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5 Stupid Websites (The Top Places To Waste Your Time On)


You are about to see five extremely stupid websites we found while surfing the Web. These are some great places to visit when you are completely bored out of your mind. As dumb as they may seem to most people, perhaps one may find a site or two on this list to be somewhat useful. Here are some examples of the type of web pages that clutter the World Wide Web.

5 Places To Visit When You Are Beyond Bored



    Out of the five sites on our list, this is definitely the most useful. Whether you just want to browse when you don’t have a lot to do, or feel like purchasing a silly gift, you will want to visit

    The store sells many novelty items such as a Hillary Clinton nutcracker (even Hillary Clinton toilet paper), a whoopee cushion keychain, a testicle tea bag, and toilet shot glasses. If you are looking for a truly unique gift or a cool stocking stuffer for the holidays, this is the place you can find it all.


    Invisible Girlfriend

    If you want to explore a relationship without all of the baggage that comes with it, you can try the dating site Invisible Girlfriend. The site was featured on AskMen. Despite your date being invisible, you can still interact with them via text messaging. A great benefit to this site is that after you set up your profile, you can create a story about how you met your date. You can even pick her age, name and location.

    Note: If you think robots are playing the user’s girlfriend, you’re wrong. Real humans are sending the text messages. In addition to 100 text messages a month, members also get 10 voicemails and 1 postcard. For a higher fee, you can also get one personalized note.

    Based on one of the responses on their FAQs page, many singles use their services to practice dating, or to gain the confidence to start dating.

    Of course, some may see this as an offensive website. They may believe that creating a relationship (regardless of it being fake) is like playing God. To create your own girlfriend with your own specifications such as their age, face and personality certainly is a bit odd.


    Ling's Cars It has been called the “ugliest” and the “weirdest” website on the Internet. To say the least, this is probably one of the strangest places one can shop for a vehicle. But Ling’s Cars owner Ling Valentine could care less what people think of her creation. Thanks to the unique design of her website, it has attracted a lot of attention, and has received a massive amount of visitors.

    Valentine’s booming business of leasing cars has brought in millions of dollars. She claims have leased $106,192,200 worth of new cars in the U.K. in 2015. To think that it all started with a website that is actually ridiculous and quite painful to look at after a few minutes of browsing.

    The Strange Things That Happens At Ling’s Cars

    When you go to their home page, scroll down and you will see a woman who starts singing the song “Despacito” in another language. The song won’t stop playing until you go to another page. What’s crazy is when you notice that the woman’s microphone is a handgun. You will also see a bunch of silly GIFs around just about every listing you visit. The more you look around, the more bizarre and senseless things you will find.

    If you visit Ling’s Cars, you are better off using a mobile device. On a desktop, it is incredibly slow.


    Ouais Mais Bon

    You may find the last website to be somewhat funny, or absolutely annoying (depending on your mood and patience). On Ouais Mais Bon, if you just place your cursor on any of the three funny-looking bald guys, you will hear each of them say a word in French. That is, “Ouais”, “Mais”, or “Bon”, depending on which baldy you decide to place your cursor on.

    Yes. That is all there is to it.

  5. Endless.Horse

    endless horse
    The Endless Horse is exactly that. If you scroll down the page, it will never go away. If you leave it on an automatic scroll all night long, you will wake up and see it will still be scrolling.

    Does The Horse Ever End?

    No matter how long you scroll, the horse isn’t going anywhere. The coding the web developer used to create this web page makes it completely impossible to end.

    However, there is at least one person who would disagree. In 2017, we found a YouTube video (we are not sure why it got deleted) of a guy who claimed to have ended the Endless Horse by leaving the mouse scrolling down overnight while he was asleep. It is no surprise that at the bottom of the video, there were comments of people who believed his claim was false.

Final Words

These were definitely some very silly and completely useless pages online. When you have absolutely nothing better to do, you may want to pay them all a visit. Did you click on any of the links and get to see just how crazy the sites really are? Some of them may make one wonder if the creator was even in their right mind when they thought of the whole ridiculous idea (and of course, proceeded to create them).

According to results of a survey performed by Netcraft in 2012, the total number of sites launched that year was 51 million. That means that in 2012, there were around 140,000 sites launched per day. With over 1 billion websites today, that number has likely increased significantly the last 6 years. Can you imagine how many stupid websites are launched each day? When any of these 5 are no longer live, we will find another one to add to this list.