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Renee is a security manager who enjoys reading the latest shocking news around the world. She also loves writing in her spare time. Although Renee has an interest in many topics, her most fascinating topic to write about is the paranormal.

Pictures Of Skeletons

Pictures Of Skeletons

This is a post that is filled with many cool pictures of skeletons from a variety of sources. We have gathered some images of not just humans, but also animal skeletons. We have included some very fascinating history, amazing GIF files, impressive skeleton art, and much more. Each of the images will include a brief description. We will first start off will our large collection of human skeletons.

For a bunch of awesome skull images, visit our post called Pictures Of Skulls.

Human Skeletons

The Last Judgment Fresco By Michelangelo read more

demon poem by Mikhail Lermontov

Pictures Of Demons

Welcome to our post on pictures of demons. This page was created entirely for entertainment and educational purposes only. In no way does OdditiesBizarre participate in the practice of demon or Satanic worship. If the subject matter offends you, we recommend you move on to another post.

What Are Demons?

demonA demon (also called a fiend) is defined as an evil spirit or devil. According to Merriam-Webster (a free searchable dictionary and thesaurus), the first known use of the term “demon” was in the early 13th century. You have probably already heard of the term “daemon”, which is an archaic spelling of demon. These little supernatural and creepy-looking beings are especially described as being malicious, with the ability to possess a human, or act as a tormentor in hell. Demons are prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, and of course, mythology and folklore. According to Wikipedia, in the Greek New Testament of the Christian Bible, the term “demon” appears 63 times. read more

Creepy Creatures In Mythology

Creepy Creatures In Mythology

Are you a big fan of mythological beasts? We put together a list of 8 creepy creatures that are found in folklore. The origins of some of these weird beasts are found in writings from the Middle Ages time period. They are certainly non-historical and occasionally involve the supernatural. However, some of them are believed to be real creatures that actually exist. For example, many people believe Bigfoot is a real animal that currently roams the Earth.

Although these guys are purely fictional characters, there may be alien life somewhere in the cosmos that could actually resemble them. However, they probably don’t possess the same magical powers that some of these beasts do. Then again, who really knows? Scientists are definitely working diligently to find life. Hopefully they will discover another civilization outside our solar system in the near future. Let’s get started with the legendary Medusa. read more

3 Dangerous And Strange Hobbies

We all have our own interests and hobbies we engage in.  Some are completely normal while others are considered to be unconventional or even repulsive.  Regardless if some are looked at as odd, there are people that practice their unusual hobbies on a regular basis.

People choose to engage in their strange choice of hobby for not only the fun and adventure, but also for the risky thrill and adrenaline they get out of it. Every time they attempt their act, they are taking the chance of a serious injury or even a fatality.  Please do not try any of these crazy stunts at home. They should only be done by experienced professionals with many years of good practice under their belt. read more

5 Extreme Animal Oddities

Just like humans can suffer from human oddities, so can animals. The animal kingdom has a variety of interesting species. Unfortunately, sometimes during their stages of natural development, something goes wrong. The animal can have a condition that sets them far apart from the rest. They may have defects and limited abilities, but some are still able to live average life spans.  Of course, animals can also become an oddity from the result of interbreeding between species.

Although it is believed that there are around 950,000 species of insects on our planet, until 2011, the number of species of animals was still unknown.  It was once estimated that there are about 3-30 million.  According to the Census of Marine Life scientists, the total number of species in the world is said to be around 8.7 million with a 1.3 million give or take.  This includes all animals, plants, fungi, protozoa and chromista.   Of the 8.7 million species, 7.77 million are animals. read more