Insects For Sale


If you are looking to find some dried insects for sale, look no further. Save time surfing online. We assembled a list of reputable online suppliers. Whether you are looking to buy taxidermy insects for your next insect diorama, or you just want to add them to the rest of the oddities in your curiosity cabinet, you will find it all right here. Though the majority of the sites are bug suppliers, we also included a section of sites that sell dead non-insects (such as centipedes and tarantulas).

Though most people think bugs are disgusting and annoying, some not only strongly disagree, but will even purchase edible insects for their next meal. There are plenty of people who think they are delicious. They are also high in protein. If you came to find some bugs, you came to the right place. We are about to share a variety of reputable sites that provide specimens from various species.

For a large list of reputable animal taxidermy suppliers, visit our post called Taxidermy For Sale.

Butterflies & Moths

butterflies for saleFor a very large selection of dead moths and butterflies for sale, visit They provide beautiful moths and butterflies from many different countries around the world.

For many more choices of butterfly specimens from around the world, visit They also carry other butterfly products. You can find dead brown moths at


grey fly Though most of us prefer to just get a flyswatter and eliminate those annoying flies, others like to collect them. Are you one of them? If so, to find a variety of species of flies, visit


Asian long-horned beetleLuckily, there are plenty of dead beetles for sale on the Internet. Just visit the online store called for many choices of beautiful and colorful beetles from many different countries.

If you need even more choices of beetles, pay a visit to You can find much more on eBay.


Romalea guttataFor grasshoppers, visit They currently only have nymphs available. On their site, they say (as of this writing) their full-grown grasshoppers are out of stock until warmer months.

Exotic Insects

Phyllium giganteumIn our list of sites, we have also included a few that sell exotic insects. You will have a plethora of options at Find Phyllium giganteum (and more options from the family Phylliidae) at Also try for a list of Phylliidae from Indonesia. The site also claims to have rare and freak bugs. They would make a great addition to a curiosity collection.

Framed Specimens

framed insectsIf you want your insects framed, we have gathered some great sources you will definitely want to check out. The site has a large inventory of framed bugs (including scorpions). Find a lot more on eBay (and You may also want to check out the bug collection on eBay.

Insect Diorama

exotic insect dioramaDo you like to create insect dioramas? If so, you will benefit from the next two websites. Both provide a variety of amazing insect dioramas. You will see some extremely creative and unique art.

BugUnderGlass has a great selection of insect dioramas for sale. You will find dioramas in various scenes such as a beetle (the site calls “Weevil Knievel“) riding a motorcycle, or a beetle playing the guitar. For more awesome dioramas, visit Whether it is a caterpillar having a relaxing day at the beach, or a beetle sledding, you will surely find plenty of cool options from Etsy sellers.


To provide you with an even greater selection, in addition to our list of websites that provide dried insects, we have also included websites that sell non-insects (such as scorpions and tarantulas).


centipedeThough people often fear centipedes, this is not the case for everyone. If you want to find a centipede specimen, visit Find more dead centipedes on


scorpionBugsInCyberSpace has scorpion specimens for sale. Find a lot more (mostly framed) on eBay.


hairy tarantula Go to eBay and you will find plenty of tarantulas (including jewelry) in their “Spiders” section.

For more choices of dead non-insects (including millipedes), visit

Final Words

We hope this post will help lead you to the right bug supplier. If we find more reputable websites in the future, we will continue to update this page and add them to our list of suppliers. Good luck finding the absolute coolest insects from around the world. You no longer have spend your time surfing the Internet. The next time you are looking to find some insects for sale, just visit this post.