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7 Shocking Websites For Gore Junkies (Disturbing Content)


This is a list with easy access to the sickest and most shocking websites on the Internet. Are you a gore junky? If so, this is the perfect post for you! The following seven sites show pictures and footage of events that actually happened. This includes horrific scenes and stories on topics such as deadly diseases, car accidents, suicides, murders and much more. No matter how much you like this stuff, whatever you do, please do not try any of these awful acts at home.

A shock site is a website with content that is offensive, disgusting, or disturbing (or all of the above). An example of a shock site is a bunch of video clips that show gory violence, or even pornographic material that was intended to insult viewers. Of course, a hate site can also be considered a shock site simply because it offends most readers.

Warning: This post contains links to sites with graphic footage that most people would find too difficult to watch. If you think you could handle real-life gore, we recommend you proceed with caution.

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Material Of High Shock Value Ahead


Bizarrepedia.comThe first site on our list is Bizarrepedia. With their commitment to study and observe the darkest aspects of human life and nature, you are guaranteed to read about some of the most shocking events in history. Here, you will learn about the most notorious serial killers in history, chilling final photos of murder victims taken by their killers, crime and bizarre stories from Russia, some unsolved mysteries, and more. To join the true crime discussion, just click on the the “Forum” link.


Shock Chan

The place to see a collection of the most horrific and disgusting footage is Shock Chan. One of their videos is a scene with two Japanese porn stars who vomit on each other. There is also footage showing genital mutilation with the world’s most painful sport — The Pain Olympics.

They also have a section with some disturbing images. One image is called the “Bottle Guy.” It involves a man with a large bottle inserted in his butt. Shock Chan has a team of “shock site experts” who ensure that all of their pictures and videos have met their stamp of approval.


twisted human art

An online magazine that is all about body modification from around the world. This includes extreme forms of body modification such as scarification, bizarre implants, deep chest piecing, tooth art, testicular torture and genital stretching. Their category titled “BME Extreme” includes: Hard and Surgical. Both sections include many links to some very gruesome images and videos.


sickest blog online

This link goes to the video section of Death Addict is a forum-based community with plenty of web pages that contain links to gut-wrenching images and videos. According to the owner, they are on their way to becoming one of the top shock/gore sites in the world. If you spend just a few moments browsing their content, you will quickly see why.


New Delhi Television Limited (shock clips)

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) provides links to the latest shock videos from India and around the world. A few of their recent additions include videos titled Four Cats Fight A Snake, UP Man, On Video, ‘Cuts’ His Birthday Cake By Shooting It and Alligator ‘Rings’ Doorbell.


disturbing medical images and videos

This link takes you to Documenting Reality’s section titled Pictures of Human Deformities and Medical Problems. It includes a large collection of pictures and videos showcasing human deformities. This includes plagues, birth defects, accidents, psychological problems and more.


gore junkies

Gore Junkies is a massive collection of gory images in a variety of categories which include War, Meme, Impalement, Infection, Cooked Human, Smashed Face, Flesh, Jaw, Chainsaw, Charles Manson, Shot In The Head, Bowl Of Blood and more. If you have a gore image of your own you would like to share, you can upload them to the website. Viewers can also vote on any of their many pictures. The voting results are revealed in their “Most Liked” and “Most Disliked” categories.

Final Words

While this post was obviously not for everyone, we hope that all of you gore junkies enjoyed it. Do you have a favorite site from this list? Feel free to share your thoughts, or mention a related website that was not shared here. As more and more shock sites arise in the future, we will continue creating convenient lists that will give you access to many — all on just one page.