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The Girl With 3 Boobs: Jasmine Tridevil (Where Is She Now?)


This is a story about the girl with three boobs. She goes by the name “Jasmine Tridevil.” This crazy massage therapist claimed to have gotten an operation to implant a third breast. To get the job done, Tridevil says she hired a surgeon who charged her a whopping $20,000.

The three-breasted woman from the movie Total Recall

Total Recall 3-Breasted Mutant

Jasmine Tridevil (real name is Alisha Hessler) is from Tampa, Florida. Although she had a career as a massage therapist, what she really wanted was fame. Tridevil had big dreams to look like the three-breasted woman in the 1990 science fiction film Total Recall. Well, actually she wanted to become a reality TV star on MTV. After making the claim that she paid a surgeon $20,000 just to add an extra breast to her body, Tridevil’s story became an overnight Internet sensation.

In addition to fame, Tridevil claimed that she chose to get the operation because she also wanted to look unattractive. She says the reason is because she doesn’t want to date anyone.

The story believed to be a hoax (2014)

Tridevil’s story went viral, and many believed it was actually true. However, it turns out that she was just trying to get attention. Of course, with such a bizarre story, she got plenty of attention.

Unfortunately for Tridevil, the positive attention eventually turned into a big embarrassment. In late 2014, her luggage was allegedly stolen at the Tampa International Airport. The police had found something very interesting in her bag. What they found was a three breast prosthesis.

Proof The Story Is A Hoax?

Regardless of there not being a single surgeon in the world who would perform a surgery to add an accessory breast, in February of 2015, Tridevil was still claiming that she had a genuine extra boob.

Check out this fascinating post on DailyMail.com. It shows body heat pictures through a simple imaging camera. Learn why the images could actually be proof that Tridevil is nothing but a liar.

An update on Jasmine Tridevil (2019)

Despite Tridevil getting caught lying about having a surgically implanted third breast, she hasn’t given up on her goal — to become the first woman in the world to get a third breast implant. After reaching out to many surgeons around the world, she now claims she has finally found one who is willing to perform the surgery.

On June 3, 2019, Tridevil launched a YouTube video introducing her goal to have a third breast implant. In order to make the surgery happen, she says she must first raise $70,000 in donations. Apparently, Tridevil doesn’t have much support from her thousands of YouTube fans. As of November 19, 2019, her GoFundMe page says she has only raised $1,212.

Tridevil encourages her supporters to use the hashtag: #DonateForTheBoob. Perhaps someday she will raise all of the money. If the surgery actually happens, at least she will be able to tell a true story to the world.

Is it possible to have 3 natural breasts?


“Polymastia” by Wellcome is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Accessory breasts (or polymastia) is actually a harmless congenital condition that is not uncommon. Although accessory breast tissue is usually found within the milk line extending from the armpit to the pubic region, ectopic breast tissue may also been seen in other areas of the body. This includes areas such as the back, thigh, neck, and even the face. Interestingly, the breast tissue can be with or without a nipple. This condition was once believed to be a symbol of increased fertility and femininity.

multiple fake breasts

This is a photoshopped image of a woman with 3 breasts. As you can see, the fake one in the middle is in a transverse row between her real breasts, which is not an area where an extra breast would develop.

There are many other images like this all over the Internet.

The accessory nipple

extra nipple

“Trzeci sutek” by Zureks is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Next, we will briefly talk about a condition that causes extra nipples to form. It is called “supernumerary nipple” or “polythelia.”

The suprenumerary nipple can occur in both humans and animals. Like polymastia, the condition is not uncommon and is usually harmless. The extra nipple is often mistaken for a mole.

People with extra body parts (including Jasmine Tridevil)

Tridevil’s story quickly went viral. Although it may have once fooled many, it should now be quite clear that it was nothing but a stupid hoax. As you’ve probably noticed, some people will do virtually anything just to gain fame. Even if they take the risk of facing serious consequences. Well, at the very least, Jasmine Tridevil will always be remembered as the girl with 3 boobs.

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