Weird Hobbies

6 Shockingly Weird Hobbies


We all have leisure activities we enjoy engaging in. But some people have exceptionally weird hobbies that are not only crazy, but also very dangerous. In this post, we will cover 6 hobbies that one or more people have engaged in. You may find some of them to be ridiculous and pointless.

People will often use their spare time to do the most insane things imaginable. From spending your day on a bunch of worthless websites to dressing up as a clown to terrorize people, you will definitely get a taste of another breed of humanity. Let’s get started with our first strange hobby.

6 Hobbies That Will Make You Go Hmmm…

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#1 Dressing Up As Clowns Just To Terrorize People

Most children and even some adults have a phobia of clowns. According to a study that was performed by a team of researchers at the University of Sheffield on 250 children (ages 4-16), all said they had a dislike or phobia of clowns. So, obviously clowns in general are scary for many.

In October of 2014, there were reports that residents in a small California city near Bakersfield were being terrorized by people that were dressed up as clowns. It doesn’t stop here. Reports state that some of the clowns had baseball bats and even machetes. Talk about scary. Clowns can be frightening for many, but with weapons that can potentially cause a fatality, it is even scarier.

In just one week, there were 20 sightings of these clowns. They were said to show up outside landmarks. Out of the 20, only one was arrested. The clowns chose a ridiculous hobby that can not only harm others, but can also put their own lives at risk. Are the fun and games really worth it?

#2 Handcuff Collecting

black handcuffs A man by the name of Joseph W. Lauher is known for having the largest collection of handcuffs in the world. His unusual collection includes leg irons, nippers, thumbcuffs and even vintage cuffs (some are from the 1800s). Lauher’s shows off his handcuffs on his website called So, if you are interested in starting a new hobby of collecting handcuffs, contact Mr. Joseph Laurer.

#3 Suing People

Wisconsin Supreme Court

A man by the name of Jonathan Lee Riches is known for his many lawsuits filed in a variety of U.S. district courts. He is a former federal prisoner and since January 8, 2006, he chose to file over 2,600 lawsuits. You can definitely say Mr. Riches does virtually anything to get rich. Oddly, this character has gotten a lot of attention for some of his lawsuits. Some of his famous lawsuits involved defendants such as New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, former U.S. President George W. Bush, Martha Stewart and NASCAR Spears. Wow! What a sad way to spend your leisure time.

Riches was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s most litigious man. So you think he was excited to own this insanely ridiculous world record? No. This didn’t make Mr. Riches at all happy. So what did he do about Guinness World Records? You can probably guess that he sued them. He filed for an injunction against them. Riches wanted to stop them from naming him as the most litigious person in the history of mankind. Many of Riche’s lawsuits were dismissed as being laughable, malicious and a failure to state a claim upon which relief could be granted.

#4 Facebook Stalking

Facebook StalkingAccording to The Washington Post, almost as many people use Facebook as live in the entire country of China. As of September 30, 2014, the website stated that its monthly active users had cleared a whopping 1.35 billion. The numbers show that almost 20 percent of the world will log into their Facebook account at least once a month. Too bad some people use it for the wrong reason.

Many people will often use Facebook for the purpose of stalking. They intentionally make it a hobby to log into their accounts just to stalk people. Luckily, in many states, stocking is a crime. But laws doesn’t stop everyone. Some folks will be extremely nosy by browsing through profiles of people they don’t even know. They will follow their timeline everyday, try to message them with SPAM and say offensive comments. Why harass people that are minding their own business?

This hobby is insane and can potentially get you in trouble. Instead of spending all those hours stalking others, these people may want to consider doing something more productive with their time. What has happened to privacy? You create a Facebook account to socialize with friends and family, but instead you get nosy people trying to search through your account activity, including your pictures. You will even get bullies who want to use the website just to intimidate others.

#5 Spending Time On Useless Websites

spending time on worthless sitesWith over half a billion websites online, you are bound to find a plethora that are odd and useless. Sadly, people will spend their free time browsing through websites with no value whatsoever. In our previously post called 15 Weird Websites, we shared a list of fifteen odd and useless sites.

One site called, was nothing but a squirrel geared up with a little laser gun. So what can you do with this squirrel? You get to shoot your laser gun at nothing at all. Amazingly, the site gets visitors that spend time on it. They would probably have a much better time playing real video games on a PlayStation 4. Another site called, is nothing but a big blue button that says “Noooooooooooo” when you push it. The site is meant for visitors who are in dire situations. Both of these sites get steady visitors on Google. Of course, there are plenty more useless sites out there. It is bizarre what some people do with their time.

#6 Nail Growing

A woman by the name of Lee Redmond currently owns the Guinness Book of World Records for “the longest fingernails ever.” Redmond began her journey of growing exceedingly long nails in 1979. Her fingernails reached a total length of 24 ft 7.8 in. Of course, most of us think that anyone who chooses to grow their nails this long, are totally gross and crazy. But to Lee Redmond, they are not.

Due to an auto accident in early 2009, Redmond’s nails were broken off. She was ejected from a car. Although she had very serious injuries, she fortunately survived. Good thing the loss of Redmond’s nails did have one important benefit. A Huffington Post story in late 2009 mentioned that life had gotten easier for her. She is now able to do things much easier than before. Plus, the weight of her hands is much lighter. So do you think she wants to start her nail growing hobby all over again? Redmond claims she will not grow her nails out ever again (although her nails are still four-inches long). Why? She won’t grow them back because of the fact that it took 30 years the first time around, and she probably won’t live another 30 years to beat or even meet her world record.

Who Holds The Record For Longest Fingernails Ever Reached On A Single Hand?

Shridhar Chillal is the current world record holder. On a single hand, the measurement was a whopping 20 feet 2.25 inches. His longest nail is 4.25 feet. Chillal grew his nails out from 1952-2000. After nearly 50 years of growing his nails out, he felt he had to cut them off. The heavy weight caused more and more difficulties. His left fingers became disfigured and virtually useless. Chillal even dealt with nerve damage that was caused by the heavy weight of the nails. This had caused him to permanently be deaf in his left ear because he grew his fingernails on his left hand.

Chillal was looking to put his fingernails up for sale. How much? He wants to sell them for $200,000.

Some Of The Most Insane Hobbies

So, now that you have read our post, which hobby did you find to be the absolute weirdest? Was it the nail growing lady, or maybe the man who has the largest collection of handcuffs? Those scary clowns will likely lead to many copycats in the future. Hopefully, it does not because the last thing our world needs are a bunch of clowns that posses deadly weapons and try to frighten people.

Have you ever engaged in any of these 6 leisure activities? If so, please share your thoughts. If you know of any other weird hobbies you want to share, let us know about it. We always want to hear about the many bizarre activities people choose to create. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes another eccentric person or group engaging in an extremely unconventional hobby.