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5 Weird Crimes You Won’t Believe


With millions of people breaking the law everyday, you are bound to hear about weird crimes that are unbelievable. There are plenty of stupid and crazy criminals committing acts that would make virtually anyone scratch their heads in disbelief. Today, we decided to put together a list of 5 most strangest offenses. One of the suspects is not a human, but a cow that was arrested for murder.

According to Maps of World, in 2011, the United States was the #1 country with the highest reported crime rates. The count was 12,408,899. The numbers include all crimes and are according to total persons brought into formal contact with the police and/or criminal justice system. With numbers that high, you will surely find some stories from some of the craziest people alive. Let’s start our list off with a man who went to extreme measures for the purpose of avoiding a DUI test.

#1 Man Jumps Off A Bridge To Avoid A DUI Test

angry cop Thomas Robert Harter of New Orleans risked losing his life just to not face his eighth drunk-driving charge. After being reported for his car swerving and speeding, Harter was pulled over by police. At first, he fully cooperated. But when he was asked for his vehicle registration, the officer noticed some obvious signs of intoxication. The officer then asked if Harter would take a field sobriety test.

After agreeing to take the test, Harter suddenly took off and leaped into the water that was 20 feet below. The officer could not hold onto him. In a lake with rough water and winds between 15 and 20 mph, it was now time to save Harter’s life (before he could face any charges). Rescuers began to search for him and eventually he was found alive. Thanks to the help of a utility building that was located at the base of the bridge, he grabbed onto it and survived. Harter risked losing his life just to avoid a field sobriety test. Though was faced with serious charges, at least he wasn’t killed.

Harter not only faced his eighth drunk-driving charge, but he was also charged with resisting arrest and careless driving. Due to all of his careless driving violations, he was held on a $15,000 bond.

#2 Man Stomps On His Girlfriend’s Chest, Causing Her Brest Implant To Literally Explode

breast surgery After a verbal dispute got very ugly, 60-year-old Samuel Cole from Ohio stomped on his girlfriend’s breast implant until it exploded. Talk about an unusual crime. Though the woman was beaten severely, during her transfer, Cole allegedly warned her not to tell the police about the assault. But due to her visible and serious injuries, hospital staff contacted police shortly after her arrival.

During the dangerous attack on his girlfriend, Cole struck her in the face with a closed fist several times. Though she was severely injured and fell to the floor, he still continued his vicious attack by using his foot to stomp on her left breast until her implant exploded. Sadly, Cole didn’t stop there. According to the report, in an attempt to suffocate her, he then choked her and placed his hand over her nose and mouth. But luckily as she began to pass out, he stopped his terrifying assault.

Samuel Cole was later charged with felonious assault and was held on a $50,000 bond.

#3 Men Try To Sell Stolen Pizza To Police

delicious pizzaThis is a recent story about two morons that broke into Gambell Native Store warehouse in Alaska. So what did they want from this warehouse? Lots of pizza. They stole five cases of frozen pizzas, which amounted to 80 pizzas. With a value of $1,100, they intended to sell them and make money.

The problem is, they tried to sell them to the wrong people. They decided to call the Gambell Police Department and attempted to sell their pizzas to on-duty police officers. This foolish mistake made it easy for police to arrest and transport them to be charged. They are facing charges of second degree theft and second degree burglary. So far, just 75 of the 80 pizzas have been recovered. The men probably ate and stored some for themselves before sending the police directly to them.

#4 Colorado Man Cited For Shooting His Computer

In Colorado Springs, a man by the name of Lucas Hinch committed a bizarre crime that probably many people have wanted to do at some point in their lives. That is, to literally obliterate your malfunctioning computer. This is yet another recent story that quickly spread all over the Internet.

After taking his Dell XPS 410 computer to a back alley, Hinch used his 9mm handgun to shoot it 8 times. So why would one shoot their own computer (or any other computer)? Well, according to Hinch, he was fed up with it so much that he decided it was best to shoot it to vent his frustration.

If Hinch wanted to vent his frustration and destroy his computer, he may have been better off just grabbing a bat and hitting it a few times. So what were the charges for this crime? Hinch was cited for discharging a firearm within city limits. It is now up to a judge to determine his punishment. But there is still one unanswered question, when will Hinch’s computer be operational again?

#5 Cow Is Arrested For Murder

cow arrestedIn Lagos Nigeria, a cow was arrested for murder. Yes, a cow! A bus driver decided to stop on the side of a motorway to urinate. Little did he know that it was a mistake that would cost him his life.

While the man was urinating, the cow attacked him from behind. After knocking him to the ground, the cow then began to kick him and attack him with his horns. The beating eventually killed the man and even injured some other bystanders. Due to the vicious attack by the ruthless cow, people demanded the cow be killed immediately. But the police chief decided to go another route. Instead of killing him, he ordered the cow to be arrested and held at the police station.

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Final Words

Out of our list of five of the most crazy and bizarre offenses, which one did you find to be the most unbelievable? Was it the silly men who tried to sell their stolen pizza to the police, or maybe the mean cow that was arrested for murder? No matter which one it was, you can’t deny that they are not only ridiculous, but also the types of crimes you just don’t hear about everyday. Without a doubt, in the years to come, there will be many more weird crimes committed around the world.

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