BME Pain Olympics

Pain Olympics: The Most Brutal Sport On Earth (Explicit BME Videos)


When you think of the Pain Olympics, you may imagine insane and foolish competitors who film themselves mutilating their own genitals.

penile amputation

If so, you are not alone. Due to a viral video now found on many sites, most see the contest as nothing but deliberate damage to the genitals.

However, does the competition only involve genital mutilation? Perhaps it includes other forms of genital mutilation, but only at a much lower level (such as genital piercings using various objects). Does it also involve other daredevil stunts that have nothing to do with the genitals?

Warning: Extremely disturbing and disgusting content ahead. View at your own risk. 

When Was The First Recorded Ancient Olympic Games?

Ancient Olympia

The ancient Olympic Games was originally nothing more than a celebration for the Greek sky and thunder god, Zeus. The festival later included various sports such as a javelin contest, a footrace, boxing and wrestling matches. The first Olympics took place in 776 BC. They were staged in Olympia, Greece, and went on through 393 AD. Interestingly, the events did not return until over 1500 years later, with the first modern Olympics held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

One can only imagine what participants back then would think about the sports of today. Even more, the most painful and disgusting sport in the world — the Pain Olympics.

What Is Body Modification Ezine (BME)?

female on Body Modification Ezine (BME)

Scarification modification (screenshot source:

Even if you don’t participate in body modification, you may have heard of Body Modification Ezine ( It is a popular online magazine that was launched on December 6, 1994.

The website is a great resource on various forms of body modification including tattoos, piercing, scarification modification, castration (which involves removal of the male sexual organs) and much more. BME is the first body modification site to enter the World Wide Web.



Participants at the BMEFest.

The BME site holds BME BBQs where followers of the magazine meet up. The BMEFest is the largest of the BME BBQs. The event usually takes place on Canada Day in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to food, fireworks and other festivities, the Pain Olympics is also held at the BMEFest.

According to an article on, the first Pain Olympics were inspired by games that occurred during the BME BBQs. One was from the 2001 BME BBQ, where the contests included attendees who participated in forehead pulling, drinking hot sauce and dangerous suspensions. The name “Pain Olympics” wasn’t used until the 2003 BMEFest in Tweed, Ontario.

Freak show performer Erik Sprague (known as The Lizardman) was a contestant at one of the events. 

The Most Disturbing Shock Video Ever: Real or Fake?

hoax video on Shock Chan

Shannon Larratt was a Canadian business owner and creator of His skills as an artist and film producer came in handy as he developed the original video that many still believe is real. The title is BME Pain Olympics: Final Round. Two men use various objects to perform genital self-mutilation while the song “Livin’ Like a Zombie” by Mortification (released in 2004) plays in the background. If you are interested in seeing the short clip, visit the link below.

Where You Can Watch The “Final Round

You can watch the fake 1:12 clip on If you read their video description, they describe the competition as pure genital mutilation.

An Important Part Left Out Of The Video

The original video on the BME website includes the same footage that is shown on several other publications. However, there is one significant difference. In the original source found on BME, at the end is a message that claims the entire video is fake. However, the message does not show on other sites with the same clip. This explains why it is a well-known shock video. It also explains why more people seem to believe it is genuine, and not the work of professional actors. Many consider it to be one of the most disturbing videos ever played on the Internet.

Larratt himself admitted the viral video was fake. However, he claimed that other torture trailers and related clips on BME are real, with some containing even more extreme brutal footage than the fake.

A Common Misconception About The Contest

Due to the faked and famous BME video, many think of the Pain Olympics as nothing but contestants who make video clips of themselves doing the most brutal stuff to their genitals.

Although these acts are part of the event, as you can see from pictures in the below screenshot taken directly from (including the screenshot which showed various images of the BMEFest), there is more to it. Of course, you can see plenty of acts that likely involved a lot of physical pain. However, you may also notice that none of the images show genital mutilation.

images of the Pain Olympics in Sweden

Images of the Pain Olympics in Sweden.

Shannon Larratt (September 29, 1973 – March 15, 2013)

Shannon Larratt

Due to a rare muscle disease, Larratt died at the age of 39. 

Real Images And Videos Of Self-Torture To The Genitalia

genital mutilation

If you want to see real images and videos of actual BME Pain Olympics, you can join their website. However, if you don’t want to sign up, you can simply visit this link from You can also find information about the fascinating history behind this painful competition.

Below are just some of the stunts performed in the video on Best Gore.

A man shoves a kitchen knife down his urethra.

A man staples his penis shut.

Penis and testicles are pressed against a cactus.

Click here to watch the video. There is also a part 2 of the same series.

Another Video That Shows The Real Deal

Here is another real torture video from the BME competition found on

Some of the clip includes the following:

A man slits his penis in half using a pair of scissors.

A man literally cuts skin off his penis using a blade.

A firecracker placed inside the urethra, with the fuse lit at the top of the penis.

5 Videos Of People Watching The “Final Round” For The First Time

A Group Of Marines In Disbelief

Watch a group of marines who appear to be viewing the BME Pain Olympics for the very first time. Their reaction clearly demonstrates how painful it is to watch.

A Group Of People Absolutely Shocked

Watch more disgusted reactions to the shocking Final Round clip video!

Son Introduces Olympics To His Father

Watch an angry old man practically lose his mind after his son shows him an unexpected video clip.

A Woman’s Reaction

Here is a short video of a woman reacting to The Final Round.

Joe Rogan Shows His Friend A Video More Disgusting Than 2 Girls 1 Cup

Joe Rogan’s friend shows him the 2 Girls 1 Cup video for the first time. The footage shows two women defecate into a cup. They go as far as to consume the feces, and even puke into each other’s mouths.

Then, Rogan introduces a BME Pain Olympic video to his friend. Despite having experience watching shock videos, his friend obviously did not enjoy this one.

The contest may be gorier and even more brutal than the fake video on BME and other sites. Since the Pain Olympics really does include daredevil participants who videotape themselves mutilating their own genitals, it surely is the most painful competition in the world today.