The Dhampir


This is a post about the legendary creature called the “Dhampir”. In Balkan folklore, a dhampir is a child of a moroi (a benevolent vampire) and a human. These half-human and half-vampire creatures are mortal, and are often said to form from a union between a human mother and vampire father. However, other sources state that a dhampir is produced when a pregnant woman suffers from a vampire bite. Most of these creatures do not survive past birth.

Dhampirs are trained to protect the moroi from immortal vampires called “strigoi“, which are evil souls of the dead rising from tombs.

What Do These Creatures Look Like?

features of a male DhampirAccording to Albanian legends, dhampirs have untamed dark or black hair. In Bulgarian folklore, they are said to be extremely dirty, have no nails and bones, a soft body, and a deep mark on their back (similar to a tail). They have also been described as having a distinctive nose, with larger than normal eyes, ears, and teeth.

Thanks to their half-vampire gene, most dhampirs are very tall. They are taller than humans, but shorter than moroi. Since they are capable of being out in the sun, due to tanning, some are darker skinned. Like vampires, dhampirs have fangs, but the difference is, they are less potent. However, on occasion, they may inherit the extremely long fangs of their father.

The Female Dhampir

features of a female DhampirDhampir women have large breasts and a curvy body. Although dhampirs look similar to humans, surprisingly, the big difference is that they are said to be a lot more attractive.

Do Dhampirs Have Special Powers?

There are many similarities between a dhampir and a vampire. They possess most of the powers of a vampire. Below is a list of some of their physical abilities.

1. Powerful strength (even greater than a moroi), heightened agility, quick reflexes, incredibly quick speed (faster than both humans and moroi), enhanced flexibility, and enhanced endurance. These abilities give dhampirs the tools that are needed to compete against a strigoi.

2. They heal slower than a moroi, but much quicker than a human.

3. They have an enhanced metabolism that allows them to be resistant to diseases and even most toxins.

4. Dhampirs have enhanced senses (all five) better than humans, and nearly as strong as a moroi. These beings don’t need any night vision goggles simply because they can see in the dark.

5. With the help of incredibly strong instincts, a very important feature of a dhampir is the ability to sense danger when it is near. This is yet another important feature needed to compete with a strigoi.

What Does A Dhampir Eat?

Unlike the moroi, dhampirs don’t need to drink blood for survival. When it comes to diet, these creatures can eat any type of food that humans eat. However, unlike humans, they have an unbelievably high metabolism that allows them to eat large amounts of food daily.

Can A Dhampir Have Children?

Dhampirs (male dhampir and female dhampir) cannot produce offspring. However, it does state in bloodlines that dhampirs are able to have children with humans. It does not state what the offspring would be. Of course, the child would be mostly human with some vampire blood. Sources say dhampirs will stay near the moroi race for the purpose of reproduction.

Although moroi are attracted to the beautiful appearance of a dhampir, their relationship is nothing more than a sexual affair. Romance seems to be completely out of the question. The good thing is that they are able to produce more dhampirs. Therefore, the chance of the entire dhampir race becoming extinct, is lessened.