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Collectors are always seeking the most unique oddities with the best quality to add to their curiosity cabinet.  Fortunately, there are a variety of sources from around the world that actually carry these highly-desired products.  However, some are exceptionally rare with only a few or even just one left in the entire world.


For some collectors, the thrill of the hunt alone is enough to keep them searching even if they have yet to score their most preferred find.  Nevertheless, this is not the case for all collectors.  For others, they are not fully satisfied until they finally find what they seek.  From exploding skulls for sale to genuine human shrunken heads, we will discuss the most popular items the most dedicated collectors on the planet are going after.

day of the dead skulls

Day Of The Dead Skulls

Do you want to see some Day of the Dead skulls? We picked a list of a variety of skull pictures (as well as skeletons) that are related to the holiday. We will also talk a little bit about the history as it is observed throughout Mexico and even other cultures around the globe. If you celebrate Day of the Dead and want to wear a costume next year, you may be interested in a sugar skull video tutorial using makeup. The video (placed at the end of the post) can be used for males and females.

In a previous article, we shared links to a few websites that sell Day of the Dead skulls. Although the skulls are often sold primarily as decorations (online and offline), they can also be seen in a variety of other forms such as food, clothing, jewelery and even tattoos. Before we share our many cool pictures, we will first begin with some interesting information on the history of the holiday. read more

Taxidermy For Sale

Taxidermy For Sale

If you are looking to find a variety of taxidermy for sale, you have certainly come to the right place. There is no need to spend hours looking for reputable online suppliers because we already did it for you. We searched through the World Wide Web and put together a list of taxidermy suppliers.

In a previous post, we briefly mentioned taxidermy and provided a couple of links to suppliers. Today, we will provide many websites links to the most reliable suppliers online. Of course, our post will not consist of every type of taxidermy animal. However, we have provided a wide range. Whether you are looking for small, medium or large animals, we have the sources all in one post. read more


Skulls For Sale

Are you looking to find some awesome skulls for sale? In this post, we have provided links to a variety of reputable online sources. This includes not only human, but also animal skulls for sale. We also provide information on a common misconception for legally purchasing human bones.

Whether you are looking to find a replica or the real deal, you will definitely find what you are seeking right here. From ancient human skulls to dinosaurs, get ready to see a wide selection offered online. We already researched all of the sites to ensure they are reputable and reliable. read more