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Kirin Johnson is a blogger, CNA and caregiver for adults with disabilities. She is currently pursuing a career in nursing. Kirin enjoys expressing her knowledge on a variety of odd topics (especially insects, animals and unusual websites) through blogging.

6 Creepy Websites That Will Terrify You

Welcome to our list of 6 creepy websites that will terrify you. This is the perfect place for those who are looking to get a dose of the spookiest and sickest stuff the Internet has ever seen. Before you proceed, we have to warn you that some of the material found in these sites may be extremely disturbing to some viewers. Luckily, if they creep you out a little bit too much, all you have to do is just hit the back button, and move on to another one of our posts. Don’t say we didn’t give you a fair warning. read more

The Stanley Hotel room 217

Stanley Hotel Room 217: A Paranormal Experience That Turned A Skeptic Into A Believer

Just a couple of months after seeing a fascinating ghost tour in March of 2017, at the Stanley Hotel, I finally made reservations to stay the night. I chose to stay in the famous room 217.

moving orb

When I was on a ghost tour on March 3, 2017, I took these images. I was surprised to see a moving orb roaming the hotel.

When I took the ghost tour last March, the experience of feeling intense energy in certain parts of the hotel made me more open to the belief in spirits. However, I still had my doubts. I needed a lot more than an area of intense energy to convince me. I thought to myself that perhaps what I thought may have been energy from actual ghosts roaming the hotel, was all in my head. But after staying in room 217, I can certainly say that I am a believer in spirits. read more

Crazy Facts About The Human Brain

5 Crazy Facts About The Human Brain

Despite the distance to the edge of the observable universe being a massive 46 billion light years, there is no known structure more complex than the human brain. For many decades, scientists have studied this amazing organ with the goal of unlocking its many mysteries. Unfortunately, there are still more questions than answers. Luckily, the research continues.

most complex structure

This post will consist of 5 crazy facts on the Universe’s most complicated object. Some are hard to believe. To back up our facts, each will contain at least one link to the source. read more

Donald Trump doppelganger

The Top 5 Donald Trump Doppelgangers Shared On Twitter

They say there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you. The world population is now over 7 billion. That means there is roughly one doppelganger per every one billion. Unless you use advanced technology to find your twin, you’ll probably never meet any of the 7. When it comes to President Donald Trump’s doppelgangers, you don’t need any special technology to find them. We already found them on social media. We created a list of the top 5 Donald Trump doppelgangers shared on Twitter. And one of his lookalikes is not a human. read more

death pictures

Death Pictures For Death Addicts

If you are one of those death addicts, you will love the many death pictures you are about to see. These are the goriest and most shocking on the Internet. In addition to death by natural causes, some lost their lives by murder, suicide, or by the most horrific accidents imaginable.

Warning: The following links lead to websites that show extremely gory images of the deceased. 

The Most Gory Stuff You Will Ever See

world of death

World of Death has a large collection of photos in two main categories called Death and Corpses. Titles of their many web pages include Bad Saw, Shotgun Suicide, Shot In Head, Squished Man, Ran Over, Car Accident, Dead Woman, Road Kill, LA Freeway Suicide and a lot more. The website also has a category called Rashes. It contains several images of people with bizarre diseases. read more