stupid websites

5 Stupid Websites

You are about to see five extremely stupid websites we found. These are some great places to visit when you are completely bored out of your mind. The first two sites may be somewhat useful (at least for some people). The last three are totally worthless pages that clutter the World Wide Web.

5 Places To Visit When You Are Beyond Bored



    Out of the five sites on our list, this is definitely the most useful. Whether you just want to browse when you don’t have a lot to do, or feel like purchasing a silly gift, you will want to visit

    The store sells many novelty items such as a Hillary Clinton nutcracker (even Hillary Clinton toilet paper), a whoopee cushion keychain, a testicle tea bag, and toilet shot glasses. If you are looking for a truly unique gift or a cool stocking stuffer for the holidays, this is the place you can find it all.


    stupid people

    The name says it all. See a bunch of pictures of people doing some really dumb, hilarious, and unbelievable things. You may find this place quite entertaining. There are plenty of images that will make you laugh. However, we must warn you that some may be very offensive to some viewers.


    poopy place

    We found on Reddit’s list of weird websites. It should have been placed in another category (such as their list of “useless” pages, if they have one). Unlike the rest of the sites in this post, we didn’t bother to provide their link. The reason is because what you see here, is what you get. It is just one page with no content, or even a sound. This is the most useless page on our list.


    Tom's dog

    Yes. The dog is adorable. If you click on the link, you may even like the song that plays over and over again (just don’t over do it, or you will probably go insane). Tom’s Dog (asdfmovie5 theme) was released in May of 2012. It is a Dance/Electronica song created by music artist The Living Tombstone.

    Other than the song and the cute little dog, there is nothing else to it. This is yet another dumb and unproductive site we found. At least it has a little more to offer than the nonsensical PoopyPlace.


    You may find the last website to be somewhat funny, or absolutely annoying (depending on your mood and patience). On Ouais Mais Bon, if you just place your cursor on any of the three funny-looking bald guys, you will hear each of them say a word in French. That is, “Ouais”, “Mais”, or “Bon”, depending on which baldy you decide to place your cursor on. Yes. That is all there is to it.

Final Words

These were definitely some very silly and completely useless pages online. When you have absolutely nothing better to do, you may want to pay them all a visit. Did you click on any of the links and get to see just how crazy the sites really are? Some of them may make one wonder if the creator was even in their right mind when they thought of the whole ridiculous idea (and of course, proceeded to create them). Which (if any) of the five stupid websites do you think is the stupidest?