Take Me To A Useless Website

Take Me To A Useless Website

Do you want to see some web pages that serve absolutely no purpose? We have links that will take you to a useless website. Well, to many  sites, actually. That is, because the first 4 pages include lists and search engines. The last 10 links send you to more web pages that are totally worthless.

Pointless Search Engines

Although the following four sites are not actual search engines, they were all designed to help show you the many different pointless places on the Web.


The Useless WebWhen it comes to finding useless stuff online, this is probably one of the most popular sources used. It is called The Useless Web. It is a one-page site that sends you to many of the dumbest places around the Web. If you click on the pink button that says “Please,” you will be taken to 1 page that will open on another web browser. If you want to see another site, hit the big pink button again.


pointlessThis is just one of several sites on the Internet that are quite similar to The Useless Web. If you simply click on the big grey “Website” button, you will be sent to one web page at a time.


pointless sitesA place with various categories about nothing but pointless stuff. Some of their categories include completely pointless, pointless numbers, animations, odd, pictures, and slightly interesting.


Internet Is Useless on RedditThis is a post from Reddit titled “Internet Is Useless.” What you get here is a huge list of websites that are useless. If you are a Reddit member, you can submit a website that you want to share.

A List Of Completely Worthless & Weird Pages On The Web

The following ten links go directly to a useless page. Some are not just futile, but also a bit bizarre.


Neave TVNow this is an odd place to visit. Watch scenes from a variety of creepy random movies and videos.


you fell asleep watching a DVDIf you have ever slept with a DVD on, you definitely know what happens when you wake up. You see the main menu selection, and hear music from the movie. That’s all that happens here.

The page is called You Fell Asleep Watching A DVD Movie. To the right of your screen, you can select various movies such as Knocked Up, The Ben Stiller Show, Terminator 2, and The Bourne Supremacy.


unsoundThis is an extremely crazy interactive music clip. To some, this place may actually be entertaining.
To get started, wait a few moments, and then click on spinning black-and-white globe. Then, click on various objects (such as the weird-looking man) and watch all kinds of bizarre stuff will happen.


you're being watchedWatch a bunch of big eyeballs multiply. They will also follow your cursor wherever it goes.


staggering beautyThis is another interactive web page. It features a black worm with tiny white eyes. The worm will follow your cursor wherever it goes (just like the large eyes from the previous web page). If you keep moving your cursor on or near the worm, it will do suddenly do something unexpected.

To find out what this bizarre creature does, click on the link above.


trash loopThrow a piece of trash into a trash can. If one time isn’t enough for you, no problem. As soon as you throw the trash into the trash can, it will come back out so you can do it all over again.


the revolving internetHere is a rather odd way to find stuff online. The Revolving Internet will slowly revolve as you enter your search terms on whatever search engine you prefer. We guarantee that you will not care to use it for future searches. The “normal” Internet is much easier, and also doesn’t make you dizzy.


zombie singlesThis is a place for those who not only love zombies, but also want prefer browsing and dating other zombie lovers. Of course, when it comes to dating, connecting with a zombie may not be at the top of your list. However, apparently for some, it really does matters. There are many who joined this website. They created a zombie image of themselves to add to their dating profiles.


lacquerlacquerPaint some nails over and over again at Lacquerlacquer.com. If you get tired of painting with red, you can switch it up and create another design (such as the design shown in the screenshot above).


bacon sizzlingThis page may make you hungry. Enjoy viewing and hearing the soothing sounds of bacon.

With a huge Internet with nearly one billion sites, it is no surprise that there would be hundreds that offer nothing for the visitor. However, for some people who are bored and have nothing better to do, these places may actually come in handy. If you like to visit web pages like these, all you need is 1 source to help lead you to virtually any on the Web. So next time, instead of typing “take me to a useless website” on Google, just come right here! You will never need another source.