Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku: A Cosmetic Surgery Addict Who Injected Cooking Oil Into Her Own Face


Former Korean model Hang Mioku used to be a natural beauty. However, not long after her first plastic surgery, she became obsessed with the need to have smoother and softer skin. Mioku’s obsession with silicone injections eventually lead to the destruction of her career as a model, and also her dignity. Due to one foolish mistake, her face is permanently disfigured.

From Beautiful, To Unrecognizable

Mioku had her first operation at the age of 28. Then, to pursue her career in modeling, she moved to Japan. After further treatments to make her skin texture more soft and smooth, her face became enlarged. The noticeable alteration in the size of her face lead doctors to decide not to give her anymore treatments. The surgeons refusal to perform more operations had Mioku on her way to doing her own beauty treatment from home, even if she had to obtain silicone illegally. After finding a bottle of black market silicone, she injected it into her face.

before and after injections face

The above screenshot shows Mioku (left) in Japan during her model career. The photograph to the right clearly shows how her face looked enlarged due to having multiple silicone injections.

The Big Mistake

face destroyed

Soon after Mioku ran out of her bottle of silicone, she decided to give cooking oil a try. Yes. Mioku actually injected cooking oil into her own face. This was perhaps the biggest mistake she has ever made. The cooking oil left her with a severely swollen and scarred face. She was so unrecognizable, even her own parents didn’t recognizer her. In addition to her parents not recognizing who she was, Mioku also faced being bullied by local children. Due to the large size of her head and the small size of her body, they teased her and called her “standing fan.”

Watch this video clip from Korean television. The clip shows a devastated Hang Mioku.

Viewers Donate Money To Help Mioku Get Corrective Surgery

Luckily, the video on Korean TV lead to donations from viewers so Mioku can get corrective surgery. So far, she has gotten 10 operations to help bring her old face back. The surgeons were able to remove 60g of silicone, oil and other foreign substances from her face. They removed 200g from her neck alone. Unfortunately, despite having ten corrective surgeries, Mioku’s face is still disfigured. Although it certainly looks much better than it did before the operations, she will likely never look the way she did before she chose to use cooking oil to replace silicone.

Mioku after 10 operations

Mioku after 10 corrective surgeries (screenshot DailyMail).

The Claim Of A Man Who Had Surgery To Look Like A Dog 

Above is a tweet claiming a Brazilian man had an extreme surgical operation. That is, to transform his face into a dog. Supposedly, he gave lots of money to medical doctors to transplant his face with the face of an actual dog. The ears, nose, lips, and even the eyebrows were said to be parts of the severed head of a canine. The man (who’s name has not been identified) is said to be the first man-dog on Earth. Although this claim has fooled many into believing it was a true story, it was only a manipulation by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga in 2004.

Henry Damon: A Man Who Had Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Red Skull

Although the above story is all a hoax, the next story isn’t. Henry Damon is a Venezuelan man and a huge comic fan. The big difference between him and Mioku is that instead of just wanting softer skin, Damon wanted a total transformation from human to Captain America’s enemy, Red Skull. In order to look like the fictional supervillain, he has had part of his nose chopped off, several subdermal implants to his forehead, red and black facial tattoos and tattooed eyeballs.

Another tweet showing the similarities between Henry Damon and Red Skull.

Mioku once had a goal to make her face softer. Instead, her careless mistake caused permanent damage to her face. Regardless of 10 surgical operations to help correct the deformity, Mioku looks nothing like the model she once was. Her face remains severely scarred. It is unfortunate that Hang Mioku went from a beautiful model, to a woman who now looks horribly disfigured.