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Gore Videos You Can Find On The Surface Web


This is a post to help you find links to gore videos on the surface Web. Now you can see the most evil and gruesome footage the Internet has to offer. It doesn’t get any bloodier and more twisted than this!

Warning: The following material may be too sick and disturbing for some viewers.

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Links To The Most Gruesome Footage Online


Kaotic videos

A place to find a plethora of endless free video that depicts the reality of life/death around the world. Categories include Accident, Robbery, Fight, Shooting, Suicide, Medical and a lot more.

The screenshot above shows a bearded man with a rotten face.

BestGore.com: ISIS

ISIS murders

You’ve probably seen Best Gore. If you have, you may agree that it is one of the most brutal places the Web has ever seen. The above link goes directly to their section called “ISIS.” Here you will see plenty of footage showing horrible executions using a variety of the most deadly weapons.



A site that has a layout similar to BestGore’s. Some of their categories include Animal Maulings, Autopsies, Beheadings, Diseases, Drownings, Electrocutions, Executions, ISIS, Murders, Natural Disasters, Police Brutality, Robberies and much more. They also have a category that’s called Best Gore. This section includes a convenient list of all videos from the BestGore.com website.

DocumentingReality.com: Real Death Videos

most gruesome deaths

Check out this large collection of real death videos from Documenting Reality. There are currently 249 pages with links to the goriest scenes available online.



riGOREmortis.com was created by a group of people who call themselves the “exiles of BestGore.com.” The founders were all once regular members and contributors of Best Gore. However, after seeing one member after another get banned from the site (including themselves), even when they were not breaking any of their rules, they decided to start their own site where all readers could state their opinions without the worry of being kicked out.

The gore and reality news website was made for all of the sickos around the Internet. Some of their categories include Accidents, Asia, Bloody Injuries, Classic Gore, Gunshot wounds, Lynchings, Natural Disasters, On The Job Injuries, Murder, Sexual Injuries, Suicide, Torture, WTF and more.

If you came here to see a list of places that show nothing but bloodshed, this is the post for you. If we find some more material that is worth sharing, we will certainly add the link. Sadly, there is some incredibly scary stuff going on in this world. If you don’t mind all of the blood and guts, this is definitely the source to help you find the sickest and best gore videos on the entire Internet.