having to take up a lot of your precious time? Well, you can create your own comic strips and cartoons fast and easy with

Unleash your creativity and make some cool-looking characters! The website is also great for teachers who are looking to see their students show off their creativity (such as in art class).


what will i look like in 20 years?

You probably don’t want to know what you will look like in 20 or 30 years, but if you do, you are in luck. The site uses advanced face detection and morphing technology to create a free image of what your face would look like in 20 or 30 years from now. All you have to do is upload your photo. You also have an option to see how you would look if you were a drug addict.

Click the link to the site and you will see examples of famous people (such as Justin Bieber) in 20 years.


morph two faces together online free

Have you ever wondered what your baby would look like? You may be in a serious relationship and are wondering if you and your significant other can make beautiful babies, or are just months away from having a baby. You may have even wondered what your baby would look like with a celebrity parent.

Well, you no longer have to keep wondering. is a website that you will surely want to visit. The site uses software that will combine two faces into one. It is totally free and you even have an option to pick two celebrities and see what their child may look like.

#7 Fidget Spinner Online

fidget spinner online

If you are looking for a virtual fidget spinner online, you are in luck. This is as real as it gets. You can change the style of your spinner. If you keep spinning, you get more styles to choose from.

Dating Sites

For a list of some extremely odd dating sites, visit our post called 10 Weird Dating Sites. Also check out our new article titled: 11 Weird Dating Sites (The Top Most Oddly Specific Places To Find A Date).


plenty of fish You’ve probably heard of popular dating sites such as eHarmony and (Plenty ofFish) claims to be the largest dating site online with 3 million active daily users and 50,000 new singles a day. The big difference between POF and some of the most popular dating websites is the fact that POF doesn’t charge a fee for messaging anyone. This is a big reason it became so popular.

So how does the site make money when they don’t charge a fee to message? Besides offering premium services as part of their upgraded membership, they make money through advertising.


couple on a date Instead of signing up for dating site after dating site, why not just use one that consists of over 250? is a network of 250 dating and niche social networking sites. Each site is focused on a specific area of interest (such as bikers and teachers). If you join any of the sites that are within the Passions Network, you get free access to that site. You also have an option to upgrade to Network Wide Access if you are interested in adding additional sites that may spark your interest.

Fun & Useful Sites



If you are looking for a useful website that has detailed models of all human body systems, you will want to visit Not only do you get hundreds of anatomy images, but you also get in-depth descriptions. The website make learning about the human body fascinating and fun.

Whether you are a student wanting to learn more about the cardiovascular system, or just want to learn virtually everything you ever wanted to know about the amazing human body, then this is the perfect source. You no longer have to browse many sites to get thorough and accurate answers.


If you are a big fan of outer space and don’t know about, you will surely want to check it out. Whether you are a beginner or an elite scientist, the site is a great learning source. You get the latest outer space and science news, NASA information, space videos, astronomy news and more.


TalkOrigins Archive is a great Usenet newsgroup and educational website. It is devoted to discussions and debates about biological and physical origins. Though the majority of the discussions in their newsgroup are mainly focused on the creation/evolution controversy, other topics include science education, biology, the origin of life, age of the Earth, fossils, geology, cosmology and much more.

If you want to obtain a plethora of information on topics such as catastrophism, intelligent design, human evolution and a lot more, the site also has an archive (known as The TalkOrigins Archive). The archive is a collection of articles and essays that have once appeared on the site (or at least most have). The purpose is to provide mainstream scientific responses to FAQs that are asked in their newsgroup. Be prepared to find some fascinating exchanges between people of various beliefs.


free translation

Remember the days when you would have to purchase a book or translator just to learn a few words in another language? Luckily, those days are long gone. is a translation platform worth bookmarking (especially if you love to travel). You can easily use this resource to quickly translate documents, websites and typed text for a variety of purposes. The site gets over 3,000,000 unique visitors per month and is believed to be the most popular for online translation.


Odditymall gadgets

OddityMall is a web magazine. It features amazing inventions, unusual gadgets and unique gifts. Just a few of their products include a life-sized hippopotamus chair, fortune cookie coin purse, giant marijuana bag pillowcase, record player that’s made from a tree trunk and a hot dog shaped glasses case. If you want to find some of the most unique items on the Internet, this site has them.


Sony Crackle

If you enjoy watching movies, then you will love Sony Crackle. Choose from a variety of free-uncut and unedited Hollywood movies in categories such as Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Comedy.

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Final Words

Out of our list of 15 websites, which one do you consider to be the absolute coolest? Was it the site that allows you to create a cartoon of yourself, or maybe the website that claims to give you a good glimpse of what your offspring may look like? You may have more than just one favorite.

If you thought the Internet didn’t have sites that offer fun and entertaining services at little or no cost, now you know they are out there. The next time you are bored or just want to learn and explore, go online and visit cool websites designed to help you create, learn and have fun.