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6 Paranormal Websites


This is a list of 6 paranormal websites. The term “paranormal” is defined as events or phenomena that cannot be explained by scientific methods. The topics that are covered in the following sites on our list include aliens, UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, near-death experiences, and more. Warning: The content that is found on the following web pages may be extremely terrifying for some viewers.

Places To Learn About The Strange & Mysterious Things In The World


UFO CasebookRead about UFO sightings, UFO history, aliens, and reported alien abductions. This site has a lot of interesting and useful information. Learn about the history of UFO research, Area 51, FBI UFO files, UFO crashes, abduction files, ancient astronauts, and much more. Also, see plenty of eerie images and video. If you want to report a UFO sighting, you can send the site owners an email.


Cryptozoology NewsThere is finally a website that is dedicated to cryptozoology news from around the world. Read the latest news on a variety of creatures such as Bigfoot, Dogman, scary monsters, and aliens. If you have a sighting of your own you would like to report, simply fill out their “Report Sighting” form.


Mysterious UniverseMysterious Universe is all about the strange and unexplained. Topics include UFO phenomenon, ghost hauntings, spirituality, bizarre, and much more. We recommend this website for those who have an interest in these topics. Even if you are a skeptic, you will likely find this place interesting.


how to telekinesisDo you believe it is possible to actually move objects through mind power? Well, that is what this website is all about. They claim they can actually teach you telekinesis (also called psychokinesis).

If you pay this place a visit, you will quickly notice that when it comes to teaching telekinesis, these people have a very well-organized plan (which includes video, pictures, and even testimonies). Best of all, they claim that it is quite easy to learn. Plus, you can learn without having to spend a penny.


near deathAre you a believer in the afterlife? This site is dedicated to near-death experiences (NDE) and the afterlife. Some of their categories include notable NDEs, NDE articles, NDE research, NDE experts, near-death experiences and suicide, and afterlife evidence. Interestingly, there are even categories based on near-death experiences from people of various religions, as well as NDEs of atheists.


angels and ghostsAt Angles and Ghosts, you will see plenty of pictures of real angels and ghosts. Well, at least pictures that many claim to be genuine. You will also learn a lot of information on angels, spirits, ghosts, demons, and other phenomena (such as out of body experiences and psychic phenomenon).

If you have always wanted to know about ghosts and angels, this is the place to visit. With an open mind, you will find these articles compelling. You can even read about stories (including famous ghost stories) from those who claimed to have had an encounter with a spirit from another world.

For a bunch of spooky ghost images from around the world, visit our post called Pictures Of Ghosts.

Final Words

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, unexplained events around the world are certainly something you continue to hear about virtually everyday on the news. From alien abductions, to many ghost sightings around the world, the claims keep coming. Hopefully, in the future, science will help provide good explanations for things we currently do not understand. For now, we can only speculate. We hope you find all six of these paranormal websites on our list to be fascinating.