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Perhaps one of the most mysterious and highly controversial objects in the whole world is the crystal “Skull of Doom”. We briefly mentioned crystal skulls in a past post. Now, we will dig deep into the history of the famous crystal skull of doom. After reading this fascinating information, you will be able to determine if this legendary story is truly genuine, or nothing but pure fabrication.

For over an entire century, the legend of the crystal skulls has intrigued millions of people from around the world. Crystal skulls are human skull carvings. The alleged finders of these amazing objects say they were pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts. According to legend, they were made by aliens and handed to the people of Atlantis, who then passed them on to the Maya. The aliens brought them to communicate with humans and provide knowledge of the ages. Said to have inspired one of George Lucas’ Indian Jones films, the Skull of Doom is just one of 13 found.

What Are Crystal Skulls Made Of?


A crystal skull is carved from a single block of virtually flawless quartz (either clear or milky white). The polish of the popular Skull of Doom is said to be so high that when you look at it, you will feel like you are looking at a mirror. The skull is also very detailed and even has a moveable lower jaw.

Eugène Boban: A Source For Crystal Skulls

Eugène BobanEugène Boban (1834–1908) was a French antiquarian known for being a source for crystal skulls. Boban was the official archaeologist of the court of Maximillian I of Mexico. He was also a member of the French Scientific Commission in Mexico. Boban had a history that was important to helping unlock the mystery of the legendary crystal skulls. Boban had once possessed two that are still on display in separate museums. The skulls are named the British Museum skull and the Paris Skull.

Boban specialized in the Aztec Civilization. In 1869, he earned the reputation as a leading authority in Mexican antiquities and set up his shop in Paris. Boban claimed his skulls were ancient Aztec artifacts. He had certainly convinced the people who bought them from him. However, both skulls were later demonstrated to be modern fakes. Although Boban claimed to obtain both of the skulls in Mexico, it is thought that he had got them in Europe. Today, the Paris Skull is on display at the Museum du quai Branly, in Paris, France. The other is currently displayed at the British Museum.

The Paris Crystal Skull

The Paris Crystal Skull

Above is the shiny crystal skull from the Museum du quai Branly, in Paris, France. Previously part of Boban’s skull collection, the Paris Skull was once considered to be an extraordinary discovery.

The Crystal Skull Discovery: A Real Ancient Treasure Or Fake?

The above picture shows a crystal skull at the British Museum. It is another one of Eugène Boban’s famous crystal skulls and was first sold to a nineteenth-century American entrepreneur. It is very similar in dimensions to the Skull of Doom. However, there are significant differences between these two amazing pieces. The British skull is less detailed and does not have a movable lower jaw.

The Story Of How The Skull Of Doom Was Found

British adventurer and popular author Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges was most known for the discovery of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal Skull of Doom. He was often described as the real Indiana Jones. But was the discovery of the skull real, or all made up? Mitchell-Hedges’ adopted daughter Anna claimed to have found the crystal skull while on a journey to British Honduras (known today as Belize) in the 1920s. She claimed it was found under a fallen altar or inside a pyramid at the Maya ruin of Lubaantun. However, Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges claimed to have found the skull somewhere in Central America in the 1930s. This is just one of the oddities found in the story.

The words Mitchell-Hedges used to describe the so-called powers of the skull: “It is at least 3,600 years old and according to legend it was used by the High Priest of the Maya when he was performing esoteric rites. It is said that when he willed death with the help of the skull, death invariably followed”.

Holes Found In Anna Mitchell-Hedges’ Story

The first published reference to the Skull of Doom was found in a July 1936 issue of the British anthropological journal called Man. The issue stated the skull was owned by a man named Sydney Burney (a British art and antiquities dealer). Burney was said to have owned the skull since 1933.

Although daughter Anna claimed that at age 17, she had found the skull on a journey with her father in the year 1924, Mr. Mitchell-Hedges didn’t even make a record of it until the late 1940s. Oddly, this was around the same time that a crystal skull was auctioned off by Sydney Burney at Sotheby’s in 1943. The timing wasn’t the only significant hole in the story. Controversy eventually lead to the find of identical measurements between the Sotheby’s skull and the Skull of Doom.

It is also very odd that Mitchell-Hedges never even bothered to mention how the skull actually came into his possession. He never specified where or by whom it was found. In fact, he never spoke of it publicly. It was Anna that not only told the story, but also embellished how it was found.

The skull is nearly a replica of the skull that is displayed at the British Museum. The shape is almost the exact same. The difference is just that the Mitchell-Hedges skull has more detailed modeling of the eyes and teeth. Did the British Skull inspire the creation of the Skull of Doom?

Anna’s Journey To Embellish Her Skull

After the death of Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges in June of 1959, the Skull of Doom fell into the possession of his adopted daughter Anna. Did she perhaps see the death of her father as a great opportunity at fortune and fame? In a 1970 letter, Anna claimed that the few remaining Maya told her the skull was used by the high priest to will death. Due to this claim, the Mitchell-Hedges skull is often referred to as “The Skull of Doom”. She made several unbelievable claims of its powers. For instance, she stated that the skull had the powers to predict global disasters by sweating.

The so-called paranormal powers of the skull helped Anna make a profit over the years. In 1967, she started to tour with the skull and would even charge people a fee just to view it. Although the belief in real magical powers may seem absolutely bizarre, many had no doubts of its potential.

Anna would continue to tour with the skull and allow interviews about it all the way until she passed away on April 11, 2007. The skull now belongs to Anna’s companion Bill Homann. Anna never sent her so-called magical skull for scientific testing. However, in November of 2007, Homann took it for a detailed examination. This would help solve some long-awaited questions.

The Skull Of Doom Is Put To The Test

The ultimate test for the Skull of Doom would be to subject it to the same type of examination as the Bobman skulls (which were proven to be modern fakes). The skull was handed down to an anthropologist by the name of Jane MacLaren Walsh. Using the latest technology, the test would determine if the legend would either stand or fall. The tests revealed strong evidence that the tools used to create marks in the skull, did not exist until the end of the 19th century. The discovery of modern tool marks is evidence suggesting that Anna Mitchell-Hedges fabricated her story. Instead of being created by an advanced alien civilization several thousands of years ago, the Skull of Doom was scientifically proven to be created by humans sometime in the early 20th century.

Even after all of the detailed testing was performed on the skull, Homann still believes it has special ancient properties. In an interview, he stated that although the test proved how the skull was made, it does not prove by whom or when. Homann believes the marks are an indication of sophisticated tools that could not have been in use before the skulls first documented appearance (in the 1930s). His only explanation is that it had been created by an extraterrestrial civilization.

The Conclusion

In the 1970s, the Mitchell-Hedges skull was said to be valued at $500,000. However, there was an even more recent valuation performed by the Smithsonian Institution. Unfortunately, the value has been kept a secret. The reason for the secret to disclose the value of the famous skull is unknown.

The Skull of Doom and the rest of the legendary crystal skulls are clearly one of the greatest frauds in the history of archeology. Although science has revealed how they were actually made, it has yet to determine why or by whom. However, for their devotees, their supernatural power remains.

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