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Collectors are always seeking the most unique oddities with the best quality to add to their curiosity cabinet.  Fortunately, there are a variety of sources from around the world that actually carry these highly-desired products.  However, some are exceptionally rare with only a few or even just one left in the entire world.


For some collectors, the thrill of the hunt alone is enough to keep them searching even if they have yet to score their most preferred find.  Nevertheless, this is not the case for all collectors.  For others, they are not fully satisfied until they finally find what they seek.  From exploding skulls for sale to genuine human shrunken heads, we will discuss the most popular items the most dedicated collectors on the planet are going after.

Oddities TV Show

Oddities TV Show: Was It Cancelled?

Are you a big fan of the popular Oddities TV show? Well, that is what this post is all about. Today, we will talk about the actual store, some of the bizarre rarities that make their way into Obscura Antiques & Oddities and the show’s sixth season. We will also share some very interesting YouTube videos from the series, as well as information on how you can view even more shows.

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bizarre gift ideas

10 Websites To Help You Find The Most Bizarre Gifts Online

So you are looking to find some bizarre gifts online? Great. Don’t go anywhere. We found a bunch of websites that provide the strangest stuff you can find. We guarantee that all of the following sites listed in this article are not only safe to surf, but also safe to make a purchase. We would never send our viewers to a web store that cannot be trusted.

What Online Stores Sell Weird Things?

You can surf the Web for hours and see what’s out there. Or, you can have access to a large selection of bizarre products without the hassle. These 10 shopping sites will help you find the right gift for anyone who loves the strange things you can only find online. read more

Oddities For Sale: A Collector’s Guide To The Oddest Products Online

So you are looking to find some oddities for sale, but don’t know where to start? Well, no need to look any further. We put together a useful list of the most bizarre products the Internet has to offer. Each link will take you to a reputable and secure online oddities store.

From replica human skulls, to extremely rare authentic shrunken heads, this web page has it all! Enjoy adding the coolest, and of course, the weirdest products to your curiosity cabinet.

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Insects For Sale

If you are looking to find some dried insects for sale, look no further. Save time surfing online. We assembled a list of reputable online suppliers. Whether you are looking to buy taxidermy insects for your next insect diorama, or you just want to add them to the rest of the oddities in your curiosity cabinet, you will find it all right here. Though the majority of the sites are bug suppliers, we also included a section of sites that sell dead non-insects (such as centipedes and tarantulas).

Though most people think bugs are disgusting and annoying, some not only strongly disagree, but will even purchase edible insects for their next meal. There are plenty of people who think they are delicious. They are also high in protein. If you came to find some bugs, you came to the right place. We are about to share a variety of reputable sites that provide specimens from various species. read more

pictures of skulls

Pictures Of Skulls

Are you ready to see some cool pictures of skulls? We searched the Internet to find skull images from a variety of species (including early hominids). Although some are of real skulls, others are solely depictions. Are you one who likes to purchase skulls for your cabinet of curiosities? If you do, this post may help give you some more great ideas for some cool additions to your collection.

We have divided this post into a variety of sections for better organization. For instance, our first section has various images of early hominids. The following section is on modern human skulls, and so on. We have also included skull graffiti and even a couple of awesome GIF images you will like. This is surely going to be a fun and entertaining post for all of you skull fans around the world. read more