Weird Websites

15 Weird Websites


The Web is filled some extremely weird websites. On December 22, 2015, Internet Live Stats (ILS) showed there were over 968 million active sites. With nearly one billion, you are bound to find some of the craziest and most bizarre themes. With thorough research, we  gathered a list of 15 weird sites that you may not even believe are real. There are some that may seem totally pointless.

We have to warn you that some of the sites we have chosen may be disgusting and offensive to some readers. We will have a descriptions and direct links for all 15 so you can visit and be able to see why they were chosen. For some, it won’t even take long at all to figure out. Just read the title and you will know. Well, let’s get started with our list of the websites that will make you go hmmm.

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Purrsonals.comOur first site is Purrsonals is a social network and dating website for cat lovers. Members get to chat and talk about their cat photos, stories and videos. It is meant for those who want to find someone (a friend or partner) who has a love for cats. Talk about a specific dating site.


YogaIf you love cats, you may want to hear this one. This is a website that provides a step-by-step guide for humans and their cats to practice yoga together. You can also explore their set of instructional yoga (even meditation) videos strictly for humans and cats. YogaKitty calls it the PURR-FECT YOGA.


Woman Around A Penis

“” by Stougard is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

This is a site for those who love to see pictures of statue molesters. Browse through a large gallery of crazy people molesting all kinds of different statues. Yes, statues. You can even add your own statue molester picture if you want. This site is not only strange and crazy, but also very hilarious.

#4 claims to be the world’s largest collection of urinal photographs ever assembled. They also claim their site is the best place to piss away your time on the Internet. They provide many different images with categories like Top 10 Urinals and Urinals in Schools and Universities. So, if you are one who is obsessed with the many styles of urinals and are extremely bored, visit this site.


Human Feces

Human Feces” by Cacetudo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 is a site where you can rate poop from the scale of 1 to 10 (10 is the best, 1 not so much). Talk about nasty! Each poop picture has a title, date and whether the image is yours or another disgusting poop lover. You can also see a collection called Staff Favorites and Top 20. Gross!

#6 is like a directory of sites where you can create gross stuff online. The gross stuff is burps, farts, boogers and more. What do you do with the gross stuff you create? You can send a gross, funny and unexpected email to your friends and family. VeryGross is a great title for this site.

If you want to create farts, they refer you to a site that allows you to choose the fart streak (such as soft and chunky), odor impact (such as evacuate the building), sound control (such as wake up grandma) and impact on others (such as drop dead). For creating poop, you will be referred to a site that is designed a virtual crap machine. You choose the temperature, weight, impact, who should crap it (choices include various men, a little boy and gorilla ) and where it should land (toilet or ground). For throwing up, you will be sent to a website that will give you a choice of a combination of food to vomit. After making a choice, you get a cartoon character that vomits it out.


There are not many words to describe this site. It is just funny pictures of famous people (such as George Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger) dressed up in outfits. Click on a enter icon and see more.


Yo Mamma Jokes

Do you like to tell those insulting yo mamma jokes? If you do, you may want to check out the site You get a long list of yo mamma jokes and even a page of jokes in audio. So if you really like saying these insulting jokes and want a whole lot more, then this site is a great source.


Darth Vader

Darth Vader” by Dirk Vorderstraße is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is a site that you can visit when you are in dire situations. It is a one-page website with a big blue button called the Nooooooooooooooo button. Just click on it and listen to the sounds of the word Nooooooooooooooo. Sorry. There is not a lot to say about this site as there is not much to it.


Just look at the name of this site. Sound strange? Click on the link and you get to be a squirrel all geared up with a laser gun. You can shoot the gun at nothing. Yes, nothing. That is the entire site.

#11 is a one-page site that seems useless. You can either click on the site or YouTube video and see that it is just a bunch of running dogs with video game music in the background.

#12 is quite similar to It is a one-page site with a bunch of ducks and duck sounds in the background. Go in an the ducks will multiply and even follow your cursor.


Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza is a website with nothing but a collection of useless pictures. The pics have Bea Arthur, mountains and pizza in all of them. Really? That is right! Just Bea Arthur, mountains and pizza. That’s it. But why? That is an excellent question to ask the owner of the site.


re-twittering machine

This is the It is a software bot programmed to collect all tweets that contain the word “freedom.” The bot collects random and sometimes strange tweets in real time. From the above screenshot, you can clearly see that the tweets are shaped like clouds.


Annoyed Face

Annoyed Face” by Barry Langdon-Lassagne is licensed under CC BY 3.0

What are your pet peeves? Of course, everyone has them. claims to be the web’s largest list of pet peeves. One thing is certain, the list is extremely huge. If you love annoying people and want to get some new tips for your next irritating plan, you have a lot to choose from.

Final Words

So, there you have it. Our list of 15 websites that are extremely weird, crazy, funny and unique. If you were able to read about all of them, you sure got a taste of what kind of unique sites are on the Internet. It is amazing that some of them only have one page and are still somewhat known.

Out of our list of 15 sites, is there one site you found to be the weirdest? Maybe, or Do you have more you want to add? People will continue to come up with the most unusual ideas that can definitely boggle the mind. Therefore, there will be many more weird websites to come. But will they get even crazier than today? Only time will tell.