Weird Ways To Die

5 Weird Ways To Die


This is a post about 5 weird ways to die. Although some (or all) of the following recorded deaths may seem unbelievable, they are all true stories. Before you continue reading any further, you must be aware that some of the following material may be extremely disturbing to some viewers.

If you read our post called Weird Deaths Of The Famous, you read about a lot of examples of extremely strange ways one can lose their life. You will learn about some more fascinating cases here. The only difference is that the victims are not famous. Of course, due to their lack of fame, the chances that you have heard about their deaths, are less likely than if they were well-known.

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Warning: The Following Material May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers

#1 Stabbed To Death By Cockfighting Bird

cockfightingIn 2011, 35-year-old Jose Luis Ochoa was stabbed in the leg. However, it wasn’t a human that stabbed him. While attending an illegal cockfight in Tulare County, California, a bird stabbed him in his right calf. So exactly how can a bird stab anyone? Well, this particular bird had a knife attached to its limb. The delay in seeking medical attention may have been a crucial factor in Ochoa’s death.

#2 Accidental Choking From “Arthropod Body Parts”

American cockroachIn October of 2012, 32-year-old Edward Archbold entered a cockroach eating contest to win a female ball python. The contest took place at Ben Siegel Reptile Store in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Archbold entered the competition just to win a prize, but instead, he also lost his life. After winning the match, he was taken to the hospital, and was later pronounced dead. In order to determine the actual cause of death, various lab tests were given to test for drugs. The test came back negative.

At first, it was unclear exactly how Archbold had died. The official cause of his death was later determined to be an accidental chocking caused by the body parts of roaches and worms. The body parts caused Archbold’s airway to be obstructed. Although he came out a winner, he ended up chocking to death from eating dozens of live roaches. There were approximately 30 people who participated in the match. Amazingly, regardless of eating many roaches, none of them became ill.

#3 A Bite From A Cobra’s Severed Head

Egyptian CobraIn 2014, a chef named Peng Fan of China, died an extremely unusual death. He cut off the head of a cobra. Fan used the body to prepare a soup at a restaurant located in Foshan, Guangdong province, China. Too bad he didn’t put the cobra head in a safer place. The severed head bit him. Unfortunately, nothing could be done to save Fan’s life. It was believed that he likely had a severe reaction to the bite. You can certainly say that the snake succeeded with its last chance at revenge.

How Can A Cobra Be A Threat With A Decapitated Head?

Severed snake heads can still bite up to an hour after decapitation. Although the cobra that killed Peng Fan lost its head, it was still able to bite and inject its lethal venom through reflex action. With their slow metabolism, cold-blooded reptiles die much slower than mammals. So the next time you grab a shovel to kill a cobra, be sure you don’t forget about its head. Or else, you might die.

#4 Death From Rocks And Gravel

The following YouTube video is about a young woman (name not given) who needed a ride home after a long day of partying. ­Of course, because she was very attractive, she had no problem finding some volunteers. Two brothers had a dispute regarding who would be taking her home. Instead of resorting to violence, the woman decided it would be best for the two brothers to compete in a truck pull contest. The truck that pulls the other truck the hardest, is the lucky winner.

Sadly for the woman, the spinning truck wheels kicked up gravel and rocks that went right in her direction. There was one rock that hit her directly in the temple, which resulted in a fractured skull. The hit caused an intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding within the skull). The bleeding compressed her brain and since the pressure was extremely intense, it caused her to die in just a few minutes.

axial CT scan

The above image shows an axial CT scan of a spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage (non-traumatic cause). It was most likely caused by a ruptured aneurysm. The patient was a young woman who was one week postpartum.

#5 Man Dies From Immersing Himself In Alcohol

The following YouTube video is about a man (name not given) who was a hardcore germaphobe (someone who fears physical contact with germs and is also obsessed with cleanliness).

In July of 2012, the germaphobe took out his trash for the very last time. Then, he ran into a homeless man who was eager to take some of the man’s trash for his breakfast. Suddenly, the homeless man sneezed on him. This particular germ attack freaked him out. Instead of just going back in the house to wash up, he set up a bath filled with isopropyl alcohol. The rubbing alcohol was absorbed through his skin and mucus membranes, directly into his bloodstream. This caused his breathing to gradually diminish. The man then went into respiratory arrest, and sadly, he died.

Final Words

And there you have it. A list of five deaths you probably still don’t believe ever occurred. Rest assured, they are all real. Unfortunately, there are so many things that can lead to the sudden loss of your precious life. When you hear about deaths like these, it often helps one appreciate the life they have even more. Whether we like it or not, we all have to eventually face death. Even if you are a believer in life after death, no one is looking forward to the day they leave this world. Sadly, in a world with millions of deaths per year, you are bound to hear about more weird ways to die.