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5 Strange Websites That Will Make You Laugh Hard


Welcome to our list of 5 strange and entertaining websites that will make you laugh hard. In the past, we have created a variety of lists which contained some of the most unusual web pages you can find on the Internet. However, unlike this post, not all of the sites we shared were amusing. Today, you will get a bit of weird and hilarious together in one post.

Bizarre Web Pages With A Bit OF Humor


“Nod to the Rhythm,” is a dance track by musician Das Anders. The original video features an elderly man nodding to the rhythm (shown above). In addition to the song, Anders also created, a funny website where one can easily upload a photo of themselves (or anything they want) and watch it “nod to the rhythm.”

Though it has been featured in various publications as a “useless website,” thousands have used it to create their own memes.

Memes Created by YouTube Users


Fail Blog

Here you will find many pictures of people (including some celebrities) who are poorly dressed. Categories include funny, costume, fashion fail, store, Nike, and public transportation. To say the least, they are certainly off-the-wall images. What makes this site a little more interesting is that it allows you to place a vote. At the bottom of each picture is a thumbs-up or thumbs-down button.


wtf pictures funny

Check out a large collection of weird pictures at See pictures of weird people, places, funny animals, funny cats, and more. Every single day, the site will add more weird pictures. They also provide a list of links to other relevant websites you may want to check out.


people with no eyebrows

See pictures of people who have no eyebrows. If you visit this place, you will see what some celebrities (such as Ryan Reynolds and Adam Sandler) would look like without their eyebrows.

It is amazing how much different these people look just from the lack of a little strip of hair on the ridge above their eye socket. Can you imagine how you would look without your eyebrows? Hopefully in the future, the owner of this website will add a lot more of these funny images.

#5 Faces in Things (Twitter)

faces in things on Twitter

Have you ever looked at an object or building that looked just like a face? Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon which involves the tendency to interpret vague and random stimulus as patterns, shapes and familiar objects. It is a subcategory of apophenia, which is defined as the tendency to mistakenly see patterns in random data.

Find thousands of faces in everyday objects, places and buildings at Faces in Things on Twitter. After to spending some time on this account, you may start faces in virtually anything.

Final Words

Thank you for reading our post. So did you pay a visit to any of these five sites? With billions of pages on the Web, every once in a while, you may stumble upon some strange websites. However, it is a bonus when you discover that they are not just out of the ordinary, but also entertaining.