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We created this useful article to help you find the latest weird news around the world. We scoured the Internet to bring you the most popular places around. If you want to get a dose of the most bizarre news the Web has to offer, look no further. Some of the stories shared on the following sites are so outlandish, you may think they were fabricated. Amazingly, all of these stories actually happened. The fact that they are genuine events, is what makes them even more exciting to read.

Places To Find The Strangest & Latest News On The Web

The Huffington PostIf you search for “weird news” on, at this time, HuffPost is at the top. If you pay them a visit, you will quickly see why they have the #1 spot. The site has plenty of bizarre and funny stories on a variety of topics such as dumb crimes, UFOs, urban legends, and paranormal activity.

Below are a few article titles currently on Huffington Post:

Vagina Powerlifter Claims To Know The Secret Of Great Sex

Flying Pink Dildo Hits Politician In The Face During Presser

Hamas ‘Tank’ Looks More Flintstones Than War Machine

Adorable Beagle Vs. Rabbit Puppet

Watch This Tattoo Actually Come To Life Before Your Eyes

Yahoo NewsYes. Even Yahoo News has a category that is dedicated to all of the bizarre stuff in the world. The category is quite similar to their popular home page. If you click on the above link, you will get a large and organized list of all the latest unusual stories circulating on the Web.

Live also has their own category on odd news stories. Check out their Weird Science News and Discoveries. What is interesting about this particular website is that you get a scientific look at strange news from all around the world. The site features many articles on a variety of topics such as unexplained mysteries, crazy science stories, bizarre oddities, and a lot more.

The image above is a screenshot from one of their newer articles. This is just one of their many amazing stories. Apparently, scientists have recently discovered exactly why the human brain is full of creases and wrinkles in utero. If you spend some time on LiveScience, you will enjoy learning a lot about the most unbelievable news and recent discoveries.

Current article titles include Antiperspirant May Boost Variety Of ‘Bugs’ Living on Your Armpits, Daddy Longlegs Fossil Keeps Erection for 99 Million Years, Hawking Wants To Power Earth With Mini Black Holes: Crazy or Legit?, Mysterious Sonic Boom Reported Over New Jersey, and a lot more.

AboutSure, you’ve probably heard of the popular site called It is an excellent source to help you answer a variety of fascinating questions, solve problems, or learn something new. However, you may not know that their website also has a category that is dedicated to nothing but the strangest events around the globe. Come here to find not just bizarre, but also funny world news.

Current articles include The Top 10 Weird News Stories of January 2016, 25 Years of Weird Donald Trump News, 9 Weird Billboards, Weird Service Animals, Attacked Over Snoring, and much more.

Ripley'sIf you are a big fan of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, you will certainly love their Weird News Archives. Read many fascinating articles on some of the craziest and most outlandish stories on the Internet. The website also has plenty of hilarious and entertaining videos you can check out.

RedditOf course, virtually everyone has heard of Not only is it an entertainment and social networking site, but also a news website. Get a dose of weird and wacky news reports from all over the world. The above link goes to the page titled “News Of The Weird.” This place has it all. Here you will get a plethora of links to various websites.

Below are just some of the article titles for weird stories currently on Reddit:

66 Year-Old Man Struck By Lightning While Masturbating To Bible

Smithsonian Employee Arrested After Raping 2500-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy

Sausage Flecked With Gold To Be Served At Super Bowl 50

Starving Sea Lion Found In San Diego Restaurant

After Probation Violation, Judge Sentences 23-Year-Old To 60 Years In Prison

Odd News WebsiteFind some of the weirdest and the funniest news articles from a variety of sites at When you enter their web page, you get a large list of links to the latest news headlines around the Web. So you never miss out on the most unbelievable stories, the website is updated regularly.


We hope this list of websites will help you find the most bizarre stories shared on the Internet. If you want to find the latest unusual stories from around the Web, you no longer have to spend your time searching for “weird news” on Google. That is, because now you have a convenient list of the best sites all on one page. Enjoy reading a bunch of weird news articles around the world.