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7 Sexual Oddities That Look Like They Belong On An Alien

The following post includes 7 humans with sexual oddities that are so bizarre, they look like they belong on a creature from another planet. When it comes to the exact cause and origin regarding some of these diseases, even highly experienced medical doctors have been left scratching their heads. Luckily for some patients, they were fortunate enough to live a much better life with the correction of their condition thanks to the help of surgical intervention.

Warning: This post contains content that may not be suitable for all viewers. read more

The Upside-Down Man

Claudio Viera de Oliveira Is “The Upside-Down Man”

Claudio Viera de Oliveira resides in Monte Santo, Brazil. As soon as he was born, it was evident that his life would be full of challenges. Oliveira has a condition called congenital arthrogryposis. Due to this condition, Oliveira has severely deformed limbs and a neck that is folded upon itself, which makes his head fall backwards and appear upside down. At the time of his birth, the doctors believed Oliveira would have a short lifespan, as such, they encouraged his mother to starve him, and just let him die: However, she ignored their advice and cared for her son as any mother would care for her child. Despite his condition, a short lifespan was not in the cards for Oliveira and at the age of 40, he decided to write his autobiography. read more

scariest places on Earth

A Guide To The Scariest Places On Earth

If you enjoyed reading our recent article, which included a guide to the strangest places on Earth, you will certainly want to check out this guide as well. Here you will find information on the “scariest” places on the planet. While one can visit some of the following locations we are about to share, there are other areas on this list where humans are not allowed. That is simply because if you do enter, you may get seriously injured, die or get attacked by a ghost.

Looking To Find A Terrifying Location To Visit?

scared to death


The following locations may cause extreme fear, injuries and even death. Therefore, it is crucial that you read up on the details before you make any plans. Make sure you don’t enter any sites where humans are not allowed. If you dare to visit any of them, enter at your own risk. read more

6 Creepy Websites That Will Terrify You

Welcome to our list of 6 creepy websites that terrify you. This is the perfect place for those who are looking to get a dose of the spookiest and sickest stuff the Internet has ever seen. Before you proceed, we have to warn you that some of the material found in these sites may be extremely disturbing to some viewers. Luckily, if they creep you out a little bit too much, all you have to do is just hit the back button, and move on to another one of our posts. Don’t say we didn’t give you a fair warning. read more

Black People With Blonde Hair: The Genes That Cause It

Although blonde hair has traditionally been considered a Caucasian trait, in Australia, some black people are actually born with the golden locks that many American women attain via a bottle. The golden strands of hair framing the dark skin of the face is truly a wonderful sight: These locks are reminiscent of sunbeams falling from the sky.

The People of the Islands of Melanesia

Melanesia consists of several islands that rest within a sub region of Oceania. Melanesia islands include: Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. One theory stated that salt-water whitening, sun exposure, excess fish consumption, American or European heritage were responsible for the light hair color. However, a study conducted by Sean Myles contradicts these assumptions. read more