Vinny Ohh

Vinny Ohh: A Man On A Mission To Become A “Genderless” Alien


When it comes to extraterrestrials, one of the most common questions asked has always been, “If aliens exist, what do they look like?” Well, a 22-year-old make-up artist/model from Los Angeles has a unique vision as to what physical characteristics an alien possesses. His name is Vinny Ohh, and he is in the process of transforming himself into his version of an extraterrestrial.

A Brief History

Vinny felt like an outcast during his childhood and when he was 16 years old he began wearing full body suits with eight-inch platform shoes, so being different feels normal to him. He began having cosmetic procedures to change is appearance at the age of 17: He states that with his large head and lack of eyebrows, he already resembled a Martian, and he is just embracing that. Vinny has wanted to be sexless and genderless since he was in his teens. Although he has been seeking assistance from physicians to make this dream a reality for quite some time, he is having difficulty finding a doctor willing to remove his genitals.

The Ultimate Goal: A Sexless, Genderless Alien Hybrid

alien in outer space Initially, Vinny became an activist with the LGBTQ community; however, he eventually realized that he was not homosexual, bisexual or transgender. In fact, since the 22-year-old could live without sex organs, he wants his genitals completely removed. Vinny makes it clear that he does not want to become a woman, he just does not want to have any sex organs, whatsoever: He just wants to be himself. Vinny feels that his current look represents his belief that ‘people should not be labelled.’

Vinny’s Journey to ‘Perfection’

plastic surgery to look like an extraterrestrial

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He started his journey to perfection with lip fillers, two rhinoplasty procedures (cosmetic nose surgery), multiple fillers in his brow and cheeks. Now, he wants to have his navel, nipples and genitalia completely removed. According to Vinny, he is already genderless, neither male nor female: He states that by changing his physique through plastic surgery, he is mirroring the way he feels inside. When people ask him how he labels himself, he tells them he is an ‘extraterrestrial, self-obsessed, hot mess’ – These three words are becoming his slogan.

Becoming an Alien is a Rather Expensive (and Painful) Transformation

surgical instruments

Currently, Vinny has spent more than $50,000 transforming himself. In order to fulfill his desire to become genderless (if he can find a surgeon willing to take on this endeavor), remove his nipples and his navel, he will have to spend another $163,000. In addition, Vinny follows a strict skincare regimen to maintain his extremely pale, creamy white skin.

110 of the surgical procedures that Vinny has already undergone (as of March 2, 2017):

  • 39 Filler Treatments (Cheek, Lip, Random Wrinkles and Brow)
  • 35 Laser Treatments (Face and Body)
  • 6 Sessions of Botox
  • 20 Cryo-Freezing Sessions (On His Face)
  • 5 Peels (Facial)
  • 5 Cosmetic Nose Surgeries

Other Non-Permanent Aesthetic Accessories to Fulfill Vinny’s Desire

Besides cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, Vinny also wears black lenses that cover his entire eye (not just the iris), he dyes his hair with vibrant colors and wears false nails that look like ‘talons’ to make his hands look less human.

He considers his contact lenses as his ‘pearl necklace’ and wears them whenever possible. Although some people consider them to look ‘demonic,’ Vinny enjoys how the black contacts make his eyes look enormous. He also likes how they make him look as if he is an animal (other than a human being, that is).

When Vinny applies his makeup, he focuses on making himself look ‘sexless.’ He has no reservations when it comes to trying different colors: There is no shade that Vinny will not experiment with.

What People Think

man who wants to look like an alien

Needless to say, when Vinny is out in the public eye, he draws quite a bit of attention. He believes this attention is due to his extraordinary features and bizarre fashion sense. The public is split on Vinny’s appearance: Some people adore his unique appearance, whereas others are abusive and even try to physically harm him.

Vinny states that:

  • People who like that he does not look ‘real’ love his appearance.
  • Some people tell Vinny that he is a celebration or that they would like their children to consider him as a role-model stating that Vinny inspires those who feel as if they do not belong.
  • Men and women have both considered him to be a ‘sex object.’

According to Vinny, he is trying to show people that gender roles are irrelevant and we need to be nicer to each other. He wants to change the way people look at what he refers to as ‘human dolls.’

A comment made by Phillip Schofield makes a good point, in reference to Vinny’s overall appearance, “If we get invaded, we’re going to send you [Vinny] to meet them first.” Schofield thinks Vinny would be a good Intergalactic ambassador.

An Upcoming Reality Show Starring Individuals Addicted to Plastic Surgery

The Plastics of Hollywood” is an upcoming reality show that follows an agency dedicated to assisting 11 individuals addicted to plastic surgery (including Vinny Ohh, Rodrigo Alves and Justin Jedlica), in achieving fame by nurturing each of the participant’s talents (minus his or her unique physical characteristics). The specifics related to the date and time of its first airing have not been released.

The presenter and producer of the reality show, Marcela Iglesias, states that “Vinny is an alien from a generation of new people who want to look different. In 15 years, hundreds of people will want to look like him,” she continues, “We’re in an era where there are people who want to look like lizards, those who implant horns into their skulls and people with full-face tattoos like the guy in Suicide Squad [,] who are [all] working. We want to be the first agency who will treat these human dolls, alien dolls and cartoons as a normal part of the society that we’re living in now. We have all [of] these people, the freaks, [the] weirdos and we want to make society understand them.”

A Final Thought…

I have addressed my thoughts on the topic of plastic surgery in two of my previous posts: Meet Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova, as well as The Human Ken Dolls – Justin Jedlica and Rodrigo Alves. While I may not fully understand Vinny’s desire to rid himself of his human characteristics, who am I to pass judgement? Everyone marches to the beat of his or her own drum and I appreciate the fact that Vinny has the courage to embrace his desire to be unique: All we can do as a society is accept people for who they are and, as long as they are not harming anyone else, just live, and let live.


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