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Meet Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova


For the majority of little girls, Barbie represents the beauty and perfection they hope to attain as they reach adulthood. The First Edition Barbie appeared on the market in 1959: Barbie was available as a blonde or as a brunette and was touted as a ‘Teen-Age Fashion Model.’ This First Edition doll sold for $3. With the perfect figure, flawless complexion, snub-shaped nose, high cheek bones, full lips, large almond-shaped eyes and long, flowing hair, it’s no wonder that little girls want to look just like her. In fact, there are numerous women around the world who are going under the knife in an attempt to attain perfection: Their idea of perfection? Barbie.

Taking a Closer Look at Barbie’s Measurements

Margo Main, Ph.D., performed a scientific analysis of Barbie’s measurements, which she outlines in her book Body Wars – Making Peace with Women’s Bodies. Main finds Barbie’s body is so disproportionate that if she were a real person, she would not be able to stand or walk upright (she would have to crawl around on all fours). Furthermore, due to a lack of body fat, she would not have a menstrual cycle, could not carry anything due to the small size of her wrists and her low body mass index (BMI), and weight would meet the criteria for anorexia.

Ukrainian Model Valeria Lukyanova aka “Barbie Girl”

Valeria LukyanovaWithout a doubt, Valeria Lukyanova is striking: Her strong resemblance to the iconic Barbie doll definitely calls for a second look. Lukyanova states that she has never had cosmetic/plastic surgery; that is, except for breast implants. Even so, in an interview with GQ Magazine, Lukyanova states that everyone wants to be slim, [everyone] fixes up their face if it is not ideal and gets [their] breasts done. She continues, stating that everyone strives to achieve a golden mean – it is global now.

Lukyanova is Used to Critical Observation of Her Body

For many of us, looking at and conversing with an individual who seems to be a living, breathing Human Barbie brings joy and amazement; however, there are haters out there. Over the years, Lukyanova has become accustomed to the scrutiny she receives about the way she looks. Her response to these negative comments is to continue working on her body to make it even ‘more perfect.’ She claims she maintains her slim figure by working out at the gym five to six hours daily and eats a diet of raw food.

She seems to find it puzzling as to why girls and boys get so worked up about her figure. She shares her thoughts explaining that she has an image of these individuals sitting there bashing their keyboards as they foam at the mouth in a fit of rage. Lukyanova likens their reactions, of writing rubbish in a frenzied state, to treating her as if she stole their last bit of food.

In May of 2015, following a 6-month hiatus, Lukyanova reappeared and scheduled a spring photo shoot. During her photo shoot, it became evident that her abdominal muscles were more prominent. Skeptics believe that these abdominal muscles were just shadows ‘drawn’ on, they also accuse her of having her legs lengthened.

Following Two-Years of Anonymous Threats, Barbie Girl is Attacked on Halloween

Valeria Lukyanova attacked by two menLukyanova states that she decided to become more muscular following an incident that occurred just outside of her Odessa home on Oct. 31, 2014: Lukyanova declares that she was attacked by two men who strangled her, hit her on the head and punched her. She states that she had been receiving anonymous threats for two-years prior to the attack, but this was the first time she had been physically assaulted. However, some say she fabricated this story to hide the fact that she had plastic surgery on her face.

Lukyanova is done channeling the soft, dove white skin reminiscent of Barbie; instead, she has decided to channel the body image of Amazonian women (e.g., Wonder Woman, Zena the Warrior Princes, etc.).

Her Doll-Like Appearance May Not Be the Cause of Her Alleged Threats or Assaults

While she receives a lot of attention due to her appearance, Lukyanova also raises eyebrows with her outspoken nature related to race-mixing, her dislike of children and family life. In her interview with GQ’s Michael Idov, she makes her stance on children, the family lifestyle and race-mixing clear.


“It’s unacceptable to me. The very idea of having children brings out this deep revulsion in me. Most people have children to fulfill their own ambitions, not to give anything,” she says, adding later, “I’d rather die from torture because the worst thing in the world is to have a family lifestyle.”


“For example, a Russian marries an Armenian,” Lukyanova told GQ. “They have a kid, a cute girl, but she has her dad’s nose. She goes and files it down a little, and it’s all good. Ethnicities are mixing now, so there’s degeneration, and it didn’t used to be like that. Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this. I love the Nordic image myself. I have white skin; I am a Nordic type – perhaps a little Eastern Baltic, but closer to Nordic.”

The Practice of Breatharianism

Lukyanova follows a practice that claims an individual can subsist without food or water – on air and light alone. This New Age practice is referred to as Breatharianism: Followers believe they can be sustained by cosmic micro-food. However, she followed the diet for a short time and then decided to consume food and water again. She states that she would like to eventually try to embrace the Breatharianism diet again.


Lukyanova works as a model and makes television appearances. She also teaches at an ‘out of body travel school.’ She shows others how their spirit can leave the physical body and travel anywhere throughout the universe.

Lukyanova has taken great strides to look like Barbie. She is breathtaking in her appearance; however, could her beliefs in Breatharianism, aliens, transdimensional communication and race-mixing cause harm to the children who idolize her because she resembles their favorite doll? Maybe it is these concerns and the unhealthy lifestyle a little girl would have to follow to attain such a figure that have contributed to a drop in Mattel’s sales of the traditional Barbie doll for eight consecutive quarters.

January 2016 – Mattel Introduces a New, Realistic Barbie

Mattel is giving Barbie a dramatic makeover to make her dimensions more realistic: She will have three optional body shapes, curvy, tall and petite as well as 24 hairstyles, and seven different skin tones. Mattel states that the makeover is intended to reflect the diversity of Barbie’s audience. Since it first launched in 1959, there have been very few changes in Barbie’s size and shape; however, these upcoming changes are substantial with an addition of 33 different dolls.


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