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Top 10 Zombie Videos For Zombie Lovers


This is a collection of the top gruesome zombie videos (in no particular order ) from a variety of websites. The majority of the following links were found on YouTube.

Warning: Content may be too gory for some viewers.

Crazy Footage Of The Living Dead

#1 Zombie Puppet Party

Zombie Puppet Party is a YouTube channel about a group of young puppets from another planet. They love to spend most of their time throwing parties. Sadly, their fun comes to an end after a powerful magnitude 12 quake causes the rise of zombies.

In order to survive, they must first destroy the corpses. What makes this zombie story different from others is the way they are killed. Unfortunately, a shot to the head isn’t enough. The only way to get rid of them is incineration.

Some of the videos on this channel include A Halloween Special, Zombies in Space and Dog Zombie.

#2 Zombie Dog Vs. Cute Dog Named “Maymo”

Zombie Dog

This is a short and hilarious clip of an adorable dog named Maymo. The video currently has nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

While relaxing on the couch, Maymo runs into a massive zombie dog. Make sure you stick around and watch the entire video — the conclusion may surprise you.

#3 Night of the Living Dead Trailer

Night of the Living Dead trailer

The above link takes you to the trailer for Night of the Living Dead. This American independent horror film premiered on October 1, 1968, on a budget of just $114,000. These were the days when bloodthirsty zombies in the entertainment business were eating human flesh, not brains. The concept of zombies devouring human brains came straight from the cult classic below.

#4 The Return of the Living Dead Trailer

The Return of the Living Dead

Here you can check out the The Return of the Living Dead trailer. This successful American comedy horror film was released on August 16, 1985, with a budget of $4 million. You can thank this particular cult film for introducing the well-known concept of zombies eating brains.

#5 100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture

zombie evolution in pop culture

If you think all zombies are the same, think again. This is an awesome video on virtually 100 years of zombie evolution in pop culture. Watch a man transform to Voodoo Zombie 1932, Living Dead 1968, Viral Zombie 1996, Rabid Zombie 2002, Biter 2010, Z Zombie 2013, and Dying Light Volatile 2015. Also get information on some of their traits, including ways they can be killed.

#6 Zombie Walk In Chile 2015

zombie walk in Chile

The above screenshot was taken from a video featuring the seventh Zombie Walk in Santiago, Chile. Many men, women and children came out to show off their spooky lifelike costumes.

#7 Zombie Prank

eating guts

We found this clip on The title is “Zombies In Real Life Prank.” Watch several brain-hungry zombies scare the crap out of people. While one devours human guts in broad daylight, the others are roaming the streets looking to find as many tasty victims as possible.

#8 Zombie Baby

scary zombie baby

Now this is one hungry baby. When we say “hungry,” we’re not talking about baby food. This child came back from the dead. She is on a mission to eat any human she could find. Watch her relentlessly try to accomplish her mission. She clearly terrifies a lady and a man riding a bicycle.

#9 Zombie PSY

crazy zombie guy

This is an extremely popular YouTube video with over 89 million views. Check it out, and you will surely see exactly why. This zombie can not only take a bunch of bullets, he can also dance.

Watch him take hundreds of bullets from a gang while he dances to a variety of songs including You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog by Elvis Presley, and Gangnam Style by the South Korean singer Psy. As soon as the shooters realize they can’t kill the zombie, he suddenly says, “Brains, brains.” Luckily for the gang, they finally put an end to this zombie’s threat with one shot to the brain.

#10 List Of Top 10 Zombie Games

If you like to play realistic zombie games, you are in luck! This video shows stunning footage of the top 10 zombies games for PS4, XBox One and PC (for 2018 and beyond).

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Thank you for checking out our list of links to the goriest zombie videos on the Internet. It is quite obvious that the living dead is not only very creepy, but also a bit funny. If you can’t get enough of this stuff, don’t worry. We will continue to create posts on this awesome topic.