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The human population is expected to reach around 8 billion people by 2024.  Of course, with such a high number, this means there are going to be many more weird people amongst us.  Whether they are just a little weird, or extremely out of the ordinary, we will cover topics you will find not only odd, but also quite hilarious.


After you read a post or two, you may ask yourself if these people are actually wild animals instead of humans.  Or you may even wonder if they are creatures from an entirely different planet.  In fact, some of these people may even believe they are aliens living with earthlings.  You just never know what you’re gonna get here.


Some people in our posts will engage in activities that may seem dangerous, repulsive and unethical to many.  Although people actually act out their strange activities, we recommend you don’t try any of their stunts or odd behaviors.  Enjoy seeing the weirdest acts and behaviors from the oddest people around the world.

real-life Barbie

Meet Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

For the majority of little girls, Barbie represents the beauty and perfection they hope to attain as they reach adulthood. The First Edition Barbie appeared on the market in 1959: Barbie was available as a blonde or as a brunette and was touted as a ‘Teen-Age Fashion Model.’ This First Edition doll sold for $3. With the perfect figure, flawless complexion, snub-shaped nose, high cheek bones, full lips, large almond-shaped eyes and long, flowing hair, it’s no wonder that little girls want to look just like her. In fact, there are numerous women around the world who are going under the knife in an attempt to attain perfection: Their idea of perfection? Barbie. read more

weird things couples do

8 Weird Things Couples Do

There are many weird things couples do. Today we are going to share 8 examples you will likely find a bit humorous, and also repulsive. Some of them may seem so strange, they will make you go hmmm. However, you may have done one or more of these bizarre things yourself and never thought twice about it. Sometimes being in a relationship can make one do some very crazy things.

 #1 Spy On Each Other

spyIt is quite common. Couples lack trust in their relationship. Sometimes, instead of just working on gaining trust, they choose to spy on each other. They may suspect deception without even a shred of evidence to prove they are being deceptive. Therefore, in order to find out the truth, they are visiting and purchasing a spy kit. However, sometimes a spy kit is not enough. read more

Weird People At Walmart

Weird People At Walmart

If you like to watch funny videos, you will surely love our collection of weird people at Walmart. These people will do crazy things while they shop. If you have ever shopped at this American multinational retail corporation, chances are, you have seen some extremely bizarre characters.

Founded in 1962, Walmart is currently the world’s largest company by revenue (according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2014). In this post, we will share a bunch of hilarious videos that show Walmart shoppers freely showing off their unusual clothing (or lack of clothing), and performing some very odd, risky and stupid acts that you usually don’t ever see at any other retail stores. read more

eccentric people

Eccentric People Who Belong On Another Planet

We live in a world with some incredibly eccentric people living in it. Of course, with a population of over 7 billion, you are going to find some that are not only odd, but may seem like they are not human. In this post, we will meet people that are so weird, they actually belong on another planet.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes those who are stranger than the strangest you have ever met. Whether they engage in strange acts, have crazy claims, or have transformed their bodies to the point where they no longer even look like a human, you will see it all right here. read more

weird crimes

5 Weird Crimes You Won’t Believe

With millions of people breaking the law everyday, you are bound to hear about weird crimes that are unbelievable. There are plenty of stupid and crazy criminals committing acts that would make virtually anyone scratch their heads in disbelief. Today, we decided to put together a list of 5 most strangest offenses. One of the suspects is not a human, but a cow that was arrested for murder.

According to Maps of World, in 2011, the United States was the #1 country with the highest reported crime rates. The count was 12,408,899. The numbers include all crimes and are according to total persons brought into formal contact with the police and/or criminal justice system. With numbers that high, you will surely find some stories from some of the craziest people alive. Let’s start our list off with a man who went to extreme measures for the purpose of avoiding a DUI test. read more