Bizarre Plastic Surgeries

Plastic Surgeries Gone Bizarre


Plastic surgery has blossomed into a booming multi-billion dollar industry.  For many people, it’s an addiction.  Today, it seems like virtually everyone is making plans to get a procedure performed on them.  According to the oldest medical text records of Ancient Egyptians, the oldest known surgical procedure dates all the way back to the Old Kingdom from 3000 to 2500 BC.

By 800 BC in India, reconstructive techniques were already beginning to evolve.  The very first major surgery in the Western world was performed by English surgeon Joseph Constantine Carpue in 1815.

Although plastic surgery is becoming more and more common, it has only been around for approximately a hundred years.  Thanks to a man by the name of Sir Harold Gillies, plastic surgery has evolved techniques capable of producing remarkable results.  Gillies was a New Zealand otolaryngologist who treated soldiers dealing with facial injuries during the First World War.

In 1917, he performed the first known plastic surgery on a man named Walter Yeo (image above).  Yeo was a sailor that received flap surgery due to an injury at the Battle of Jutland.  Gillies developed many plastic surgery techniques and is now known as the father of plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery For Bizarre Purposes

While most people get plastic surgery to reconstruct an injury or fix an obvious facial flaw, others take it one big step further.  They make it a goal to look like someone or something they are not.  Although it is entirely legal to receive these surgeries, many see it as taboo.

From Average Man To Superman

Herbert Chavez has spent over 16 years of his life trying to look like Superman, his favorite superhero.  At the age of 5, Chavez immediately became obsessed with him.  He has had 19 surgeries which includes nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction and jaw realignment.  He also had pectoral  and abdominal implants to give him the strong and powerful look of Superman.

Chavez actually wears his full Superman costume in real daily life.  He has a goal to not only put a smile on the faces of children, but also to help teach them good morals.  Now he has become famous and once he hits the streets of his hometown in the Philippines, he has people wanting his autograph and photo.  He still has to keep up with his tailored look.  For certain features, Chavez has to get regular maintenance surgeries to keep his distinctive look.

For his cleft chin to stay balanced, he needs to keep getting surgeries to add more hydrogel.  Chavez doesn’t have any plans of stopping his plastic surgeries any time soon.  In fact, his next big goal is to become taller.  This will help him look even more like his favorite superhero.

The Lizard Man

A man by the name of Erik Sprague is known as The Lizardman. You may have seen him in magazines or television shows.  He radically transformed his body and is currently making his living as a freak show and sideshow performer.  He is known for his very unusual lizard-like features such as his split tongue, transdermal implants, full-body tattoo of green scales and green-inked lips.

There has even been rumors of Sprague wanting to get a tail transplant.  Many people don’t even believe he exists. They think he is just a hoax.  However, he is a real person looking to continue getting many more hours of surgery to complete his unique transformation.

Below is a photo of a Freak Show that was taken way back in September of 1941.  It was at the Rutland Fair in Rutland, Vermont.


Lion Woman

A woman by the name of Jocelyn Wildenstein is know as The Lion Woman.  She is known for going overboard with facial surgeries.  She was a wife to Alec Wildenstein who passed away in 2008.  Alec was a billionaire French businessman with an enormous jungle estate.

The estate had a collection of large cats.  Alec’s love for the cats seemed to be a lot stronger than the love he had for his wife. This lead Jocelyn on a long mission to transform her face to look like one of Alec’s real big cats.  She is said to have spent lots of money on numerous (the number is unknown) plastic surgeries.

Believe it or not, these surgeries were performed not only so she can look like a big cat, but mainly so she can please her husband to get attention and love.  She was seeking the same love and attention he gave his cats.  Although Alec is no longer alive, Jocelyn still loves the way she looks and says she feels beautiful.

Below is a video of Jocelyn from 1965 to the year 2012.  You will see images of her progressing towards complete facial transformation.

Although these bizarre plastic surgeries may seem quite weird and unconventional to many, it is normal life to those who participate.  Regardless of most of our society not understanding why one would spend so much money and time to look different, the participants will still continue their goals.  They could care less what others say about their radical surgeries.  For some, the transformation will continue until their dying day.

Do you think there should be a law limiting the amount of plastic surgeries (for transformation) one can get?  You may feel it is acceptable and anyone should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies.