dragon lady

Dragon Lady: A Transformation From Human To Reptile


A former banker from Maricopa County, Arizona, has taken extreme measures to transform from human to the “Dragon Lady.” He was born Richard Hernandez, but now is transgender. She goes by the name of Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa — or Tiamat for short, which is the name of a character in a dragon video game. Tiamat likes to describe herself as a mythical beast.

A List Of Medusa’s Alterations And Dragon Features

dragon by Vittore Carpaccio

Dragon Features

Stained green sclera (the white part of the eye), which Tiamat calls her “Medusa green eyes of death.”

mythical monster

A portrait of the mythical monster Medusa.

Horns implanted onto her skull.

To look more like a mythical creature, her face is filled with tattoos and scarification.

A large portion of Tiamat’s body is filled with tattoos that resemble reptilian scales.

A forked tongue just like the freak show and sideshow performer Erik Sprague, the “Lizard Man.” Below is a depiction of the performer in the “Odditorium” portion of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not attraction located in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Erik Sprague the "Lizard Man"

Alterations To Look Less Human — More Dragon-Like 

Tooth extraction.

Nose modification by a professional body modification artist.

Tiamat claims to be the first person to ever have both ears cosmetically removed.

One Man’s Journey From Human To Mythical Beast

Eva Tiamat Medusa

Above is an image of Richard Hernandez holding his son Marcos back in April 1997. Although he looks like a normal guy, he was already in the process of transforming into various identities. Tiamat has “before and after” photographs of her different transformations spanning from 1990 to 2016. Today, she has chosen to settle and embrace her identity as the Dragon Lady.

The journey to becoming a mythical beast did not come at a cheap price. So far, Tiamat has paid her body modification artist over $60,000.

Is Tiamat A Sideshow Performer?

It is quite obvious that Eva Medusa would make quite a sideshow attraction, especially back in the days when carnival sideshows were a big business. However, despite her fame and her willingness to give interviews on YouTube (check out a fascinating interview in the video below) we were unable to find any evidence of her participating in any type of freak show.

Did Tiamat Get Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Tiamat has not undergone full gender reassignment surgery. Although she is currently living as a woman who is happy with her bra size of 36B, she claims to be dealing with some serious gender dysphoria. After spending tens of thousands to look like a dragon, it wouldn’t be surprising to soon hear that Tiamat completed her transformation from man to woman.

Images Of Tiamat’s New Nose & Ears — Or Lack Thereof

both ears removed

A screenshot from the popular news website DailyMail.co.uk. It shows before and after Tiamat’s ears were chopped off.

before and after nose surgery

Screenshot showing Timiat’s nose before and after its removal.

More Images Of The Bizarre Transformation

The man who was born Richard Hernandez went through many hours of painful operations just to look like an ugly mythical beast. Well, despite being such an outrageous goal, for Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa, it was definitely all worth it. She loves to be known as the “Dragon Lady.”