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Top Scariest Halloween Masks In The World


Welcome to a list with access to some of the weirdest and scariest Halloween masks you can find online! We found several talented artists with masks for sale. Each have shared images of their work, a personal biography, and a link to their online store and/or social media page.

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The Most Terrifying Masks For Sale

Masks By ANBRY

scary masks for sale

rat face

smashed facemask made from skinHell Priestess

killer clown mask

creepy clown mask

pig mask

Masks By Anbry

We sell 100% custom made horror masks! They are made from burlap, bone, skin, dog rawhides and a little blood here and there. Realism is our goal, with a huge pinch of originality.

What sets us apart is that the masks are never ever done twice. Each one is original, and takes hours upon hours to complete. They have an everlasting creepy feel to them and won’t rot away like latex.

100 years from now you might find a mask in an attic and it looks just as good as day one.

Note: The featured image in this article is also from Masks By ANBRY.

Facebook Page: Masks By ANBRY

vampire bat latex mask

bloody skull mask

crypt Zombie latex mask

Swamp Zombie

Lagoon Dweller sea creature mask

full head werewolf mask


I’ve been into making monsters and FX makeup for 35 years or so. My idols growing up were Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Dick Smith and Tom Savini. Some of the best FX artists in the biz.

I pretty much taught myself how to create my own character masks and makeup fx through books and monster magazines. Back in the 80’s we didn’t have the internet. Lol.

Then in the mid 90’s I had the opportunity to attend The Joe Blasco Makeup School in Orlando Florida. Learning all different aspects of makeup. I used those skills and started working in the haunted house industry as a makeup artist. Now that I’m older l decided to start my own business making masks and prosthetics for the haunt and Halloween enthusiasts.

Online Store:

Winter’s Gore

best female Halloween costume

scariest mask in the world


gross teeth

WTF is that

scary female mask

Kelsey Winter

Winter's Gore

My name is Kelsey Winter, 30 from Wisconsin. Growing up I’ve always loved horror movies, Halloween and the macabre. Thus letting me express my love for this stuff through art.

I specialize in horror art. Starting from FX makeup to making creepy wall decor, severed finger keychains, creepy teddy bears, Halloween masks etc.

Online Store: Winter’s Gore

Facebook Page:

The Crypt Skin Projectwhite chainsaw bunny

scary stories mask

Mad Scientist

scary Santa Claus mask

witch scarecrow


Aaron Nobess

Aaron Nobess

I’ve been doing this for 5 years now. My wife and I have a 2 year old daughter that is our center of attention. My work comes second to her but i try my best to make as much stock as possible when I can.

I create all the art and my wife has always been my partner through it all. I couldn’t have made any of this business happen without her. We use to go to Comic Cons and local craft events to sell my work, but through COVID-19 we’ve changed to strictly online. I do most of my business through Etsy, but people contact me personally for custom masks or sculptures.

After Halloween, I will be changing to clay sculptures. I’ve found a new passion in the technique and the endless ideas i can bring to life.

The Crypt Skin Project

Aaron’s work was featured in his city’s newspaper in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The article explains how he started his business creating terrifying masks for haunters and artistic mask collectors.

Etsy Page: The Crypt Skin Project

Dark Seed Creations

boogie man mask



flesh mask

corn goblin

Who’s your Daddy

Layered Latex Skinned Face mask

the boogie man

Dark Seed Creations

We have been in business for 5 years. I have been a horror enthusiast since I was very young. I am completely self taught and still consider myself a growing artist. We design masks, costumes, props, and collectibles for horror lovers.

Online Store:

Facebook Page:


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