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Do you believe Earth is being visited by aliens? Meet people who have shared their eerie alien abduction stories. The cosmos are filled with complexity, chaos and many unanswered questions. Luckily, scientists aren’t going to give up on finding answers humans have pondered for centuries.

Although the tremendous size of the cosmos may actually point to the possibility of advanced extraterrestrial life, scientists have yet to discover any life outside of Earth. However, if you are one who keeps up with recent scientific discoveries, you probably have noticed that we are getting closer and closer to finding signs of simple life in our own galaxy. It is likely a matter of time that you will see the breaking news that scientists have finally found life outside of our little planet.

According to a HuffPost/YouGov poll, 48 percent of adults in the United States say they are open to the idea that alien spacecraft are actually observing our planet. They even believe that some of the unexplained UFO cases are the result of real aliens visiting Earth. This number is surprisingly high if you consider the skepticism and verified UFO hoaxes over the years. Nevertheless, we are going to share the stories from people who claim that what they have experienced, is 100% genuine. Whether they are real abductions, or nothing but a made up hoax, the stories are fascinating.

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One Of The Earliest Known UFO Sightings

Ezekiel's WheelThere have claims of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for many centuries. In fact, they were even mentioned in the Bible. The most mentioned UFO sighting was Ezekiel’s Wheel in the year 593 BC. The passage in Ezekiel 1:16 reads: “As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl. And the four had the same likeness, their appearance and construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel.” This is not the oldest UFO sighting on record.

What Is The Oldest Known UFO Sighting?

Although the claims of UFOs in the Bible go back many centuries, the earliest known UFO sighting was seen by Alexander the Great in 329 BC. He had described two great silver ‘flying shields’ and claimed the shields had spit fire around the rims in the sky. While Alexander the Great and his army were attempting a river crossing, the UFO had caused panic with his elephants, horses and men. The eerie incident had even caused them to abandon the river crossing until the next day.

Headlines Of Early UFO Sightings

Early UFO Sightings

“Mystery Airship“-Headline

Above is a headline of a UFO sighting from the San Francisco Call in 1896. The witnesses reported a light that moved slowly in the Sacramento evening skies. They estimated the object was flying at a 1,000 foot elevation. One witness even reported to hear a voice from the object that was issuing commands. The commands were given to increase elevation to prevent hitting a church tower.

Mystery airships (also called phantom airships) are defined as a class of unidentified flying objects. They are best known from a series of newspaper reports from the United States. The reports started in the western United States and had spread to the east during 1896 and 1897. However, a researcher claimed that airship reports were also made worldwide from the 1880s to 1890s.

The Roswell Incident

Roswell Incident

Roswell – Alien” by CGP Grey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In mid 1947, the Roswell UFO incident had caused a massive amount of interest and claims. The Roswell incident refers to the events that surrounded the crash of a military Air Force surveillance balloon close to a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The crash had eventually lead to claims that it was not at all a surveillance balloon, but a crash of a real alien spaceship from another planet.

Although the military had reported the crash was actually just a conventional weather balloon, it didn’t stop the interest of ufologists. The ufologists made claims that there was one or more alien spacecraft that crashed. They had also claimed that the military had engaged in a cover-up by recovering the alien occupants. Even today, the Roswell incident remains an interest in popular media. The event has clearly been debunked, but many people still believe aliens visited Earth.

The Alien Autopsy Hoax: Real Or Fake?

Back in 1995, there was a film that had shown footage claiming to be an autopsy of a real alien. The claim was that the alien was taken by a United States military official and had occured shortly after the Roswell incident. It was released by a London-based video entrepreneur. Believe it or not, the footage had made international news and was shown in many television networks worldwide.

Eleven years later in 2006, the video entrepreneur said the the majority of the footage was a reconstruction. However, he still claimed the film was based on real footage that was now lost.

Imagine if this video was released today. Would it go viral? It may, but it would likely bring a lot more skepticism than back in 1995. It may make some believe, but would be nothing but a hilarious joke to the majority of the world. Thanks to the Internet, you can hear all sides to a story.

Did The Roswell Incident Give Rise To Fake Alien Abductions?

Roswell UFO Newspaper

Roswell UFO Newspaper

Without a doubt, the Roswell incident had caused a lot of interest as well as hoaxes. Just look at how it had eventually lead to a popular alien autopsy video that was shown all around the world.

Did the Roswell incident help contribute to the many made up alien abduction stories we still see today? If one sees the massive amount of attention and fame they can get from a controversial story, why wouldn’t some or even many people lie and say they were abducted? Just like with ghost stories, alien abductions can cause a lot of controversy, therefore a better chance at fame.

3 Weird And Scary Alien Abduction Stories

Taken By Aliens

#1 Man Has Sex With Female Alien: The First Abduction Story To Get A Lot Of Attention

Our first abduction story is from a man who claimed to have been abducted by four aliens back in 1957. A man by the name of Antônio Vilas-Boas (a Brazilian farmer) is the first to have an abduction story that would get a lot of wide attention. After reading his story, you will sure understand why.

While Boas was working one night, he was seized by a five-foot tall humanoid (something that has an appearance resembling a human being). The humanoid was said to be wearing grey coveralls and a helmet. She had small blue eyes and did not talk at all. Instead, she would only make noises such as yelps or barks. Eventually, Boas was joined by three more similar beings who had dragged him inside their spaceship. He said the aliens had then took some blood samples from his chin.

The big highlight of the story is when Boas claimed to have actually had sexual intercourse with a female alien. He said she was naked and very attractive with blue eyes, long white hair and even bright red pubic hair. He claimed they had sex, but the female alien would not kiss him. However, she did nibble him on the chin. Boas had believed the alien was using him for impregnation.

After finishing their intercourse, the female smiled at him and then rubbed her belly. According to Boas, this was an indication that she had plans to raise their child in space. He was eventually taken back home and claimed that when he returned, he realized that four hours had passed by.

Read more about this bizarre alien story as well as the investigation on Wikipedia.

#2 The Hill Abduction

The first widely publicized American alien abduction claim was called the Hill Abduction. On September 19-20, 1961, a married couple (Barney and Betty) claimed to have seen a UFO while they were driving one night from a Niagara Falls trip. They chose to follow the crafts movements. They probably should not have because eventually they claimed the craft had descended and caused their vehicle to stop right in the middle of the highway. The driver (Barney) then began to see creatures squinting at him. Of course, out of fear, he then ran back to his vehicle. At this point, the Hills’ were trapped and had no chance to escape. The craft had lifted over their vehicle. They said they then heard and even felt buzzing. Eventually, they began to loose their consciousness.

The frightened and confused couple later woke up and discovered they had traveled a whole 35 miles south. Interestingly, the couple claimed to have virtually no memory of traveling all of those miles. Oddly, when they returned home, they also realized both of their watches were broken.

The strange abduction claim was later reported to the Pease Air Force Base (Pease AFB). After the incident, Betty started to have dreams about it. Skeptics may wonder if a lot of these so-called abductions are just bizarre dreams. One may have a very intense dream that seems real and later report it to be a true extraterrestrial abduction. However, this story became a popular national news story many believe (and still believe) was true. In 1965, their incident was published in the Boston Traveler and eventually became a published book in 1987 called The Interrupted Journey.

Read more about this fascinating story on Wikipedia.

#3 The Story Of An Abducted Russian Politician

A Russian politician by the name of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (a Kalmyk multi-millionaire businessman and politician) had recently claimed to have been abducted by aliens back in the 1990s. He told a prime time television show that he was snatched by beings that were wearing yellow spacesuits.

Ilyumzhinov described the spaceship to be long and transparent. Although he said the aliens appeared to be speaking to him, he was unable to understand them. Even though he could not even understand a word they had said, he claims they still were exchanging ideas with each other.

Read more about this story on the The Sydney Morning Herald.

Final Words

Alien Abduction Stories

These were definitely some eerie alien abductions people claim to have truly experienced. Whether you believe they are real or not, chances are, you will be hearing about them more and more. Of course, there will still always be people who make up stories to get their 15 minutes of fame. However, if a specific claim is actually credible, maybe they will someday be proven to be genuine.

Did any of these alien abduction stories actually convince you to believe aliens are actually visiting our planet today? The curious human mind will continue to look up into the sky in wonder of the gigantic cosmos and what may be lurking in them. Maybe one day we will discover advanced life that has no intentions in causing harm. Like humanity, advanced aliens may also have curiosity and may only be on a mission to learn about the many fascinating things in our wonderful planet.

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