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5 Weird Dreams


With an average of at least 4 to 6 per night, you are bound to have some extremely weird dreams every now and then. In this article, we will talk about 5 types of dreams people just don’t have every night. We will also talk a little bit about some of the possible meanings that are behind them.

Have you ever wondered if animals and even insects have a dream experience of their own? This is a rather interesting and unusual question to ask. Though there is quite a bit of strong evidence to support that animals dream, it is still unclear whether insects do too. It is also unclear whether any scientists are planning on studying these little guys anytime soon to find out the answer. But one thing is certain, it is a known fact that all humans dream (even the people that say they do not).

#1 Flying Dreams

flying dreamsWe are first going to start this article off with flying dreams. These fun and rare types of dreams are referred to as “lucid dreams“. The good thing is that the majority of the time, they will have a good meaning behind them. The dreamer is often fully aware that they are in the middle of a dream.

If you have experienced a flying dream yourself, you have probably noticed that you were not only able to fly (in full control), but also able to fly anywhere you wanted to go. You even had the ability to fly beyond Earth. If you wanted to escape the world, you could fly all the way to another world. You may also feel like you have always known how to fly, as if it was just as natural as walking.

What Is The Meaning Behind Flying Dreams?

Though flying dreams can be interpreted in many ways, they will often depend on the nature of the dream as well as the relationship that one has to flying. Usually, they have a good meaning. According to psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber, quite often, a flying dream will represent a sense of freedom. Sumber explains that these dreams can serve as a sort of escape from all of the many pressures one has do deal with in the real world. The pressures are represented by the ground below you. So essentially, if you get the opportunity to have a fun and adventurous flying dream, there is likely a good meaning behind it. Plus, you should be able to explore any world you desire.

#2 Winning Money

fake moneyYou may have had an exciting dream about winning money. If you have, whether it was just 50 dollars or 50 million, you likely considered it to be a type of dream you enjoy having. So what do they mean? Though they can be interpreted in a lot of ways, below is the common interpretation.

According to, when one dreams about winning money, it can be attributed to feeling as though you are coming into a point of power, strength and virility in your life. The subconscious can be associating the feeling of being “on top of the world” to your life experience.

Women Has Dream About Winning Lottery And Wins The Next Day

lottery ticketThough most of us can only dream about winning the lottery, a woman in Manitoba had a dream that had became a reality. Maria Digel won almost 7 million on Lotto 6-49. After using the same numbers for a whopping 30 years, she won $6,986,491.90. She had a dream that she won a million dollars. Digel claimed that her dream advised her to divide her winnings among family members.

#3 You Are An Alien

to dream that you are an alienHave you ever had a dream that you were an alien? Well, according to the site, dreaming about being an alien symbolizes the undiscovered part of yourself. These particular bizarre dreams are also believed to symbolize one’s bizarre ideas and wild imagination. The site also mentions that one’s manifestation as an alien may be their way of escaping from reality.

What About Dreams Of Alien Abductions?

picture of an alien We have all heard many stories about people claiming they were abducted by aliens. But what does a dream about being snatched away by beings from another world really mean? Dreams of being abducted or invaded by alien beings indicates your fear of your changing surroundings. You may even feel that your space and/or privacy is being invaded. These types of bizarre and rare dreams could also mean that you fear the loss of your home and family. Makes sense right?

#4 Dreaming About School As An Adult

classroomAre you an adult that still dreams about school? According to, if you are currently attending school, a dream about school may not even have dream meaning. But if you are dreaming about school and do not currently attend, there can be several different meanings.

The dream is usually attached to feelings of inadequacy that are associated with school. The dream interpretations are most often negative (even for people that enjoyed school). This is because as adults, we occasionally look back on our school lives and emphasize the negative aspects of it.

There are other dream meanings that define dreams about school as a symbol for lessons that are being learned. If you have recently learned several important things, your subconscious may be providing a school setting just to remind you how much learning you have really gone through.

#5 Ever Dream This Man?

In January 2006 in New York, there were believed to be a reports of a man that repeatedly appeared in the dreams of a patient of a well-known psychiatrist. She claimed he gave her advice on her private life several different times. The woman said in her life, she never even met the man.

After seeing a portrait of the man that was sitting on the psychiatrist’s desk for a few days, yet another patient recognized the face and once again, he claimed the man often visited him in his dreams as well. Just like the woman, he also said that he never met him in his waking life.

After recognizing that the man and woman had supposedly seen this man in their dreams, the psychiatrist sent the portrait to his colleagues that have patients with recurring dreams. Within a few months, four patients recognize him as a frequent presence in their own dreams. The patients refer to him as THIS MAN. There is even a website that is about this “This Man”. It claims that at least 2,000 other people from around the globe claimed they have also seen him in their dreams.

The Story Goes Viral

In October of 2009, the story spread across popular sites such as io9, Neatorama, and Reddit.

The Hoax

That same month, after people investigated the website, they identified that the creator of the site was an Italian sociologist and marketing strategist named Andrea Natella. She runs an advertising agency called Guerilla Marketing. The agency specializes in subversive hoaxes and also creates bizarre art projects that explore politics, advertising and even pornography.

Does Mutual Dreaming Exist?

mutual dreaming Though the story was nothing but a made-up hoax, it raises a very interesting question. Is it even possible to share dream elements? Mutual dreaming (or shared dreaming) is the paranormal claim that two or more people can share the same dream environment. Today, there is no evidence to support that mutual dreaming is possible. With that said, if it was proven that you could share a dream with someone else, that would be an extremely unusual type of dream one could have.

Final Words

Out of our list of 5 strange types of dreams, are there any you have experienced in your lifetime? Maybe you were dreaming that you won the lottery, but woke up and unfortunately realized it wasn’t a reality. You may of had a dream that allowed you to take full control and fly anywhere you wanted to go. If so, were there positive things going on in your life at the time? One thing is certain, throughout your life, you are guaranteed to experience some extremely weird dreams.