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Eccentric People Who Belong On Another Planet


We live in a world with some incredibly eccentric people living in it. Of course, with a population of over 7 billion, you are going to find some that are not only odd, but may seem like they are not human. In this post, we will meet people that are so weird, they actually belong on another planet.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes those who are stranger than the strangest you have ever met. Whether they engage in strange acts, have crazy claims, or have transformed their bodies to the point where they no longer even look like a human, you will see it all right here.

 People Who Don’t Look Human

freak man

Pierced clown” by Esparta is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Leopard Man

Tom Leppard (his other names are Leopard Man or the Leopard Man of Skye) was once the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the world’s most tattooed man (the current record holder today is Lucky Diamond Rich). Leppard spent £5,500 to complete all of his extensive body modifications. The extreme modifications have nearly covered his skin entirely with a leopard-like colored pattern.

The Man Who Wanted To Be A Real-Life Hulk

Romario dos Santos Alves is a 25-year-old man who had an unusual goal. He wanted to actually resemble The Incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, due to his synthetic muscle injections, instead of becoming the Hulk, he picked up some unwanted heath issues. Due to necrotic tissue that was caused by bacteria infecting the tissue and eating away at itself, those huge 25-inch biceps also needed to be amputated. Alves had also damaged his kidneys from toxins found in the injections.

Alves is lucky doctors were able to save both of his arms by extracting the hardened muscles. He is even more lucky he did not suffer from a heart attack or stroke, which can be caused by using synthetic muscle injections. Good thing Alves gave up his goal of becoming The Incredible Hulk with the use of injections. Instead, he is now committed to become huge naturally. Of course, it is going to be a big challenge to look even remotely as big as he was when he almost lost his arms.

The Tallest Man Alive

Sultan Kösen (born 10 December 1982) currently holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male alive. He is so tall, in order to walk, he has to use a pair of crutches. At 8 ft 3 in, Kösen owes his abnormal height to a tumor that is affecting his pituitary gland. In addition to owning the record for the tallest man, he also owns the Guinness record for the largest hands, which measure 27.5 cm. He is in second place for the largest feet, which is 36.5 cm (left foot) and 35.5 cm (right foot).

The Tallest Man Ever

Robert WadlowThe tallest man to have ever roamed the Earth (for whom there is irrefutable evidence) is Robert Pershing Wadlow (February 22, 1918 – July 15, 1940). Wadlow had reached the height of 8 ft 11.1 in and weighed 439 lb when he died at the young age of 22. Even at the time of his death, Wadlow showed absolutely no signs of an end to his amazing growth. So how did he get so tall? His bizarre height was caused by hyperplasia (the elargement of a tissue or organ) of his pituitary gland. The hyperplasia resulted in an unusually high level of the human growth hormone (GH or HGH).

Wadlow’s Shoe Compared To A Size 12

The above image shows Wadlow’s shoe size (right), which was a whopping US size 37AA. His shoe is placed next to a shoe size of 12 (left). It looks like a comparison of a baby shoe and an adult shoe.

Who Is The Second Tallest Person Ever?

second tallest person everOut of Wikipedia’s list of tallest people ever recorded, John William Rogan takes 2nd place. Rogan (February 16,1865 – September 12, 1905) is one of just 17 known people in medical history to have reach the height of 8 feet or more. At 8 ft 10 in, he is the second tallest person ever recorded.

Who Is The Tallest Woman Ever Recorded?

Zeng Jinlian (June 25, 1964 – February 13, 1982) holds the world record for the tallest woman ever verified in medical history. At 8 ft 1.75 in, she is the only woman in the list of 17 people who have reached 8 feet tall or more. Due to her severely deformed spine, she could not stand up straight.

Weird Lifestyles & Crazy Claims

Bizarre Love: The Man With A Synthetic Partner

Meet Davecat. Instead of waiting around for companies to develop sexbots, he chose sex dolls. Davecat is over 40 and is married to a synthetic doll. The doll is a RealDoll and was manufactured by Abyss Creations. She has soft artificial skin that is made of silicone. She was made for sex and is even equipped with a tongue. Of course, Davecat and his synthetic doll are not legally married. However, they do have matching wedding bands that say ‘Synthetik love lasts forever.’ Plus, Davecat claims the so-called couple is considering some sort of ceremony for their 15th anniversary.

Davecat is part of a small group of people called iDollators, or technosexuals. The people in the group say they are attracted to robots and can have fulfilling, meaningful relationships with them. Davecat prefers dolls over organic women because they will never cheat on him, nor put an end to their relationship. His wife is named “Sidore Kuroneko.” Davecat claims that back in 2000, he met her at a goth club. However, the truth is that for an entire year-and-a-half, he saved up his money to purchase her online for $6,000. Of course, to him, spending the money was all worth it.

In order to keep Sidore Kuroneko some company while Davecat is at work, he chose to buy a second doll named “Elena Vostrikova.” Although she was also purchased for $6,000 online, Davecat says Elena saw him in a TV documentary and then chose to move all the way from Russia to be with him.  After Elena came along, Davecat claimed that him and his two dolls were in a three-way love triangle. Today, all three live in his one-bedroom apartment in Michigan. Davecat considers himself an advocate for synthetic love and treating synthetic humans with the utmost respect.

Of course, Davecat’s situation is quite bizarre to most people in the world. Fortunately for him, his mother is easy going about his relationships and bizarre sexual activity with dolls. However, for his father, it is a different story. Davecat’s father refuses to even mention his dolls. This should be expected with just about any father, especially if your son is saying a doll is your daughter-in-law.

Woman Celebrates 10 Years Of Marriage To Feline Husbands

woman married to cats Although most people love their pets, you probably don’t hear of anyone who actually loves them to the point where they want to marry them. However, there is one exception. On January 9, 2004, Barbarella Buchner married her two cats. She had recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary of marriage to her two cats named Lugosi and Spider. The cats are 15-year-old tabby brothers. Buchner says they are the loves of her life. For their anniversary celebration, the family of 3 stayed home. The celebration did not include wine, but it did include tins of tuna for the cats to enjoy.

Buchner currently lives on the Spanish island of Lanzarote with her two feline husbands. She also has another cat she named Ruby Akasha. However, Buchner is not married to Ruby. Of course, just like Davecat is not legally married to his sex dolls, Buchner is not legally married to her cats.

A legal marriage between a cat (or any animal) and a human being is not legal or even recognized anywhere in the world. One thing we should mention is that Buchner says she does not ever participate in any type of sexual activity with either of her two husbands. She thinks that even the thought having sex with an animal is disgusting. This is one thing just about everyone agrees with.

Woman Who Claims She Can See Angels

two angels Irishwoman Lorna Byrne claims she has been able to actually see angels from the moment she opened her eyes when she was just a little baby girl. Interestingly, she has been acknowledged as one of the most remarkable mystics of modern times. Byrne even created a best-selling book to help prove her claims. Of course, some people dismiss her as nothing but a charlatan who is out to make extraordinary claims, create books, and eventually make a lot of money by lying to people.

The Skeptics On Byrne’s Claims

Although Byrne has been looked at as a charlatan, others are say her claims are sincere. She is seen as a unique woman who has constant access to the spiritual world. Of course, Byrne admits her claims seem insane to most people, to say the very least. However, she says she is 100% honest and is just an ordinary woman. Interestingly, she says she tries to play down her visions.

It has been said that if Byrne really wanted to make a fortune off of her book, she probably would have wrote it when she and her husband had to beg for charity because they didn’t have the money to pay their electricity bills. Instead of writing a book, she chose to just stay completely silent. Then again, Byrne may have just came up with the idea of writing a book later in life.

So do you think Lorna Byrne is just out to make a lot of money, or is she really being 100% sincere? Of course, even if she is being sincere, it doesn’t mean that any of her claims of seeing angels from up above are one bit true. All of her extraordinary claims must require extraordinary evidence.

Man Claims He Lost His Virginity To An Alien

A 70-year-old New Jersey-based artist named David Huggins claims he lost his virginity to an alien. Huggins says he had a rather uncommon close encounter with a female alien named Crescent.

Although Huggins says his alien abductions began at age 8, he didn’t start having his sexual encounters until he was 17. This sounds like the alien waited for him to be of legal age for sex.

Huggins Description Of His Female Alien Lover

Huggins claims his alien lover appeared human. However, she had large black eyes, a wig, and a face that was pale and pointy. According to Huggins, after they met, the two took their clothes off and had sex. The alien got on top of him, and the two began their crazy long-distance relationship.

Another Crazy Claim By Huggins

Not only did Huggins make the extraordinary claim that he had sex with a female alien, but he also says he has fathered human-alien children across the galaxy. He also says not all of his children were from Crescent. These aliens must find Huggins absolutely irresistible. He is one of the very few people who have come out and said they had sexual intercourse with multiple female aliens.

Huggins says he feels better when he actually paints his sexual experiences with aliens.  


Now that you have read our post about some of the most eccentric humans to have ever roamed the planet, do the people you once thought to be incredibly strange seem somewhat normal to you now? If not, they probably seem a lot more normal than all of those we mentioned today. In a world with billions and counting, you are certainly going to run into some very eccentric people.

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