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Kirin Johnson is a blogger, CNA and caregiver for adults with disabilities. She is currently pursuing a career in nursing. Kirin enjoys expressing her knowledge on a variety of odd topics (especially insects, animals and unusual websites) through blogging.

The Internet Is A Weird Place

The Internet Is A Weird Place: A Guide To The Top Strangest Places You Can Visit

With over 1 billion sites and 4 billion users worldwide, the Internet is a weird place with countless web pages to explore. The following list includes links that will take you to some fun and very strange places you can visit. Some are so odd, you won’t believe they actually exist.

If you use a mobile device and can’t access a website, try a desktop.

The majority of the following images are screenshots from the sites shared.

Where To Find The Weirdest Sites On The Web

A World With 4 Dimensional Monkeys

4 dimensional monkeys

Come and enter a world filled with colorful 4 dimensional monkeys. Other than holding on to each other, the monkeys do nothing. If you want to change your screen with another set of monkeys with different colors and sizes, simply use your mouse to click anywhere on the screen. If you want to change the perspective, the keys W, S, A and D will do the trick.

  • Get.Your-D.TK

    enter another world read more

  • weird eBay listings

    7 Of The Weirdest & Nastiest eBay Listings Of 2017

    The Internet is an incredibly massive place with thousands of online retailers. While there are plenty that sell unusual items, there is one store that offers some of the most bizarre products the world has ever seen. If you pay a visit to, you will find web pages you won’t believe are actual listings. This is a post with 7 of the weirdest and nastiest listings of 2017.

    The following are real eBay listings. Each has a screenshot and also a description of the product offered. Although you can click on the links and visit each listing, most of them are no longer active.  read more

    deep web sites

    Deep Web Sites: A List Of The Internet’s Most Horrible Places

    Somewhere on the Internet lies deep web sites that make the world a more dangerous place. Despite the use of social media on the surface Web for horrible reasons (such as terrorist activity), here is where some of the most evil communications and transactions take place. These are the places that don’t belong anywhere else besides the dark web — just a small part of the deep web. While some of the following sites are still active, others have been taken down.

    Warning: The following content was not created to encourage the use of the dark web, or any of the sites we share. It is strictly for educational purposes. If you think it is too offensive, perhaps you will want to move on and check out another one of our lists of websites. read more

    Stanley Hotel haunted rooms

    Stanley Hotel: A List Of The Most Haunted Rooms

    One of America’s most haunted hotels is located in Estes Park, Colorado. For decades, reported ghost sightings at the Stanley Hotel has attracted many visitors from all over the world. If you are not afraid of ghosts, then this is one place you will want to visit before you die. Before you book a room, you may want to learn about which of this 142-room hotel are the most haunted.

    This post was updated by author Gabriel Buckley on 4/27/2019.

    Where The Spirits Hang Out At The Stanley: 10 Haunted Rooms

    fantasy spirits

    Here are 10 rooms (from floors 2-4) with a history of reported ghost activity. read more

    dark web

    Dark Web: The Evil Side Of The Internet

    The Internet is a massive place. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 3.5 billion Google searches per day worldwide. For a good reason, there is also a part of the World Wide Web with content that is not indexed by the search engines. They call this place the “dark web.”

    The following article was created for educational purposes regarding the Dark Web. It was not created to encourage the reader to use it.

    What Is The Dark Web?


    The dark web (also referred to as the Darknet) includes the web pages on the Internet that are found on encrypted networks. To enter, a specific software is required. read more