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The human population is expected to reach around 8 billion people by 2024.  Of course, with such a high number, this means there are going to be many more weird people amongst us.  Whether they are just a little weird, or extremely out of the ordinary, we will cover topics you will find not only odd, but also quite hilarious.


After you read a post or two, you may ask yourself if these people are actually wild animals instead of humans.  Or you may even wonder if they are creatures from an entirely different planet.  In fact, some of these people may even believe they are aliens living with earthlings.  You just never know what you’re gonna get here.


Some people in our posts will engage in activities that may seem dangerous, repulsive and unethical to many.  Although people actually act out their strange activities, we recommend you don’t try any of their stunts or odd behaviors.  Enjoy seeing the weirdest acts and behaviors from the oddest people around the world.

Gross People

5 Gross People

Are you ready to meet 5 extremely gross people? If you read our post 5 Of The Most Disgusting Habits, you read several examples about gross habits people have been known to engage in. Here, you will read about five individuals with their own repulsive stories. Some are difficult to believe.

From a professional farter, to a man who hasn’t even bothered to bathe in the last 60 years, these people are in a dirty world of their own. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes five of the grossest people on Earth. Let’s start with the man who gets paid to let out his stinky farts. read more

Crazy World Records

10 Crazy World Records

Ready to see 10 crazy world records? Well, we are going to share some of the craziest and weirdest world records held by some of the most determined people on the planet. As humans, we all have the desire to push our limits. However, there are some that take it a few steps further. We must warn you not to attempt any of these acts at home. Some are extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause injury and even death. Let’s leave it up to the experts to break world records.

Some people are daredevils willing to try some of the craziest things you can imagine. They have goals of breaking records that may seem impossible to the average person. However, not all of the world records are owned by humans. Back in 1556, nature brought humanity a massive disaster that no one would ever want to experience. Let’s get right to our list of 10 insane world records. read more

Sideshow Freaks

Sideshow Freaks World

Our world is full of many weird things. Luckily, for those that love the odd, there are sideshow freaks. People with an appearance that will make the average person turn their head a few times. Their desire to amaze and entertain is just part of what makes them so successful in their field.

In our last article Human Freaks From The Past, we talked about the lives of freaks that lived within the last five centuries. However, in this post, we will talk about sideshow freaks from the past and present . We will also talk about some odd creatures and objects that can be seen in sideshows. read more

Crazy Blue Man In Scary Robot Makeup

Crazy People Doing Crazy Things

Here we will discuss crazy people doing the craziest things imaginable. From disguising yourself for fun to slicing off your tattoo and mailing it to your boyfriend, you will find these acts of insanity and extreme enthusiasm to be entertaining. They are also very humorous. Although some are harmless, others are very dangerous and should never be attempted.

We are also going to talk about the most insane world records that will probably look like nothing but a made up hoax. However, they are definitely real records performed by real people. They are extremely brave and have record goals most of us would never try to beat. Some will even risk their lives just to be the best. Here are crazy people doing crazy things. read more

Chris Cross

Weird Beliefs And Kooky Occults

We are all free to believe whatever we want, but some people have weird beliefs that are out of this world.  They participate in occult acts to perform various rituals that may look ridiculous and senseless.  Although people that do not share your own specific beliefs may seem lost, these people really take the cake.  They bring beliefs to a whole new level.

They will do some of the weirdest things imaginable.  From slick magic acts to masochist practices, you will surely find the strangest belief systems and occult practices from all parts of the world.  Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you get more information on the kooks that take pride in their faiths.  What’s odd is they truly believe what they religiously follow. read more