Creepy Creatures In Mythology

Creepy Creatures In Mythology


Are you a big fan of mythological beasts? We put together a list of 8 creepy creatures that are found in folklore. The origins of some of these weird beasts are found in writings from the Middle Ages time period. They are certainly non-historical and occasionally involve the supernatural. However, some of them are believed to be real creatures that actually exist. For example, many people believe Bigfoot is a real animal that currently roams the Earth.

Although these guys are purely fictional characters, there may be alien life somewhere in the cosmos that could actually resemble them. However, they probably don’t possess the same magical powers that some of these beasts do. Then again, who really knows? Scientists are definitely working diligently to find life. Hopefully they will discover another civilization outside our solar system in the near future. Let’s get started with the legendary Medusa.

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8 Frightening Creatures

#1 Medusa

Medusa by CarvaggioMedusa is a creature found in Greek mythology. She is a woman that was transformed into a very odd and ugly being by Athena (a goddess of wisdom, the practical arts, warfare and a female protector of cities). She is repulsive-looking. The majority of sources state she is the daughter of Phorcys (a sea god of the hidden dangers of the deep) and Ceto (a sea goddess).

Medusa is one of the three monstrous sisters (Stheno and Euryale) that had snakes for their hair. All three had the power to turn one into stone if they would simply look directly into their eyes. Medusa is depicted as having a hideous face with the snakes on her head living and venomous. She was eventually beheaded by the hero Perseus (son of Danaë and Zeus). After her death, he used her head as a powerful and convenient weapon. He finally gave her head to Athena so she can place it on her shield. She has been featured in video games and was also a character seen in both the 1981 and 2010 remake film called Clash of the Titans.

#2 Bigfoot

BigfootBigfoot (also commonly known as Sasquatch) is a big apelike creature that is claimed to be found in northwestern America. He is typically described as resembling a human, but more hairy and much bigger than your average person. His height ranges from 6.6-9.8 feet tall with a weight of over 500 pounds. His hair color has been depicted as either dark brown or dark red. According to those who claim to have encountered him, he has been described as having big eyes, a distinct supraorbital (region above the eye sockets) ridge and a bad smell.

The existence of Bigfoot has not been proven, but has been suggested. He is currently listed as an animal in Cryptozoology. Most scientists suggest he doesn’t exist because of the lack of physical evidence. They also say that in order for them to maintain a breeding population, there would need to be a large number of them, which not even one has ever been found.

Although the Bigfoot has never been proven to be a real being, according to an Angus Reid Public Opinion poll, nearly 30% of Americans believe he probably roams the Earth. Many people have claimed they have seen one. This includes footage that many believe is a hoax.

#3 Orc

An Orc is a member of a mythical race of humanoid beasts similar to the goblins. They are generally described as monster-like, bow-legged, long-armed, bloodthirsty, aggressive and evil-minded. Orcs have dark skin, but in popular culture, they have also been portrayed to have green, gray and occasionally red skin. Their facial features are usually depicted as ugly with the combination look of an ape and pig. They are the shape of humans, but are usually smaller in size. They have a taste for human flesh and use their sharp fangs to devour it.

Orcs have been seen in fantasy literature and fantasy fiction. Their existence stems from the writings of an English writer, poet, philologist and university professor named J. R. R. Tolkien.

#4 Minotaur: The Half Man And Half Bull

MinotaurThe Minotaur (meaning “Minos bull”) was a monster in Greek mythology with a unique head and body. That is, he had the head of a bull and the body of a man. He was the offspring of Pasiphaë (wife of King Minos) and a snow-white bull. So why the offspring of a human and a bull? Minotaur was sent by Poseidon (Greek god of water and the sea) and was originally intended for sacrifice. Instead, King Minos chose to keep him. Since the king chose to keep the bull instead of sacrificing him, Poseidon made King Minos pay the price. He punished him by making his wife fall deeply in love with the bull. This creature was mean and hungry.

Due to the Minotaur devouring human after human, the king had commanded Daedalus (architect) and his sons to build a Labyrinth (maze) for Minotaur to reside. Most importantly, the maze was built so he couldn’t not escape. To keep him content and to prevent him from trying to escape, Minos had ordered humans to be thrown in the Labyrinth each year.

After devouring 7 women and 7 men each year, the bull had suddenly seen his last day. Finally, the Minotaur had been killed by Theseus (hero of ancient Greek legend). So how did he find his way out of the Labyrinth? Theseus escaped by using a ball of thread that enabled him to mark his path. It given to him by Ariadne (daughter of Pasiphaë and King Minos) .

#5 Lernaean Hydra: Resilient And Terrifying Monster

Lernaean HydraAccording to ancient Greek mythology, the creature Lernaean Hydra was an ancient snake and water monster. The legend was mentioned in the tale of The Twelve Labors of Hercules. Although its appearance was more serpent-like, it had also possessed reptilian traits.

Besides two arms and two legs, the Hydra also had very sharp claws and a long serpent tail. The creature is said to have 1 of its heads that is immortal no matter how you try to get rid of it. There are different versions of the legend that show it with 7, 8, or 9 heads. However, most show it possesses 9. If one head was cut off, it was no problem for the Hydra because it would just grow a couple more. This creature was not only an extremely resilient one, but it was also very dangerous with its poisonous breath and blood. In fact, its breath and blood was so poisonous that it would actually make its tracks deadly. The Hydra would guard the entrance of the Underworld and would rise from the swamps to terrorize the city of Lerna. Thanks to Hercules, the Hydra of Lerna was killed as the second of his Twelve Labours.

#6 Leshy: Strange Creatures Of The Forest

LeshyThe leshy is a male Forest Spirit found in Slavonic legend. Although there are different descriptions of this guy’s odd appearance, perhaps the most popular is him being tall with pale white skin, green eyes and a green beard. His hair and beard are made of living grass and vines. He is missing his eyebrows, eyelashes and right ear. According to the legend, his left shoe is on his right foot. Leshies are known for not having shadows and bleeding blue.

A leshy has the capability to transform into multiple forms and sizes. We must point out that he is also a harmless guy who likes to protect wild animals and forests. Well, he isn’t always harmless. He has the capability to lead peasants astray by making them sick. He can even take it a big step further by tickling them to death. Besides leading people astray, he would kidnap young women and would even teach magic tricks to people who would befriend him.

The leshy would often help protect the sheep and crops of farmers and shepherds. However, they would first have to make a pact with him before he would actually provide them their protection. Although typically just one leshy will inhabit a forest, occasionally there will be more than one. With this particular situation, they will fight each other for their territory.

If you are one who likes to take long walks in the eerie woods, beware of those creepy leshies. If you cross their path, you will get lost. However, there is one way to get out of this situation. That is, you must first turn your clothes inside out and wear your shoes on the opposite feet. If you don’t, you will probably be taken into their cave and get tickled to death.

Leshies are said to have a close bond with the gray wolf and bears. Although they are usually not seen in the forest, their voice can be heard whistling, laughing and even singing.

#7 Polyphemus: The Ferocious Cyclops

PolyphemusPolyphemus is a fictional giant Cyclops (member of a race of fierce one-eyed giants) found in Greek mythology. He was the son of Thoosa and Poseidon and had one large eye located in the middle of his forehead. The name Polyhemus means “abounding in songs and legends”.

The name of this monster was first seen in the ninth book of Homer’s Odyssey. His character is described as a ferocious man-eating giant. He had trapped Odysseus and his companions in a cave. Odysseus later blinded Polyphemus so him and his companions could escape death.

#8 Blemmyes: Headless Men

BlemmyesThe Blemmyes were an ancient group of a nomadic tribes that had lived in the Nubian region. The tribal kingdom resided between the Nile and the Red Sea. They were said to have existed from the time of at least 600 BC to the 8th Century AD. They were known for raiding the Nile Valley and for fighting the Romans many times from the late 3rd century on.

The Blemmyes were later made into a fictional and monstrous character that were claimed to have inhabited remote parts of the world. The creatures were headless men who looked much different than your average person looked back then. They had mouths that were located in their chests. Their eyes were found in their shoulders. Some authors originate the stories of the Blemmyes from the an earlier encyclopedia that mentions the Blemmyae tribe of North Africa. The tribe was said to have no heads with mouths and eyes in their breasts.

The word Blemmyes was derived from two Hebrew terms by the French Protestant biblical scholar named Samuel Bochart. The Hebrew terms were “negation” (the absence of), with the other meaning “brain”, which had implied that the Blemmyes were brainless people.

If you had a choice to become just one of the eight creepy creatures in this post, which one would you pick and why? Would you want the unstoppable powers of Medusa, or the height and strength of Bigfoot? You may want to wear armor and be an Orc warrior ready for war.

The stunning human imagination has created characters that are obviously out of this world. They all have their own distinctive look and personality. Regardless of which one is your most favorite, we hope you learned a lot about the weird and creepy creatures in mythology.