Girls Fighting Naked Videos

Girls Fighting Naked Videos (Links To The Craziest Cat Fights Online)


Check out several videos of girls fighting naked. The following footage was found on various sites around the Web. When you visit the links above the images, you will see some badass women who are truly determined to destroy each other regardless if they lose their clothing.

Warning: Graphic content ahead. Footage on the following websites contains profanity, violence and of course, nudity.  


Naked Girl Catfight At Hotel Lobby (

This is a viral video found on Daily Star. It shows some angry girls at a hotel lobby ripping each other’s clothes off. There is no information on what they were actually fighting about. Whatever it was, it certainly made they very angry. They battle it out until a security guard finally stops it.

Even Pepper Spray Can’t Stop This Fight (

This video was found on KLBJ 93.7 FM (a commercial radio station located in Austin, Texas). Watch several relentless women go at it on 6th Street. As the crowd cheers them on, one woman loses her clothing. Despite being pepper sprayed by the police, they continue to fight until they are arrested.

Two Women At A Restaurant (eBaum’

Here is a fierce fight that took place at a restaurant (location unknown). Two butt naked women beat each other up as one man enjoys recording them with his cell phone.

female fighter with boxing gloves

For more footage of vicious cat fights, check out the blog If we find more links to websites that have girls fighting naked videos, we will surely add them to this list.