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11 Funny Websites To Visit (Links To Pictures & Videos)


Welcome to our post on 11 funny websites. Are you bored and ready to laugh your socks off? We created the following list of links to share the most hilarious places you can visit online. Have a blast browsing through the top pictures and videos around!

Web Pages That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry


You Can Be Funny

The first website on our list is You Can Be Funny. This is a great source for anyone looking for a good laugh. There are so many categories, you may even be overwhelmed at first. However, rest assured, you will be glad you came here. See funny videos, pictures, cartoons, books, sayings and pranks (just to name a few of their categories). Visit the website and you will find plenty more to browse. This place is so much fun, you may end up spending many hours here.


People Of Walmart poopYou may have heard of People of Walmart. The website provides a large photo collection of some of the most bizarre and disgusting people shopping at Walmart. Although there are plenty of funny pictures of shoppers you can check out, the above link will take you directly to their video archives.

There are many hysterical YouTube videos you may not believe are real. However, everything in the videos actually happened. See some extremely eccentric behavior take place at Walmart stores.

#3 Soundboard City: Fart Machine

fart machine

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use fart machine online, you will want to check out this link from Soundboard City. Listen to a variety of fart sound effects with the touch of a button. Some of the fart names include blast, hardfart, longfart, wetfart, trumpet, oopsy, rip and shart!


Moron FaceAt Moron Face, the site owners will create a funny picture using your face photo. What they do is not only make your face look awkward, but also extremely ugly. If you want to see how your face would look after it is altered by their staff, you have two options. You can either upload a photo for free without any guarantee it will ever be edited (due to their hundreds of requests for free photos), or if you pay 5 bucks, your image will be edited the same day it is submitted.


Funny PhotoHow about creating some cool photo frames using your own images? With over 600 photo frames, effects, and filters available, you have plenty of ideas to help you create the coolest images. You can also create custom greeting cards and even turn your photos into sketches and drawings.

If you want to put you picture on the cover of Time Magazine, a hundred-dollar bill, street graffiti, or even in a bottle, this is the place to visit. This is certainly a great site for all ages.


Awkward Family PhotosSee a huge collection of awkward family moments from people around the world at Awkward Family Photos. If you have an awkward family photo of your own you would like to share on the site, you are allowed you to submit an image by filling out a simple form. If you want to get a good laugh, there are plenty of categories you can browse. Categories include Christmas photos, Easter, babies, engagement, family portrait, grandpa, grandma, and a lot more.



9Gag is a Hong Kong-based social media site where users go to share their funniest pictures, GIFs, videos, games and memes. Based on their website description, they claim to have some of the best funny stuff you can find. If you browse through their content, you will probably agree.

For the most hilarious category on the entire website, visit


jokesIf you are looking for a place that has the most hilarious jokes on the entire Internet, visit There are 40 categories to choose from. To name a few, we have blonde jokes, marriage, work, lawyer, news & politics, sports & athletes, animals, dirty, and dark humor. Each category contains many jokes you can tell and share with all your friends and family.


Daily HaHaTo get your daily dose of laughs, you will definitely want to check this site out. It is dedicated to sharing the funniest content on the World Wide Web. You will find pictures, videos, cartoons, jokes, animations, flash games, celebrity satire, college humor, and bizarre news. The site owners post new content every single day. You can certainly have lots of fun and laughter at Daily Ha Ha.


Funny Animal SiteIf you want to see a bunch of funny animal pictures, visit Funny Animal Site. The website is updated daily with photos of dogs, cats, monkeys, ducks, dolphins and more. Plus, you can also can also share pictures of your own cute and funny animals. There are also plenty of links that lead you to even more websites that contain images and video of various animals from around the world.


 This is the place to find the funniest things online. Find funny pictures, GIFs, comics (including rage comics), movies, and YouTube videos. Users with registered accounts can post images, video, and animated GIFs to the site. Registered users can also vote content as posts can either be “thumbed up,” or “thumbed down.” The top voted content gets to be featured on their home page.

For over 65,000 more of the funniest GIFs on the Web, go to Funny on

Final Words

We hope our list of the most hilarious pages online has made you laugh so hard, you needed a tissue to wipe away your tears. Now, why not spread some laughter and share this post with all of your friends and family on Pinterest?

It is nice to see webmasters create sites that are specifically designed for amusement. Luckily, there will be many more to come in the future. Don’t you just love the Internet? The next time you are having a bad day, to help you cheer up, you can pay a visit to our funny websites list.