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6 People With Horns


This is a list on 6 people with horns. After viewing the following images, you may find these cases to be — unbelievable. We will start this list off with the person who has the shortest horn, and end with the person with the longest horn in recorded medical history. While some folks can’t help living with a horn on their head, we will also share a story on a man who intentionally got horn implants, which earned him the nickname “Devil Man of Colombia.”

What Causes Horns On Humans?

Cutaneous horns are abnormal keratinous skin tumors (most cases are usually benign, but can also be malignant) that resemble horns. Though they are usually small in size, in extremely rare cases they can grow quite large.

The Mystery Of Cutaneous Horns

Though the actual cause of this type of skin tumor is unknown, exposure to radiation is believed to be what triggers it. The reason that radiation may be the cause is because the majority of cases occur in areas that are often exposed to sunlight (such as on the face and hands). It is also suggested that there is a link to the human papillomavirus family.

Cutaneous horns can be treated with surgical intervention, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

A Possible Source Of The Jackalope & Wolpertinger Myths


The Shope papilloma virus (also referred to as cottontail rabbit papilloma virus (CRPV) or Kappapapillomavirus 2) is a viral disease that causes malignant tumors to grow in leporids (the family of rabbits and hares). The horns will usually grow on or near the animal’s head. If you take a look at an image showing a rabbit with a Shope papillomavirus infection, you can see that this particular animal had horns near its mouth. If the carcinomas metastasize or become too large, they can cause starvation due to interfering with the host’s ability to eat.

The fact that rabbits can actually grow horns, may be part of the reason for the rise of the Wolpertinger and the Jackalope myths.

  • Zhang Ruifang (Length: 2.4″)

    Zhang Ruifang


    Zhang Ruifang has a 2.4-inch horn on the left side of her forehead. She also has a similar growth that is developing on the right side of her forehead. One would think that living with a horn on the head would be an unwanted nuisance. But for Ruifang, it is no problem at all. She would rather keep the horns than have them removed.

    Instead of feeling embarrassed with her horns, Ruifang enjoys the attention she gets. She has lots of visitors stop by and bring her food and gifts. Ruifang is also looking forward to seeing her second horn catch up in size with the other.

  • Huang Yuanfan (Length: 3″ & Still Growing!)

    Huang Yuanfan


    Huang Yuanfan is from southern China. He has a 3-inch horn on his head that continues to grow. It all started as a little bump. With attempts to pick at it, with the goal to remove or at least shrink it, the only thing that changed was its size. The horn kept getting bigger and bigger.

    After doctors told Yuanfan that removing the horn wouldn’t stop it from coming back, he decided to just leave it on his head. To hide it from society, Yuanfan wears a hat. Unfortunately, the hat won’t help when the horn gets too big to keep it on.

  • Liang Xiuzhen (Length: 5.1″)

    Liang Xiuzhen


    Liang Xiuzhen is a woman from China with a 5.1-inch horn on the top of her head. Since it resembles a unicorn horn, she has earned the nickname “Unicorn Woman.”

    Around 7 or 8 years ago, Xiuzhen had what appeared to be nothing more than a “black mole” growing on her head. It caused constant itching, which doctors were able to cure. A few years later, a small horn-like mass appeared in the spot where the mole was located. After she accidentally broke the little horn, instead of it going away, it began to grow rapidly. Due to the massive size of the growth, Xiuzhen suffered from bleeding and sleep deprivation.

    Though doctors were stunned by the large cutaneous horn on Xiuzhen’s head, they were optimistic and believed they could remove the growth with surgery. However, due to her old age, her family believes that surgical intervention is too risky.

  • Li Zhibing (Longest Length Reached 5.9″)

    Li Zhibing lives in China, and has been growing a horn out of his neck since 1980. Zhibing says his horn won’t stop growing. At one point it reached 5.9 inches (perpendicularly from the nape of his neck). Due to discomfort, a swollen neck and unwanted fevers, his friends help him saw it off when it gets too long.

  • The Horned Lady (Length: 6.7″)

    the horned lady

    Source: YouTube

    If you have ever went to Google and look up various keywords related to deformities and other human abnormalities, you may have seen some images of this woman. The story has been shared in many places around the Web.

    Based on claims floating around the Internet, this 69-year-old woman had a bump on her forehead, which eventually turned into a massive-sized horn. It reached 17 centimeters long. The woman was said to have had it for 20 years without seeking any treatment. Then, one day she decided it was time to get medical attention and have it removed.

    If the story is true, then this woman had the second longest horn ever documented. However, since it has yet to be verified, it is Liang Xiuzhen who had the second longest horn.

  • Madame Dimanche (Length: 9.8″)


    The longest horn on record belongs to a French woman from the 19th century (lived from 1754–1846). It took 6 years for Madame Dimanche (also known as Widow Sunday) to grow a horn that reached an unbelievable 9.8 inches on her forehead!

    This image is a wax model of her head. The horn is so long it looks like a tail. It is currently displayed at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia.

Caim Mortis: A Man Who Turned Himself Into The “Devil Man of Colombia”

Caim MortisWith 11 years of extreme body modification, Caim Mortis now resembles common depictions of the Devil. Part of his transformation included adding horn implants and black tattooed eyeballs. With a goal to look unique from the rest of the world, it is quite obvious that he succeeded. Mortis is now known as the “Devil Man of Colombia.”

Unfortunately for Mortis, his relatives in Mexico have not excepted his new look. But after moving to Columbia, he says people actually accept him. Now that his mission is complete, he works as a tattoo artist, body painter and a DJ. Mortis can now help modify the appearance of others who want to look a lot different from the rest.

Final Words 

Unlike people such as Caim Mortis, who intentionally changed his look, living a life with horns must be incredibly difficult. In addition to the many challenges of facing the public day to day, they also have to deal with being uncomfortable with an extra body part in their way.

What’s fortunate is that there is an option to have them surgically removed. Eliminating the tumor would not only give them a better life, but might also save their life if it is malignant.

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