Crazy Websites With A Peculiar Purpose

8 Crazy Websites With A Peculiar Purpose


If you love to surf the Internet, you probably have seen some very crazy websites out there. In previous articles, we talked about a list of sites that are totally pointless, some that are very useful, and some that are extremely outlandish. Today, we put together a list of websites that are completely insane. You may not even believe they actually exist, but believe or not, they do exist.

#1 One Of The Craziest Videos Online

Warning: While some people see this video as creepy and crazy, others may find it to be extremely sad. Due to violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying, the original video was removed.

This video was found on a YouTube channel called ProjectMrSands. Interestingly, it is the only one they have. The video is titled “Obedece a la morsa,” or “Obey the Walrus.” The footage features an American transgender entertainer tap dancing. Her name is Sandra “Sandie” Crisp’s (born November 25, 1960), and her stage name is “The Goddess Bunny.” As a child, Crisp developed polio and has lived a life with severe deformities.

According to ProjectMrSands, the video was allegedly created by a Latin American cult known as “La Morsa” (The Walrus). The purpose was to scare people with the claim that if you watch it, bad things will happen. In reality, Obedece a la morsa is nothing more than old footage taken from The Goddess Bunny, which is a 1994 American documentary featuring Sandie Crisp. The footage was edited and eventually went viral.

The Goddess Bunny

“Goddess Bunny” by Rick Hall/under CC BY 2.0

 An image of The Goddess Bunny in Highland Park, CA (February 4, 2007).


ilooklikebarackobama.comAccording to a man named Trevor, he looks just like U.S. President Barack Obama. He created his entire website called I Look Like Barack Obama just to clarify that he is not him. On his site, Trevor clearly says that regardless if he is not Barack Obama, they definitely look alike. Has this guy lost his mind, or does he truly believe what he says all over his website? Whether he is being sincere or not, is up for you to decide. One thing is certain, this guy is very serious about making his point.

Trevor wants to show the world the similarities between him and Barack Obama. He has a page on his website that is dedicated to showing just how they resemble each other. After reading what he has to say, you may think he is even more insane than you did the moment you visited strange his home page. Trevor also has a page that is dedicated to the slight differences between the two.

Trevor Says He Is Available To Appear And Impersonate Obama

Barack ObamaYes. It is true. Trevor says he can impersonate Obama at different events such as birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and weddings. Would you even consider hiring this character?

#3 How would you like to date a zombie? The dating site called Zombie Passions is for zombie lovers. It is also for people who have been working in a dead-end job for too long. The website gives you the option to find a zombie by type (such as zombies from toxic spills and zombies from mutated viruses). You can also check out their free zombie chat. Talk about a wacko idea for a dating site.


Sadly, some people will have a much harder life than others simply because of the name they were given. They may have to deal with being bullied (especially as a child) no matter what age they are.

The site called Dirty Sounding is a list of names in alphabetical order. But these are not ordinary names. These names are dirty sounding. The website also includes a list of military and foreign names. We do not know if all on the list are real names, but we did look a few up and they do exist. Some may make you laugh. It must have been a challenge growing up for a lot of these people.


omg cats in space

See a huge collection of bizarre and useless GIFs on OMG Cats In Space. The site was created for users to discover and share their favorite images on social media. As you scroll down the web page, you will get many more ridiculous cat GIFs. Examples include a cat that looks like a large pizza, a fat cat dancing, a mad cat surrounded by nothing but hot dogs, and much more.

#6 If you want to drive yourself insane, you may want to visit Ninjaflex. It is nothing but a little ninja and a big muscular arm. The ninja is demonstrating a kick over and over again, while the arm is just flexing over and over again. If you place your cursor over the ninja, you will hear the voice of a man say “ninja.” Place your mouse over the arm and you will hear “flex.” That’s all there is to it. The website appears to have been designed to drive people insane, or simply bore them to death.


MostExclusiveWebsite.comMost Exclusive Website has been all over the news recently. After being placed on Johnny Lists page called 10 Completely Useless Websites, the site would soon be on Reddit’s front page. The website became so busy, it went down. So why has it become so popular? Probably because it is unique.

How It Works

In this crazy one-page website, only one person can visit at a time. You can access the site by requesting a “ticket” (you may feel like you are waiting to renew your driver’s license again) for your 60-second window. You must wait in line, which could be several hours. On July 1, 2015, there were 300,000 people who tried to enter the website. According to the creator, only 55,000 made it in. Sadly, no matter how long you wait, if you x-out of the tab or if the site refreshes, you will lose your ticket. So if you decide to wait around for hours to get in, you may just be called crazy.

Before you spend hours of your time waiting to be let in, you may what to see what people are saying the website actually offers. The video below shows nothing but random images of cats.

#8 blast simulator

What would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in your backyard?

Here is a website that lets you drop a virtual nuke on any location in the world. The blast simulator was developed by a Wisconsin-based educational nonprofit called the Outrider Foundation. The purpose of this unusual online interactive simulator is to teach the public about the dangers of nuclear weapons. Perhaps it was also created to cause extreme anxiety.

How To Use The Nuclear Blast Simulator 

Simply enter any location into the search bar. Within seconds you will get the number of fatalities and injuries if a nuclear bomb hit the area. You can also explore the effects of the nuclear bomb, which includes detailed information on the fireball, heat, shock wave and radiation.

In addition to results on a nuke in the US Arsenal (the W-87), you can also see the impact of the largest North Korean bomb, and the Soviet RDS-220 hydrogen bomb (known by Western nations as Tsar Bomba), which was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created.

For an advanced and more detailed blast simulator created for experts looking to see different versions of a virtual nuke, visit NUKEMAP.

Final Words

Now that you have read through our entire list of websites that are extremely insane, is there one that you found to be more bonkers than all the rest? Whether you like them or not, the more you surf through the World Wide Web, the more likely you will run into many more crazy websites.