The Internet Is A Weird Place

The Internet Is A Weird Place: A Guide To The Top Strangest Places You Can Visit


With over 1 billion sites and 4 billion users worldwide, the Internet is a weird place with countless web pages to explore. The following list includes links that will take you to some fun and very strange places you can visit. Some are so odd, you won’t believe they actually exist.

If you use a mobile device and can’t access a website, try a desktop.

The majority of the following images are screenshots from the sites shared.

Where To Find The Weirdest Sites On The Web

  • A World With 4 Dimensional Monkeys

    4 dimensional monkeys

    Come and enter a world filled with colorful 4 dimensional monkeys. Other than holding on to each other, the monkeys do nothing. If you want to change your screen with another set of monkeys with different colors and sizes, simply use your mouse to click anywhere on the screen. If you want to change the perspective, the keys W, S, A and D will do the trick.

  • Get.Your-D.TK

    enter another world

    As soon as you enter Get Your DTK, you will be begin your journey into a weird and interactive world that leads you to other weird worlds. While this place makes zero sense, you will definitely get your chance to experience what may be the strangest place on the entire Internet.

  • (first version)

    Enter another weird world that makes no sense at all. At, you will zoom into a world with creepy-looking creatures, people and structures. After you complete your tour, you start all over again. This place is similar to Get Your DTK, except it is not an interactive website.

    If you like Zoomquilt, you will also want to visit Zoomquilt 2

  • A Bizarre Interactive Film website

    Take an adventure into a strange place with no human life. Just a variety of animals, weird-looking objects and abandoned buildings. Rome is an interactive film that makes it easy for one to explore virtually anywhere they want. After you complete your first tour through a desert of weirdness, you can continue your journey by pushing the “Continue To Explore” button.

  • An Amazing Interactive Experience

    Way To Go screenshot
    Be a block-headed avatar and take a virtual walk through the mysterious woods. Although you are all alone, you can take your time discovering even the smallest objects around you. There is no rush because no one is watching you, and no one’s keeping score.

    According to the message on the website’s homepage, Way to Go is an interactive site that was created for human beings who are between the ages of 5 and 105 years old.

  • Shoot Away At


    Several years ago when this game was in its early days, you were a squirrel with a laser gun and nothing to shoot at. Today, it is a different story.

    OMG LASER GUNS PEW PEW PEW is a unusual game where you are a squirrel who is loaded with a laser gun. You are on a mission to shoot and not get hit by your enemy. As to who your enemy is, we will let you find that out for yourself. Don’t worry so much about the peaches that will keep coming your way.


    cow game

    The purpose of the game is to find the invisible cow. Before you begin, it is important to turn up the volume on your audio. To find the cow, simply move your cursor around. The louder and more high pitched the sound gets, the closer you are to finding it. When you are in the right spot, your cursor will turn green. Then, click and he will finally show up.

  • A Silly Remake Of “Lose Yourself”

    Mom's Spaghetti

    This is a ridiculous place that serves no purpose whatsoever. All you will get here is some pictures of spaghetti, and an image of famous American rapper Eminem, with spaghetti arms. You will also hear the “Mom’s Spaghetti” song played over and over again. The song is a funny remix of the “Lose Yourself” hit from the soundtrack of the 2002 motion picture 8 Mile.

  • The Faces Of

    The Faces Of Facebook

    With over 1 billion active users worldwide, Facebook has become the most popular social networking site around. Now there is a web page that fits over 1.2 billion faces on it.

    Visit the link and you will end up in a world with nothing but the faces of Facebook users around the world. Each face gets a number. If you click on it once, you will zoom closer to their profile page. If you click on it again and are logged into your account, you will be able to view it.


    awkward photos of families

    A very popular site with a large collection of family photos that are quite awkward—to say the least. If you want a good laugh, you will definitely want to check it out. In addition to the many funny and strange images, there is also a category called “Videos.” One video is titled: “Woman High On Painkillers Thinks George Clooney Performed Her Medical Procedure.”

    The video is about a woman who was recovering from an in vitro fertilization procedure. Apparently, this woman thought actor George Clooney not only appeared to her during the procedure, but also had performed her retrieval, which she believed was a total of 25 eggs.


    Awkward Stock Photos

    According to information found on the homepage, Awkward Stock Photos was created for educational purposes, and also to make people laugh their butts off. The images were uploaded from a variety of sources such as Shutterstock and Getty Images. This large collection includes some of the most bizarre and absolutely hilarious pictures you will ever find on the Web.

    If you have an awkward photo of your own you would like to share, you can email it to them.

  • Women Laughing & Eating Salads

    women eating a salad

    This is a Tumblr site called “Women Laughing Alone With Salad.” It is nothing but a bizarre blog filled with stock photos that show happy-looking women eating a salad. There are also pictures of men laughing and eating a salad. Clearly, this place is just another useless website.

    2 More Sources That Will Lead You To The Most Useless Stuff Online

    For a search engine that takes you to the most worthless sites in the world, visit The Useless Web.

    If you can’t get enough of the pointless things online, you can also find a list with more than 100 web pages created by Rafaël Rozendaal (an amazing Dutch-Brazilian visual artist) right here.

  • Use To Teleport To A Random Street Somewhere On Earth


    At Map Crunch, with the simple touch of a button, you can instantly go to random streets around the world. If you spend some time on here, you may end up finding some new travel destinations you can visit in the future.

    For a search engine that brings you to virtually any address you type in, visit Instant Street View.

  • The 3D Heart

    3D heart

    With the exception of being in a actual place somewhere in the world, this site is somewhat like Map Crunch and Instant Street View. You can take a 3D heart on a tour through five different environments. The five type of environments include skies, city, bridge, park and snow.

  • A Collection Of  Cool Interactive Tools

    A fun collection of interactive pages. From an optical illusion, to bouncing a bunch of bouncy balls (with your choice between 5 different themes, you will want to check out all 16 web pages on

    If we were to pick the weirdest link on here, it would be When you visit this place, you will see some very eerie random clips. Whenever you want to see a new one, just click anywhere on the screen. Just don’t pull your cursor away. If you do, the clips will stop playing.

  • Loop Waveform Visualizer

    Loop Waveform Visualizer

    Loop Waveform Visualizer requires Google Chrome. In order to create a live visualization of an MP3 track, the demo uses a combination of audio waveform and frequency data. If you have a track you want to use, you can simply drag and play any MP3 file straight from the desktop. To tilt, use the mouse. To zoom, use the mousewheel.

    For a better experience, the developer recommends you use a track that has a wide range of volume changes. If you don’t have an MP3 track, you can listen to the default song.

  • A Place That Will Give You A Hallucinatory Experience

    Larry Carlson is a stunning visionary multi media artist who creates psychedelic artwork. From trippy clothing and other merchandise (such as cell phone covers), to some of the most bizarre posters you will ever see, his creations are quite incredible.

    The link goes to Larry Carlson’s video page. It includes movies, video art and animations. We have also included two videos from his YouTube channel.

    Warning: The following videos may cause hallucinations.

  • Visit News Of Future To See What The Next 50 Years May Look Like

    News of Future

    If you are curious to know what the future holds, you will probably enjoy visiting News of Future. Some of their categories include Technology, Education, Health and Sports.

    Here you can get a glimpse of what the top news headlines of the coming decades may be saying about each category. Some headlines from their published articles include “First Hotel on the Moon Finally Opens,” and “Beam Yourself Around the World with Telebeamer.”

In the year 2000, the number of Internet users was just 738 million. In June of 2017, data from Internet World Stats revealed that over half of the world used the World Wide Web. Perhaps in the next decade or two, over 80% will be surfing the Web.

If you enjoyed this list with links to the weirdest places you can find on the Internet, we encourage you to bookmark this page. We didn’t put a number of websites on this particular list for a reason. Of course, over the years there will be many more sites created. That means more bizarre ones will come around. As we find more that are worth sharing to our readers, they will surely be added to this list.