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Skull Mask Commandos: A True Nightmare For ISIS Fighters


Iraqi special forces are wearing horrifying skull masks while they battle ISIS to retake Mosul. The elite group known as the Golden Division are trained by the US Army Rangers. Their success of obliterating hundreds of ISIS fighters has made them become local heroes and even celebrities.

Warning: Graphic content ahead. Some include scenes of murder and mutilation of a corpse.

Although most sources are saying the skull-faced commanders boast that each of their members are worth 10 ISIS fighters, some sources say each is actually “worth a thousand” ISIS fighters. These badass commandos have teamed up with Kurdish forces. They killed around 500 ISIS fighters in just a few days. Their success on the battlefield along with their unusual use of skull masks has earned them celebrity status. Sources say the elite group has over two million Facebook followers. However, we were unable to find a link to the actual Facebook page.

On Friday November 4, 2016, The Golden Division recaptured six districts of eastern Mosul. Although they look quite unusual, skull masks have been used in the past. According to DailyMail, in 2003, an American soldier in Kuwait was seen wearing a skull mask to shield himself from sandstorms.

Visit this link for real footage of Iraqi forces and refugees in Mosul.

Bloodthirsty Videos Of ISIS In Mosul

ISIS Fighter Near Mosul Executes Several Men

ISIS executes several men

This is an ISIS execution video that was posted to jihadist forums. It occurred somewhere near Mosul. The footage shows an ISIS fighter murder a lieutenant colonel in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in Mosul, as well as two of his guards. The executions began at around 2:57.

Iraqi Forces In Mosul Run Over Young ISIS Soldier With A Tank

Iraqi troops in Mosul

Here is a viral Twitter video that is said to show a group of Iraqi troops outside of Mosul. Watch them mutilate and destroy a young ISIS fighter. They didn’t hesitate to use their tank to run him over. These guys appear to be having a blast as they get some revenge on the terrorist.

As Iraqi troops, Kurdish fighters, and US Special Forces get closer to taking back Iraq’s second largest city, there will be plenty of more blood, death and destruction on the way. Sadly, many of the deaths will consist of innocent civilians (or what ISIS would call “human shields”)  who are trapped in their own homes. Fortunately, these scary skull-faced troops have been playing a significant role in defeating this incredibly sophisticated, relentless and evil terrorist group.