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Weird Beliefs And Kooky Occults


We are all free to believe whatever we want, but some people have weird beliefs that are out of this world.  They participate in occult acts to perform various rituals that may look ridiculous and senseless.  Although people that do not share your own specific beliefs may seem lost, these people really take the cake.  They bring beliefs to a whole new level.

They will do some of the weirdest things imaginable.  From slick magic acts to masochist practices, you will surely find the strangest belief systems and occult practices from all parts of the world.  Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you get more information on the kooks that take pride in their faiths.  What’s odd is they truly believe what they religiously follow.

Illusionist David Blaine: Some People Believe His Tricks Are Real Magic

David Blaine at Brooke Army Medical Center

At Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas. He is performing “street magic” for a crowd of staff and wounded troops.

Magic is defined as an alleged power that gives people the capabilities to perform impossible acts.  To make the impossible happen, the magician will often say special words, take certain actions and use gestures with deceptive devices to trick their spectators. Although many see these so-called magical rituals as solely entertainment, some truly believe they are genuine.

There are popular magicians like Christopher Hodgson (known as Chris Cross)  who perform contortionist and escapologist acts. Many see his extremely challenging performances as fun and entertaining, but most know he is able to succeed from practice and not magic powers. However, for another known magician, this is not exactly the case for some people.  Some believe he is a true magician.

David Blaine is a is a popular magician, illusionist and endurance artist.  He has performed all over the world and often performs magic tricks on the streets.  David has also been known to break and set new world records.  Can you guess who his hero is?  Of course, Harry Houdini is David’s hero.

On April 5th of 1999, David was placed in a 3-ton water-filled tank coffin with just six inches of headroom and only 2 inches on each side, for a total of seven long days.  So what was his form of communication in case of an emergency?  He was given a hand buzzer while an emergency crew waited for him.  So how did he eat and drink?  He ate absolutely nothing, but drank two to three tablespoons of water each day.  Houdini had planned a similar stunt to David’s, but unfortunately wasn’t able to complete it due to his death in 1926.

There are not only people that believe his magic is legit, but also some that actually believe he is the Devil.

So Why Would An Adult Believe In Magic?

The belief in magic has been present even in the earliest human cultures.  Some scientists are saying the beilef in magic begins in the consciousness of children (who fully accept it), but persists in the subconscious mind of adults (who fully deny it).

Studies and multiple experiments have been conducted to find the scientific reasons why people still believe even well after their childhood.  The provided link goes into great detail as psychologists attempt to study the minds of people from different countries around the world.

Watch David show off a few of his clever tricks while he leaves his audience in awe.

Black Magic: The Practice Of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is defined as the practice of magic (especially black magic) by using spells while seeking the authoritative assistance of evil spirits.  The word “witchcraft” was used before the 12th century.  The magical acts are usually performed by witches.  The witch believes they are communicating with the Devil and other evil demons.  The rituals usually involve spells with bad intentions of causing harm, or influence on another person or group.

Many events in the past were blamed because of witchcraft.  Many believe that a magic spell can negatively influence one’s life or even potentially kill them.  Over the centuries, many who participated in witchcraft were persecuted.  Most of them are said to be women.

In August of 2014, a 35-year-old woman in Bihar was forced to eat human feces by an angry group of eleven villagers.  The attack was linked to accusations of witchcraft.  The woman was dragged out of her home, beaten and force-fed feces.  The villagers said the reason for the attack was her witchcraft.  They blamed her for the death of a 30-year-old villager that died from an illness.  They called her a witch and said it was solely her fault for not only the man’s death, but the illness everyone in the village was acquiring.  Although one villager was arrested, police are still looking for the other 10 suspects (at the time of this writing).

Around 20,000 Respected Black Rats: The Karni Mata Temple

We started off a little light with weird beliefs and occult acts performed around the world. Now we will dig a little deeper into the extremely kooky acts that will leave you in disbelief.

In Rajasthan, India there is a Hindu temple called the Karni Mata Temple (also known as the Temple Of Rats).  It is dedicated to Karni Mata who was a Hindu that is worshiped as the incarnation of the goddess Durga.  It is home to approximately 20,000 rats (mostly black). There are very few white rats at the temple.  The white rats are considered to be the most holy.  People actually believe they are the manifestations of Karni Mata herself as well as her four sons.  They are locally known as holy rats and are given the name “Kabbas”.  Tourists pay a visit from great distances to not only pay their respects, but also to receive blessings.

So What Is The Purpose Of This Temple Filled With Thousands Of Rats?

According to the legend, Karni Mata’s stepson Laxman had died from drowning in a pond while he was attempting to drink from in.  To revive her son, Karni then called for the assistance of Yama, the god of death.  Yama was said to allow Laxman and every one of Kanri’s male children to be reincarnated as rats.

However, according to some local folklore, the real story behind the Karni Mata Temple is quite different.  They claim that there were 20,000 army men that had abandoned a nearby battle and came running to the small town of Deshnoke.  When Karni Mata found out about the abandonment (sin) which was punishable by death, she chose to spare their lives, but in the form of rats.  She was said to offer the temple for a future place of stay.

So What Happens When A Rat Dies?

So you thought it couldn’t be more bizarre than this?  If you accidentally step on a rat and it dies,  you are required to replace it.  If a rat dies, the rule is that it must be replaced with another rat that is made of solid gold.

Many people that come to the temple believe that if they eat food that’s been nibbled on by a rat, it is considered to be a “high honor”.  At 4 in the morning, this strange temple is open to the public for worshiping and showing deep respect for the 20,000 rats.

Frog And Donkey Weddings To Please Gods

Rana Sylvatica

Rana Sylvatica” by Cephas is licensed under CC BY 3.0

To satisfy the rain gods, villagers in India have been performing weddings, but not with humans.  They are performing weddings with donkeys and frogs.  Farmers performed a wedding ceremony with a pair of donkeys and also a pair of frogs from a water tank. The purpose of the weddings was to encourage the gods to bring about monsoon rains.

The farmers had fear that their crops would fail due to previous failing rains.  Fortunately, the rains eventually arrived, but not how farmers were hoping for.  It only reached 43% of the average downpour across the sub-continent in phase 1 of the June-September season. The farmers may want to try and improve their odds by having another bizarre wedding ceremony with perhaps a different species?

The Strange Jewish Ritual: Kapparot

Dead Chickens

Dead Chickens” by Maqi is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Kapparot is a weird Jewish ritual that is practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur. However, some rabbis are strongly opposed to it.  The practice is done to help wash away one’s sins.  Based off of Isaiah 1:18 in the Hebrew Bible, the chicken is said to receive all of the sins.

How Is Kapparot Performed?

One person swings the live chicken over the sinner’s head three times.  This is said to symbolically transfer their sins directly to the chicken.  After completing the ritual, the chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor for consumption.

This conclusion actually raises an important question.  If one is going to consume a chicken that’s said to have all of one’s sins, does this mean the person who eats it will be contaminated with sin?

Nailing Yourself To A Cross

A Good Friday ritual in the Philippines left at least 24 Filipinos nailed to a wooden cross just to re-enact the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ.  Many leaders of the Catholic church reject this crazy act.  It is said to merge church traditions with folk superstitions.

Men are whipped, kicked and nailed to crosses by Roman soldiers.  A carpenter and painter by the name of Ruben Enaje has been crucified 27 times.  He was crucified on Good Friday every single year since 1985.  His last crucifixion took place in 2013.  He made it his final crucifixion because he had promised God that it would be done a total of 27 times as a form of gratitude.

Ruben started participating in these odd portraying acts after falling down from a three-story building and surviving.  With not even one broken bone in his entire body, he claimed it was a miracle from God.  This amazing survival prompted him to start the annual crucifixions.

The Kooky Portraying Acts Of Crucifixion

As thousands of spectators sit back and watch, villagers dress up as Roman soldiers and hammer four-inch stainless steel nails through their palms.  They then put them up on a cross in the scorching hot sun for a few minutes.  While multiple crucifixions are taking place, other villagers in the streets are beating their bare backs with sharp bamboo sticks and pieces of wood.  As if this isn’t bloody enough, some villagers will splash spectators with blood.

Although most of us may see these crucifixions as weird and crazy, the participators see it as a way to display their devotion, show gratitude towards their belief of God-given miracles, make amends for their past sins and to pray for the sick.

Regardless if you think these kooky acts are entirely wrong and repulsive, these people are going to keep doing and believing.  Of course, if you follow a certain belief system, you probably think yours is the right and only correct one.  The same goes for these people.  They think their beliefs are correct and superior to all others.  Although most people think they are crazy, they probably think your beliefs are ridiculous and that anyone who doesn’t share theirs are lost and hopeless.

Do you know of any other occult acts or weird beliefs you want to share?  We know there are many more out there.  There may be some that are even more wacko than all we have discussed.

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